Edward Tarte Talks About Tension, Conflict, and Anger in Priests’ Residence

In this video below, Edward describes how his pastor had a heart attack and then accused him of being a cause of it:

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About Edward Tarte

I am age 78, once a Catholic priest for five years (in the 1960's), then a math teacher for 44 years up to the present day. I became an atheist a few years ago. My hobbies are music and chess.

  • Robster

    Hey Edward, during your time as a dis-believing cleric, you must have met with some of those, afflicted with faith but deep down you must have had some sort of indication that they too, thought it was a steaming pile of childish nonsense?. Did you ever feel compelled (or obligated) to reach out to them with at lest a modicom of truth? I don’t know if I could go to “work” each day, knowing 99% of what I tell people is really best described as silly sh*t, a fraud, a complete con? You may well have disclosed this earlier, so sorry if I missed it. Thanks again for your wonderfully ‘human’ videos, from an Australian fan.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/GodVlogger?feature=mhee GodVlogger (on YouTube)


    I think your religion videos are fantastic. I am a big fan
    of yours.

    I noticed that in some of your videos you have mentioned
    running out of ideas, since you have covered so many topics.

    Thus, I would like to humbly suggest a few topic/ideas that
    I think would greatly benefit from your insights (as a former Catholic priest)
    and your wonderfully-endearing presentation style (which I consider to be pure
    reason/rationality, without the frills/distractions of special video effects/etc.).

    Some of your videos that I have liked the most have been
    when you have matter-of-factly discussed what the Catholic Church actually
    taught you about the Eucharist (that saying magic words transformed it via
    transubstantiation, etc.), etc.

    From your training in seminary school ~ 50-years-ago you
    would be able to articulate (for non-Catholics and for Catholics unfamiliar
    with the details of the dogma) things like:

    ** transubstantiation,

    ** how can a priest actually “forgive sins” on behalf
    of a deity during confession,

    ** how does the Catholic Church decide who can become a saint,

    ** how do they pick a Pope,

    ** why do they endorse the mindless-repetition of saying the

    ** what did they tell you was the punishment for eating meat on

    ** what is original sin,

    ** what kind of magic do priests use to remove original sin
    from newborns (who look innocent to us, but the church tells us that they are
    born evil due to a guy who ate fruit),

    ** how can former Catholics attempt to officially get
    themselves excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church,

    ** what did seminary school tell you about exorcisms and demonic
    possession (and how does that entranced with what you now understand through logic/reason to be attempts at religious magic to treat medical conditions like seizures and psychiatric illnesses),

    ** what did the seminary teach you about whether Catholics
    could get divorced and how is that different now,

    ** isn’t marriage annulment just denying the reality that the marriage
    did of course really take place (and thus just a great example of the church institutionalizing
    the denial of reality),

    ** were you using any magic powers when you administered the
    last rites to believers?,

    ** etc.

    I often think back to my Catholic childhood and wonder why
    as a grade school kid I wore a scapular (a necklace that had thin brown strings
    on each side attached to a little cloth rectangular image of Jesus or the
    Virgin Mary), and as best I can remember I was told that if I died while
    wearing that I would get to bypass purgatory. Talk about a sick and creepy idea
    to straddle a healthy child with a physical daily reminder of impending death and
    worry about what was coming afterwards. What an absolutely crazy idea that
    there is a place called Purgatory, or an afterlife, or that by wearing a cheaply
    made necklace at the moment that I died then I would essentially have a
    “get out of purgatory free” card. I wore those things around my neck
    for many months or maybe years in the 1970s. Someone like you, Edward, with
    your background as a former priest, would be able to explain perhaps what crazy
    thinking the church was trying to push with such nonsense.

    Anyway, I think that it could be an entirely new genre of
    religious videos for you, that would be right up your alley.

    Even though it is many decades since you were in seminary
    school, and some of the doctrines/messages/spin being put forth by the church
    may have changed, much of it would be the same and your current perspectives
    would poke holes in the insanity of it all. Even in cases where the church no
    longer advocates the things you were taught (like avoiding eating meat on
    Fridays) your videos would still be great for pointing out how those things
    have changed helps to underscore that these are all just man-made ideas (not
    something that comes down from a deity).

    I would LOVE to think that someday when a Catholic searches the
    internet to learn more about the sacraments (confession, first Communion,
    confirmation, marriage/annulment, etc.) that they would find YOUR videos, which
    would help them to see the insanity of the entire belief system.

    Well, those are my thoughts on potential video ideas, since
    you have mentioned running low on those.

    Thank you for the fantastic Internet contribution you have
    made to reason/rationality.