That Religion Doesn’t Make Sense (A Song for Children)

The little girl is wise beyond her years… and the ending cracked me up :)

There’s a worry that some atheist parents won’t teach their children about religious beliefs at all, but this video offers a different approach: Just teach your children all the beliefs! Who needs fairy tales when there are so many holy books just lying around?

(via WhitneyAvalon — Thanks to ihedenius for the link!)

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  • Rain

    Allow me to be the first to predict Muslim riots.

  • cipher

    The fundies will agree with the last bit.

  • Carie

    I wanted to like it…but then it scared the pants off me!

  • Adicus Garton


  • Darraby Collie

    Okay, this is mildly amusing but pretty darn campy. Just another . . . WTF?! I’m sharing this with everyone!

  • SeekerLancer

    My favorite part was, “…but they get to meet Travolta.”

  • ElizabethS

    Love it!

  • indorri

    I have no words.

  • Leigh

    +Why should atheist parents teach their children about religion? With so much to learn, why waste a child’s precious time with nonsense? I am not at all worried that parents aren’t teaching their children garbage.

    When you said “There is a worry….” what exactly did you mean? Whose worry?

  • Gus Snarp

    Because we have to live and function in a society filled with religious people and understanding what they believe enables you to better understand them? Because they’re not going to leave your children alone so, like talking about sex or drugs, better that they get accurate information from their parents than hear about it from the kids who’ve been taught to proselytize in kindergarten?

  • allein

    Well, I’m sure lots of relgious people have that worry.

    Kids need to learn about religion. They don’t need to learn to believe it.

  • baal

    I almost stopped early. Watch to the end folks.

  • TiltedHorizon

    LOL. I did not she the last part coming. That was great, I’ll be sharing that with my children.

  • Gus Snarp

    When I saw the alien on the preview screen, I really wanted it to be Raelians.

  • Gus Snarp

    I expect this will fly safely under the riot radar. But I will predict lots of angry comments from Catholics.

  • Gus Snarp

    Doesn’t matter how fake I know it is, doesn’t matter that I don’t remotely believe in it, that stuff still freaks me out every time.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Sure, Catholicism and Scientology and Islam don’t make sense, but…
    Jainism is the best religion.

  • chicago dyke

    production values: good
    singing voices: very good (for a change!)
    descriptive rhyming: poor.

    come, guys. give me a call if you struggle that hard with basic rhyming. don’t you have any kids? if you’ve read a kids book or two during pre-bedtime, you’ll know most of the rhyme for a reason.

  • onamission5

    I teach my kids about the dominant religion in my country so they have a context in which to understand the ridiculous things their peers say to and about them when their peers find out we don’t go to church or worship deities.
    I teach my kids about the minority religions in my country so that they have context in understanding that A) the US is not a Christian nation and B) what religious exceptionalism looks like and how to spot it and C) so they can compare and contrast different belief systems so that they will D) be less gullible.

  • Mario Strada

    Funny, I was going to post a link to but I see I wasn’t the only one that figured that one out. Their rhyming is atrocious. Actually, it’s non existent.
    The rest is OK. Production values are better than most and still done on the cheap. But couldn’t thye have hired some rapper to come up with some clever rhymes?

  • Rain

    Could possibly go viral. It’s on the precipice. Right now it is teetering on the verge. It’s make or break time. All it needs is one pharyngula. Where the hell is that pharyngula when you need it? Now is the time far all good pharyngula. Ask not what you can do for your pharyngula. Mister pharyngula tear down that wall! Okay maybe a 4chan or two.

  • Keulan

    That was great. Didn’t see the ending coming, but it was hilarious.

  • Mike The American

    Yeah, Jainism makes a lot of sense.

  • Noelle

    don’t have kids of your own, huh?

  • Noelle

    I’m going to have to start finding some age-appropriate world religion resources for my 6 and 8 year old. Already the questions.

  • Gus Snarp

    I introduced my son to the concept of a god, purely on accident, through Disney’s Hercules, which turned out to be perfect. We were watching it when he was about three and since they’re constantly saying god and gods he asked what a god was. I explained it in the Greek sense, that people invented them to explain what they couldn’t understand about the world, but that we don’t need that anymore because we understand so much more. I let him know some people still believe, and take it pretty seriously, but that I didn’t and he didn’t have to. Every conversation we’ve had about it since sort of builds off of that. He’s six now, and I approach religion the same way I do sex: I answer questions honestly and directly and no more. Recently we let him watch Raiders of the Lost Ark, so I got to tell him the ark was described in the Bible, which is a collection of myths and legends of the Jewish people and later of Christian people.

    Of course, every once in a while he’ll say something he’s never heard from us, but come up with on his own, like: “believing in god is stupid”, rather loudly in a public place, leading to concern, but also a good deal of amusement on my part.

  • Noelle

    Thanks for the input. I have a kids Greek mythology book waiting for me at the library. I requested it after a recent conversation with my daughter, who stated God had to be real because we had a book about him in the house (a children’s bible). Oh, but there are more books with more gods, I assured her. She was very interested in seeing such books, and said maybe she could write one of her own. So now I live with the next L. Ron Hubbard. I did not tell her there was money in it. Kid at 6 is already way too smart. My 8 year old son has autism, and has difficulty with the some people believe stuff and others don’t dichotomy. The stuff he brought up during our recent conversation leads me to think there have been proselytizers around him. He doesn’t seem to care though. (Yeah, mom. Jesus loves me. Can I play with the iPad?) We’ll see if he’s interested in Greek stories.

    I need to find something that covers the current popular world religions at that level, because that is what they’re faced with in school. I remember being their age in Sunday school and being told I had to save my little friends at school and bring them to Jesus or they would burn in Hell. I never believed it, thanks to my mother who said otherwise. But there are many kids who do, and they are friends with mine now.

  • lynseypug

    Where are you, Darraby? Please call home.