Dan Barker and Jerry DeWitt in Chicago

The Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago will play host to former preachers Dan Barker and Jerry DeWitt on Saturday, May 11th:

Because this event is expected to draw a lot of people, you may want to purchase your tickets early. I’m looking forward to it!

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  • Just Sayin

    Interesting that both Barker and DeWitt have admitted that they continued to preach when they no longer believed.
    Oh, I have heard their excuse…”we had to make a living”. So their ethics include taking money from people under false pretenses.
    Admittedly, their is nothing inconsistent with atheism in doing that.
    There are those “atheist ethics” and “good without god” arguments for ya! LOL!

    • Rain

      So their ethics include taking money from people under false pretenses.

      What false pretenses? I think they mean a non-religious type of preaching. Sure one could argue that people are more ethical if they believe a giant Santa Claus in the sky is watching them. But still the Santa is not a real one. Some people just have a hard time believing in false things. What can I say, lol.

      Yeah you do have to be somewhat sociopathic to be a famous person. For example you have to climb over other competitive people and not worry so much about climbing over the little people that it keeps you from being famous. Another example, you have to not worry too much about ignoring people since it isn’t possible to not ignore millions of people.

    • allein

      Aren’t you bored with posting this same comment yet?

    • Alrixa

      I am coming from being a Catholic to a Hare Krishna to a philosopher to a freethinker, however I see a lot of issues with persons calling themselves faithless or atheists. Because they are urged to be accepted and to grow in number, they accept anything and anybody into their groups and they love to fight street believers who are mostly good common people. They need a mision to full their lives with sense. Because I have faith in the future, I cannot call myself faithless; and because I don’t grant truth or existence to gods of civilizations, I cannot call myself an atheist. There are lots of atheists doing a lot more damage to the world than regular, common, street, general believers.

      • allein

        Just Sayin is just trollin’. Every time this subject comes up he posts the same thing.
        Who is “they” anyway? I don’t belong to any atheist groups, I don’t argue with believers (except occasionally in comments here but that generally is fruitless and usually indicates that I am bored and need to get off the computer). I don’t believe all believers are doing harm to the world, necessarily, and I won’t argue that no atheists are doing harm of any sort (though I doubt what harm they do has to do with atheism, per se), but I think it’s fairly obvious that believers, as a whole (not just Christians), do more damage than atheists in the world at large.

    • Robster

      “taking money from people under false pretenses”, is this not a process perfected by those touting religious belief?