This is What Happens When the Australian Christian Lobby Fails to Register the Most Obvious Domain Name

The Australian Christian Lobby, basically the equivalent of a Christian Right group in America, uses the domain to espouse their anti-gay, anti-choice rhetoric. Okay, fine, their right… but I guess nobody told them they should also snatch up while they’re at it. It was just sitting there for the longest time…

So a group of awesome women from Melbourne have taken that domain and turned it into a site for Australian Cat Ladies:

We believe in family values — like hard work, marriage equality, and lots of tummy rubs.

“Meow meow, meow MEOW meow meow MEOOOOOW purrrrrrr”

– A statement from one of our founding felines on the importance of the ACL.

Awesome :)

The Herald-Sun Leader spoke with one of the founders and she sounds just as delightful in her own voice:

Site co-founder Hilary Bowman told Leader their intention was not to embarrass the ACL but “we would certainly not be upset if we did”.

“We’re really not fans of them,” she said.

“We thought it would be very funny and we were sort of bored and we wanted to form a club of young Twitter feminists who love cats (this is us).”

“Also, [co-founder] Genevieve [Stewart] is a lesbian and one day would like to be married and free from the homophobia that is often defended by people such as the Australian Christian Lobby under the guise of religious expression.”

The women are hoping to do more with the site in the future, but for now, they’re battling Christian bigotry with silliness, giving those awful beliefs the respect they deserve.

(Thanks to Julia for the link!)

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  • Rain

    It’s only fair that the Australian Cat Ladies should grab up the domain, because the Australian Christian Lobby selfishly grabbed the domain, which is an acronym for Australian Cat Ladies.

  • Daniel Wall

    Okay, that’s fricking hilarious!

  • Daniel Wall

    Okay, that’s fricking hilarious!

  • Tweekus

    It’s also humorous and quite neat, too. I expect to see the Australian Christian lobby try to state that the Cat ladies hacked and stole the website from them. :D

  • Richard Wade

    Maybe they should snatch up fundiesdownundies and downundiefundies while they’re at it. BossyAussies?

  • Pseudonym

    Brilliant stuff!

    I should point out, for those who are unaware, that they kind of are “the equivalent of a Christian Right group”, but they sort of aren’t, too, because the kind of evangelicalism that they “represent” is very much a minority in Australia. Very often when the ACL puts out a press release, the Catholic or Anglican churches (the two largest) have to put one out in response which contradicts it.

    They’re also not a strict equivalent in that they’re not as right wing as you’d find in the US. They are, for example, often on the liberal side of debates on poverty and social justice, though they sometimes take this to what some may consider an extreme (e.g. they’re anti-gambling and pro-censorship). They were also on the side of gun control 15 years ago.

  • A3Kr0n

    “DO NOT CONFUSE ‘Cat-Holics’ with ‘Catholics‘.”

  • Mick

    In 1982 (before the Internet) Jerry Falwell was invited to Australia to speak on behalf of the “Moral Majority” so an aussie atheist quickly registered “Moral Majority” as a company name and Falwell was prevented from speaking under that banner. It didn’t have any real effect, but it was a lot of fun.

  • anonymous

    Why these bigoted sites always have a frontpage larger than megabyte and a ton of weirdly signed certificates?

  • Katherine Lorraine

    Well, who is the TRUE ACL?!
    I say they face off against each other in a no-holds barred arena grudge-match! Two organizations enter, one organization leaves. Then the other organization leaves a little bit later.

  • Richard Raymond

    I think I’ll start an organization known as CCM (not the bike manufacturer) ;Canadian Cat Men. LOL

  • m6wg4bxw

    […] we wanted to form a club of young Twitter feminists who love cats […]

    Feminism Plus.

  • McAtheist

    I for one welcome our new feline overlords.