President Obama’s New Transportation Secretary Issued ‘Day of Reason’ Proclamation Last Year

The person President Obama has selected to be our country’s next Transportation Secretary, Charlotte (North Carolina) Mayor Anthony Foxx, did something last year that may raise some eyebrows in conservative circles: He signed a proclamation declaring May 3rd as “A Day of Reason” at the urging of the Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics:

WHEREAS, the application of reason, more than any other means, has proven to offer hope for human survival upon Earth, improving conditions within the universe, and cultivating intelligent, moral and ethical interactions among people and their environments, and

WHEREAS, those who wrote the Constitution of the United States of America, the basic document for governing the affairs of humankind within the United States, based it upon principles delineated within the philosophies distinguishing the historical Age of Reason, and

WHEREAS, most citizens of the United States purport to value reason and its application, and

WHEREAS, it is the duty and responsibility of every citizen to promote the development and application of reason

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Anthony R. Foxx, Mayor of Charlotte, do hereby proclaim May 03, 2011 as


in Charlotte and commend its observance to all citizens.

Witness my hand and the official Seal of the City of Charlotte.

Anthony R Foxx, Mayor

Considering that’s the same day the Religious Right hosted their Day of Prayer, it’ll be interesting to see if anyone uses this document against him.

Oh, who are we kidding. It’s the Religious Right. They see everything that doesn’t mention Jesus as “against” them.

(via American Humanist Association)

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  • JET

    Oh, dear… and he’s black as well. Must run to The Blaze and read about the latest conspiracy theory…

  • BobaFuct

    I’m more concerned about his views on smart growth, transit, encouraging cycling/walking, and reducing vehicle miles traveled, so his religious beliefs aren’t hugely important to me. That said, I feel like someone who isn’t beholden to the religious right and who is at least inclusive of non-theists is more likely to take a more sustainable, long-term approach to transportation, since they are less likely to see the earth as a resource to exploit until jeebus comes back.

  • Jim Charlotte

    “I’m more concerned about his views on smart growth, transit, encouraging
    cycling/walking, and reducing vehicle miles traveled, so his religious
    beliefs aren’t hugely important to me.”

    As someone who lived in Charlotte during Mr. Foxx’s mayorship, he has a strong record of advocating for smart growth, expansion of rail transit, and more greenways/bike lanes. He fought to get the streetcar funded but city council continues to drag their feet on it.

    He also issued proclamations welcoming Charlotte Pride, something the previous mayor would not do.

  • Sven2547

    He’s a plant by the Obama administration to destroy the family! Boycott basketball!!!1

  • Gideon

    I suspect that many devoutly religious people would read that proclamation, shrug, and say “No problem for me, because I think it’s more reasonable to believe in gods than not.” They wouldn’t claim that they disagree with reason…just atheism. A Darwin Day proclamation would provoke more reaction.

  • Tim

    Who is Charlotte Pride?

  • Anna
  • SJH

    Seems kind of silly to dedicate a day to reason. Should we also dedicate a day to intelligence? What about athleticism? Maybe we should dedicate a day to free will or better yet, love. What’s the point here? Is everyone supposed to come together and reason together on that day? Should we have some sort of moment of silence where we all think about reasonable things? Better yet, we can get together and recite Aquinas.

  • Derrik Pates

    Every day should be a day of reason – but if all people would use their reason for at least one day out of the year, that’d be a start.

  • Sam Chapman

    Charlotte Native here. I voted for Mayor Foxx. He’s a sound, level-headed fellow and would make a great Sec of Transportation.

  • Shawn Murphy
  • Carla Molestina

    You are missing the point. It is the same day of the “day of prayer”. The day of prayer excludes citizens that do not pray. The “day of reason” includes everyone!