Christian Professor to Christian Preacher: Don’t Be a Dick

Preacher John Chisham recently came to St. Cloud State University to preach against homosexuality and loose women and whatever other things appear on those Bingo cards.

But students were ready with a response:

(Photo by Molly English)

Christian blogger Tony Jones writes about this man because he argues (mostly to fellow Christians) that “[h]is bad version of the gospel must be countered with a better version of the gospel.”

I would add that that’s hard to do when you’re all quoting the same awful book.

But I appreciate that Jones is taking the side of the students here:

Kudos to the students who protested Pastorboy’s preaching, and kudos to Ms. English for writing to me about how it feels to be an atheist and a GLBT ally when these idiots come to campus.

The preacher does nothing to win people over to his side and Christians, even more than the rest of us, would help themselves out by countering such horrible people. If I didn’t know better, I would argue he’s a plant by a campus atheist group.

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