Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss Discuss New Movie on Toronto Morning Show

Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss, stars of the new documentary The Unbelievers, recently appeared on Global News’ “The Morning Show” to talk about the movie. The interview was much longer than the duo’s recent appearance on CNN (and much more intelligent, too):

All the screenings of the movie have been sold out at the Hot Docs film festival and Krauss said on Twitter that the response to yesterday’s world premiere was fantastic:

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  • Larry

    This interview was much better than the CNN interview. They had much more time to explain their viewpoints. Thanks for linking to it.

  • Bubba Tarandfeathered

    Science does not take away Spirituality but it does add Inspiration in so many amazing and awe inspiring ways.
    Who has not at some point looked at the Hubble Space Telescope’s collection of photographs and felt some emotion or have felt humbled by the vast theories of quantum physics. These things, tangible and real have too often filled me with such awe and inspiration. Science has an immense power to capture one’s mind while filling one’s life with beauty and wonderment.
    Our bodies, our minds, our world and our universe is filled with vast amounts of energy it is our soul as the theists might say. We might call those energies, for example, weak or strong nuclear forces but yet we know they are real and we can observe them, test them and validate them. We do not need to invent stories or myths about them for we all agree they are real.
    Our creator, the sun, our universe and the cosmos all shed light down upon us and we are filled by the awesome power and humbled before it. All we must do is look up into the sky and see the sun, the stars and the Milkyway and we know that we are part of a massive undertaking of creation, destruction and evolution.
    I think therefore the Universe is.

  • DKeane123

    How come our morning news in the US isn’t this good?

    • Usman Bello

      A few weeks back, the lady with the glasses in the clip (Kris Reyes) tweeted that she was reading God Delusion in preparation for Dawkins’ in studio appearance. I can’t imagine too many folks stateside doing that.

      • DKeane123

        Wow, I’m even more impressed.

      • GodlessPoutine

        Yeah, I could tell she seemed to be way more informed that the other interviewers. I had a suspicion she had read some of Dawkins’ stuff. Really showed.

  • Jim Hudlow

    Loved Lawrence’s tweet….rather a great counter point to the sham creationist movie Expelled where audiences were often subsidized by a church or in the case of Stein’s initial speech at Pepperdine at the beginning of the movie all but a handful ( 2 or 3 people) were PAID extras to create an audience!

  • PegK

    I am very impressed with this interview. Good questions, relatively even-handed, and the hosts allowed time for the guests to actually answer the questions.

  • Keyra

    They just keep assuming in “Reality” there is no God. I’m amused as to how disillusioned with overconfidence they really are

    • Bender

      Yeah, just like those silly Christians. Boy, are they gonna be sorry when they die and meet the mighty Crom.

    • brett wells

      Totally. When will they learn that God knowingly created Man, which He knew would create sin, only to send himself to Earth in the form of his Son, allow himself to be slaughtered to forgive Man for the sin He created in the first place? Yup, very disillusioned and full of overconfidence indeed.

  • Ted Raymond

    I agree that this was much better than the CNN interview. Not surprising. More intelligent conversation.

  • peter garayt

    (and much more intelligent, too):
    Well, it is Canada after all, (big smirk)
    peter g

  • GodlessPoutine

    It must be me getting old or something because my only complaint is the camera “fly-throughs” every so often. It was bad in the first 5 minutes or so – thought I would have to reach for my Bonine. Great interview though.

  • Little Magpie

    Aw darn, if I’d known they were in town yesterday I would… i dunno, gone and made a screaming fan-girl of myself outside the Global studio… :)