Watch This Fundamentalist Muslim Cleric Flip Out When an Egyptian TV Host Takes off Her Hijab During an Interview

Riham Said is the host of an Egyptian television show called “Sabaya el-Kheir” and she recently interviewed fundamentalist Muslim cleric Sheikh Youssef el-Badri.

If this interview is real — and it’s hard to find much information on it at the moment — it’s just incredible. Not only did Said take off her hijab during the interview (shocking her guest) she asks him on air why he had no problem when she wasn’t wearing one before the interview. She also asks him why he accepted money to appear on the show if he wasn’t going to answer her questions.

One commenter on Reddit offers more background into what we’re watching. (You might want to take that with a grain of salt, too…)

(Thanks to Richard for the link!)

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  • gmdl

    I really want to know what happened with Riham after this interview? Is she alive?