An Atheist Gets Interviewed in a Mississippi Church

Interview an Atheist at Church” Day is today, but one video is already up and it’s fantastic.

Neil Carter, who blogs at Godless in Dixie, was interviewed at the Meadowbrook Church of Christ in Jackson, Mississippi:

In one of the more hostile states toward atheists, Carter defused the situation immediately, putting the audience at ease, welcoming their questions, and letting them know this wasn’t a debate but a conversation. If you want an example of what an ideal Christian/atheist dialogue looks like, watch this video. The questions begin around the 30:00 mark.

Neil spent about 15 minutes early on talking about the misconceptions people have about atheists. If nothing else, watch that section (beginning at the 7:05 mark) because he does a wonderful job of explaining and rebutting the stereotypes. You can also watch just that portion of the interview here.

Let’s hope today’s interviews with atheists go just as smoothly.

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