Atheists in Southern Georgia Get Positive Press

The Albany Herald (Georgia) has a really positive article about the Albany Atheists and founder/President and Foxhole Atheist James Gillham:

Gillham never had a strong belief in God, he said. Since he was very young, he felt something just wasn’t right. Nothing made real sense. Then, during the first of two tours of Marine duty, he came to an understanding with himself.

“By the way, the old saying about ‘no atheists in foxholes’ is just not true,” Gillam said. “The idea is that if someone is shooting at you, you’re going to pray just didn’t work for me.”

According to Gillham, it was during heavy fighting in Iraq — before Fallujah was taken the second time — that he happened to read an article on atheism.

“Suddenly, everything made sense,” Gillham said. “I understood why all those years I could never find faith in a higher power — because I was an atheist.”

The group is currently at 65 members and you can find out more about joining them here.

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