If You Say You Don’t Need Proof Because God Only Speaks Truth…

I don’t know how I didn’t hear about him until now, but hip-hop artist Gabe Caruso‘s song “Gonna Have a Problem” is just awesome:

If you say that’s it’s ok ’cause it’s a claim that God has made, then
Yeah, we’re gonna have a problem
If you say you don’t need proof because God only speaks truth, then
Yeah, we’re gonna have a problem
If you say you need profound belief to understand morality
Yeah, we’re gonna have a problem
If you say that your religion is above criticism, then
Yeah, we’re gonna have a problem

Not a day goes by where I close my eyes
And I’m finished with my mission of exposing lies
‘Cause you know these guys, all their hopeless tries
To expose me as a phony, come on go and try
This is grand unified so between you and I
Zip it a minute while I will improve your mind
If what you’re bringing to the table isn’t to the date or able
To be duplicated, then it’s lacking proof and I
Will point out every flaw in the way that you’re thinking
Bible stories do not hold up in the age of reason
And to say that they hold truth is just blatant treason
To the scientists who try and keep the nation breathing

You can read the rest of the lyrics at Mad Art Lab.

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