In Response to Atheist Literature Distribution, One Christian Student Poured Water on Pamphlets

Last week, atheists distributed books and pamphlets at 11 high schools in Orange County, Florida in response to a similar distribution by Christian groups earlier in the year.

I’m hoping to have more information on how that went soon, but one response was worth sharing: At Boone High School in Orlando, one student named Heather told a television reporter that she poured water on the atheist literature (0:42 mark):

“I mean, I understand like it’s fair, you know — like, Christians come in here with their Bibles — but, you know… we all have our own opinions.”

For whatever reason, the reporter didn’t ask the student what she would’ve thought if atheists poured water on the Bibles back in January. Or maybe they edited that part out to prevent her from getting even more embarrassed since she thought vandalism was a legitimate response to a difference of opinion.

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