Are Religions Unfair to Women? Yes, but This Debate is Still Worth Watching

The Big Questions is a BBC show that tackles you-know-what. The most recent episode asked “Are religions unfair to women?

You can watch the show below:

One highlight: Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Shmuel Arkush, who refuses to shake the hand of the woman sitting next to him (at the 13:50 mark) because “I don’t touch those things that don’t belong to me.” Even though he had no problem shaking the hand of the male host…

Really, just forward through the video and find moments with the Rabbi. He’s trying to cherry-pick reason from completely unreasonable rituals and traditions.

Kate Smurthwaite, who was memorable (for good reasons) on the same program a couple of years ago, is also one of the panelists here. She makes another great comment at the 21:35 mark.

If you notice any other noteworthy parts, please leave the timestamps and summaries below!

(via Atheist Media Blog)

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