St. Paul Saints Minor League Baseball Team Will Once Again Become the Mr. Paul Aints for Atheist Promotion

Last fall, the Minnesota Atheists and American Atheists teamed up to sponsor a minor league baseball team for a day. Seemed like the worst promotion ever, given that it’s a team not even affiliated with Major League Baseball, but the beauty came from the name-change.

For one evening, the St. Paul Saints became the Mr. Paul Aints :)

This year, the Minnesota Atheists are doing it again to promote their Regional Conference:

Packages include General [Admission] in the outfield and premium Infield (or Infidel) seating. Everyone who opts for the Infidel seats will receive a FREE, limited edition Mr. Paul or Ms. Paula Aints hat.

Information about the game and conference is available here

Christopher Pitchens would have been proud.

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