Utah Company Refuses to Print Shirts for Atheist Group

The Atheists of Utah (unofficial motto: Yes, we exist!) wanted to get t-shirts printed for the upcoming Pride Parade — the theme is “Gotta Be Real” — but the Christian owners of TIKI Printing refused to do business with them after seeing the atheists’ back-of-the-shirt message: “Gotta Be Real Cuz God Ain’t!”

The owners of TIKI Printing in West Valley are Christian and found the message a personal attack on their faith. “We weren’t going to be the delivery method for that message that demeaned our beliefs,” TIKI Printing owner Sam Saltzman said.

Atheists of Utah say refusing to print the shirts is discrimination.

“I found it quite shocking that an organization that stated that they were Christian would not do business with someone because they were not Christian,” said Connie Anast with Atheists of Utah. She says her group is being unfairly singled out by TIKI.

So, saying God isn’t real is now an “attack” on the Christian faith? It’s a difference of opinion, yes, but hardly an attack.

The rejection is especially interesting when you consider some of the designs TIKI Printing has been perfectly fine with. Violence, marijuana references, and sexual innuendos are okay but suggesting God doesn’t exist is a problem…

This is a company, by the way, that makes no reference to Jesus on their website or Facebook page. They have no “We don’t print atheist t-shirts” sign on the door.

The Atheists of Utah are weighing their legal options right now.

***Edit***: The Atheists of Utah had an awesome shirt for the Pride Parade in 2011 (via @LibAthe80):

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