At a Christian Thrift Shop, Your Money Gets Saved

I had to watch this, so now you have to watch this: A Christian version of “Thrift Shop“:

Apparently, that’s not the only version

(via The American Jesus)

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  • Mike D

    Jesus f’in Christ

  • skinnercitycyclist

    I’ll go with Poe here.

  • MD

    Please, I hope so.

  • Baby_Raptor

    So, did our money have a different savior? Is there a sibling of Jesus’ made of currency somewhere?

    Or is money now accompanying corporations on the list of things that are “people”?

  • Leiningen’s Ants

    For the sake of gambling, I’ll say legit. That’s the new face of sheltered WASPs trying to fit in. “This is what people our age are suppose to look like outside home right? (don’t show our parents this picture dad will hit me and my two friends for looking ambiguous)”

  • Tanner B James

    POE or No POE? either way, I know kids just like that (they are Russian I think) who frequent a coffee shop, they roll up in their fancy cars and spiked hair, dressed in the latest clothing styles, and proselytize as if it were a new fad.

  • Gaby Abed

    Without being over-analytical, this is one of the more seamless overtly Christian songs, and at least they seem to be poking fun at their leadership. Some hope for humanity?

  • JD929

    He asks “what” a lot, but didn’t get to an answer because I stopped at seven seconds. Assuming there is an answer.

  • anniewhoo

    “You’re a sinking ship at sea and I’ll embrace you like the ocean.”

    Not a comforting thought, but rather telling about religion’s “benefits”. If this is a Poe, then this would be my favorite line

  • good_creon

    It’s good to know that saving puppies is apparently the only requirement for being a good Christian.

    And I’m also going to put my chips on legit. I know christians who would watch this and think “WE should have totally done that!” It’s trying too hard to be anything but genuine

  • JKPS

    I’m having serious flashbacks to my church youth group. This is everything that is wrong with church culture – patting yourselves on the back for your Christian t-shirt, praising your pastor more than your god, and the prevalence of “purity culture” with its “side hugs” and promise rings. Honestly, I can pick out the three guys I knew ten years ago who would have made this video.

  • allein

    I only got about halfway through…but I can’t decide.
    If Poe, did they purposely misspell “Athiests” in the subtitles?

  • cipher

    God sends people to hell for not accepting Jesus, but not for making videos like this. Go figure.

  • gary

    I wonder if they even know the beliefs of the person they stole their music from.

    google Same love by Macklemore

  • Baby_Raptor

    They don’t care. They’re probably like that one dude who desecrated “Hallelujah”…They think they reclaimed it for the LAWD and made it HOLEE in his eyes.

  • JJ Winchester

    what the fuck does saving a damn puppy have to do with x-tianity or going to church? that a really weird video. also they very much sexualized the women in the video. I thought it was a very distasteful video.

  • midnight rambler

    You mean Bono?

  • midnight rambler

    Very weird. It seemed stupidly real until they got to the pastor’s part, who seems to be mocking megachurch types. But then the description makes it sound like they are serious. I’m so confused…

  • nick

    i assumed they knew and were “sticking it” to him by reclaiming his song for Christ!

  • Andy

    I think they are poking some fun at themselves is all.