No One’s Asking the Duck Dynasty Family to Stop Praying

You may have seen rumors (like the one below) floating around on Facebook that A&E asked the family at the center of the show Duck Dynasty to stop praying on television after complaints from “liberals” and “atheists.” (And the family refused to listen! Aren’t they amazing?!)

(***Edit***: The rumor appears to have started at the March’s Outdoor Adventures’ Facebook page)

Of course, none of that’s true.

Atheists (as a whole) could care less about what a family does on a reality show. We’ll just change the channel. No one’s demanding that they stop praying or shooting guns or playing with their ducks. (Okay, so I’ve never seen the show…)

The Thinking Atheist did a really great job debunking this rumor:

Snopes adds:

It also seems rather unlikely that many Duck Dynasty viewers would be objecting to the presence of guns (given that the program is built around the subject of duck hunting) or prayer (one of the more popular features of the show) in the series, or that A&E would be highly concerned about the opinions of non-viewers, and cast members have disclaimed that there is any truth to the rumors.

In short: A&E is getting *huge* ratings from the show, so it’s just common sense that they’re not about to suggest doing anything differently. Why kill a cash cow to appeal to people who aren’t watching the show in the first place?

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