Happy Mother’s Day, Jesus

Church sign spotted on Capitol Hill:

(Thanks to Josh for the link!)

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  • TheBlackCat13

    There is only one possible response to that:

  • Kengi

    I don’t see the problem. Jesus can’t be transgender?

    • WallofSleep

      Don’t forget, he also had two dads. Very diverse, that Christ family.

      • Stev84

        Technically he was his is own dad

  • Robert Stoll

    That is pretty academic thinking right there…. back to the ol’ God is Father and Mother type….

    • kathy

      Explain this to my 3 year old self when I asked who my “heavenly mother” was… Talk about an irritated mormon mom….

  • LesterBallard

    Way to eschew traditional gender roles, Capitol Hill United Methodist Church.

    • Ibis3

      Actually, it’s reinforcing them.

      • LesterBallard

        Just making a joke.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/GodVlogger?feature=mhee GodVlogger (on YouTube)

    Christians give great respect to women. As long as they are like Jesus’ mother Mary: simultaneously a mother and a virgin. :-)

  • jenbo

    yes, belittle all mothers and the hard work they do by asserting that a dead, male, Jewish cult leader is the best possible mother. At what point do church members allow themselves to become offended by their bumbling leadership?

  • OneMoreTimeFrankZappa

    Why not? Although I don’t remember anything in the Big Jebus Book (aka The Holly Bibble) that explicitly mentions Yeshua leaning that way, it’s no more a jump than a lot of the idiocy Christianity claims to be able to derive from the book….

  • onamission5

    Considering they are an inclusive church, this was probably deliberate, and maybe even to poke a little at the non-inclusive attitudes amongst their fellow Christians.

    “We celebrate our human family’s diversity of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, faith history, economic status, marital status, physical and mental ability, and education.”

  • http://twitter.com/InMyUnbelief TCC

    I suspect that this is just an eye-catching way to name a sermon about how Jesus is protective, nurturing, etc. – you know, stereotypically maternal qualities. I wouldn’t look any further into the possible gender implications; that’s probably unintentional.

    • Ibis3

      Agreed. Oh, and it’s a theme that goes back a long way in the Christian tradition, so the idea that it’s somehow modern or progressive isn’t the case. For example, in medieval art, one of the images meant to symbolize Christ was the mother pelican.

  • Hat Stealer

    Just when I thought these people couldn’t get any creepier…

  • Thackerie

    What’s the big deal? I’ve always thought that Jesus was a true mothuh, just like all the rappers sing about.

  • Robster

    So, jesus wasn’t a long haired hippy, he was a she! That changes everything. Given this fact, the catholics will have to morph mother mary to father mary. They could get the Golden Girls to play the three wise men.