North Miami Mayoral Candidate Says She is Endorsed by Jesus Christ

Tomorrow, the city of North Miami, Florida will hold its election for Mayor, and candidate Anna L. Pierre wants you to know something about her:

A mayoral candidate in North Miami claims she has received an endorsement from a higher power.

Campaign posters for Anna L. Pierre tout that she was endorsed by Jesus Christ.

Pierre is the same candidate who claimed last month that voodoo was being used against her:

Anna Pierre, one of eight candidates running for mayor, said unknown persons left chicken feathers, food scraps and candles at her office doorstep over the past three months. She believes the items are tied to mystical rituals in the Haitian Vodou religion.

“I found little dolls with needles in it. They put a lot of pennies at front of my office door,” she said. “I’m from Haiti I know what it is.”

Pierre said she will replace the signs. As far as the Vodou spells, Pierre said she’s ready to take that on too..

“They can put all the voodoo they want,” said Pierre. “I’m a Christian woman. I’m not scared.”

How she reconciles her belief in voodoo with her belief in Christianity baffles me…

Anyway, Pierre’s official campaign website doesn’t list the endorsement from Jesus. Neither does her personal website, which, for some reason, also includes endorsements.

I guess that’s one way to stick it to the other candidates before any of them claim God wanted them to run for mayor. Clearly, God, through Jesus, only has one person in mind for this position.

And if the people of Miami are intelligent, they’ll ignore God’s advice and vote for anybody else.

(Thanks to Richard for the link!)

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  • decathelite

    Miami is home to Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, who runs a ministry predicated on the idea that he himself is the living incarnate of Jesus Christ.

    He’s got some interesting takes on theology – more proof that people make up religion as they go.

  • Hat Stealer

    Easy. People who practice voodoo do have power Pierre’s eyes- it’s just that power comes from a pact they made with the Devil. Don’t underestimate the literalism with which people will believe in devils and demons these days. The reason Pierre isn’t afraid is not because she doesn’t believe in voodoo magic, but rather because she thinks that Jesus protects her from the evil spirits.

    Oh, and she’s running for public office. But you already knew that.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    But I thought Jesus is Australian. I guess that’s the omnipresence working for him.

  • Gus Snarp

    While most American Christians would say that Voodoo and Christianity are mutually exclusive, I don’t think Haitians see it that way at all.

  • Gus Snarp

    South Florida politics, always entertaining.

  • E. Cedric

    And score ANOTHER on the southern state hit parade. Someone please, erect a wall around the southern states and leave their bloody infection down there amongst the Kudzo.

  • Isilzha

    Funny how when people claim to know a god’s mind that god’s will somehow always lines up with what they believe or want.

  • John

    Let’s be fair. She doesn’t actually SAY she believes in voodoo. She just recognized the signs of voodoo, and someone from Haiti probably would. Heck, even I would realize that a doll stuck with pins meant someone was trying voodoo. But I certainly wouldn’t believe it.

  • busterggi

    Jesus endorsed her? It MUST be true or he’d have held a press conference to say it isn’t.

  • Lucilius

    … And that might help if Mr. J. Christ was registered to vote in her district.

  • LesterBallard

    Is she a serious candidate, or is she more like a Green Party candidate?

  • atreeisatree

    I’d have to look at the other candidates of course, but just from what you’ve posted here and what’s written on her campaign posters, I would consider voting for this woman. Free health care for the uninsured and better social and educational programs? Those are things I’d like to see and, from what I’ve read in the gospels, I do actually think Jesus would endorse those things (I mean, he was a faith healer in the Bible…). The “family values” bit makes me weary since that’s usually code for “homophobia,” but the example of a Father’s Day Celebration makes me think in this case the focus is more on family stability, which is something I could get behind. I would be more reassured if I could find on her website (I haven’t looked) a commitment to religious freedom and a desire to work together with people of any/no religion.

    But other than that, I wouldn’t *not* vote for her based solely on the fact that she made a somewhat silly, but definitely attention-grabbing poster. I’d definitely rather vote for a religious candidate, even one who is openly religiously-motivated, who shares my stance on issues than an open atheist whose positions aren’t as good. And contrary to popular belief, the prohibition against endorsing a religion doesn’t mean that you can’t reference religion in the political forum, or be open about the fact that you have religious beliefs or that your values are informed by religious philosophies. It means is that you can’t legally mandate your religion or discriminate against those who don’t hold it. But free health care is hardly specific to Christianity.

  • 0xabad1dea

    Her platform doesn’t sound bad from that blurb!– so I would just like to see the signed letter from this Mr. Christ fellow.

    Her quote could be interpreted either way on whether she does or doesn’t believe voodoo is in some sense real, but believing voodoo has power is not inherently anathema to Christianity, as it traditionally teaches that devils are real and they have power to influence the world. As a Christian child, I was taught that voodoo, witchcraft, and tribal religions are all real black magic as seen through a cultural lens.

  • trj

    Finally! A candidate who is not afraid to stand up to the deplorable use of voodoo in American politics! It’s refreshing to see such courage.

  • Kahomono

    And yet, someone will vote for her.

  • Tak

    Of COURSE she’d be an RN. I guess it’s a nitpick but I hate it when RNs trumpet their credentials – the training for which includes critical thinking skills – then go on to demonstrate that they can’t apply the mental discipline required for their jobs to the rest of their lives. IMHO she disgraces nursing when she attaches her title to a message that goes against values every good RN is encouraged to uphold – namely critical thinking and being honest. If she actually believes she is endorsed by Jesus she is as insane as the lady in my psych ward* who believes Obama is in love with her.
    *not an actual person in my ward – though I’ve seen that delusion about other celebrities and political figures. Patient privacy and all that.

  • Bob Becker

    GOP wouldn’t let Himm vote w/o a photo ID.

  • Lucilius

    Plus they’d flag him as a “Muslim infiltrator” based on skin color.

  • onamission5

    Yeah, abandon all the secular and minority religious folks down here to the whims of the conservative religious majority just so y’all in the east, west and north can continue to feel superior and act like “that doesn’t happen here.” That will work out well for everyone, ’cause maude knows the south is the only place with problems. Just ask Ms. Ahlquist.

  • abb3w

    That’s not the craziest political claim I’ve heard, but it’s well in the running.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    She’s running against Smith Joseph, so there gores the Mormon vote.

  • Hugh Kramer

    If you look at the city of North Miami’s list of mayoral candidates, you’ll note there’s at least one other that might be endorsed by Jesus Christ… and the Angel Moroni as well. Yup, Joseph Smith is running for mayor. Who knew the Mormon prophet was even a Florida resident?

  • Duke OfOmnium

    I believe her. After all, Jesus has nothing better to do than endorse registered nurses in mayoral races.

  • JWH

    How she reconciles her belief in voodoo with her belief in Christianity baffles me…

    Doesn’t voodoo incorporate a lot of Christian iconography?

  • m6wg4bxw

    You might be right, but I have a doubt because of how her response is composed. She seems to indicate that her justification for not fearing Voodoo is Christianity — that the magic protecting her is stronger than the magic working against her.

  • m6wg4bxw


  • Edmond

    “They can put all the voodoo they want,” said Pierre. “I’m a Christian woman. I’m not scared.”
    This would seem to indicate that someone who is NOT a Christian SHOULD be scared. Of the voodoo.

  • Christopher Borum

    I wonder if Gran Maitre or Damballa endorsed any of her opponents.

  • kagekiri

    Yeah…I’ve heard that thrown out there as reason to believe in the Christian view of the supernatural.

    “You think God doesn’t exist? But what about all the black magic I’ve seen!?? You calling me a liar? Demons are totally out there! The fact you now don’t believe when you once did might mean one is IN YOU! Cast it out in the name of Jesus!”

    I’ve also heard Christians claim that they heard it straight from kung-fu masters in China that the masters gained chi powers by selling their souls to the devil. Like, kung-fu movie powers: flying, iron skin, punching people across rooms without contact, etc. Stuff like the various kung-fu video demos where people lean their necks against spears and do other crazy physical feats are claimed to be similar proof of demons.

    Plenty of Christian stories and legends have black magic and demonic powers and curses that that worked on other people, but failed against Christian missionaries. That magical protection is supposed to be proof of faith, like with the churches who hold poisonous snakes to prove their piety (and even when people eventually end up dying, they keep doing it…). Demons have real power in these people’s eyes.

  • Tanner B James

    Wow don’t you have a superiority complex. You can use caps to emphasize a word. Do you think that makes your point more valid?

  • Daniel_JM

    The Baptist churches I grew up in taught voodoo was real, but said it was satanic. The same thing was taught at my wife’s Pentecostal church. I think you’d be surprised how many evangelical Christians think voodoo has real power.

  • Richard Wade

    Campaign posters for Anna L. Pierre tout that she was endorsed by Jesus Christ.</blockquote

    Members of the press have made several attempts to contact Jesus Christ, but he was unavailable for comment.

  • Stuart Marsden

    Direct foreign intervention.
    A citizen of an outside state (Roman Empire) influencing domestic American politics, there has to be a rule against that.

  • Stev84

    Haitian Voodoo is actually a mix of Catholic and native beliefs and practices. First they associated their own supreme god with the Christian god. Then when the church and the French state suppressed existing beliefs they began to disguise their own spirits and gods as Catholic saints and overlaid their rituals with Christian iconography.

  • Renshia

    I thought being a christian and corruption went hand in hand. Only it gets forgotten quicker cause they all got forgiveness.

    Maybe I’m just cynical.

  • Renshia

    Way to go!!!!

  • Renshia

    There is a guy in Venezuela that claims to be jesus too. I guess it’s that trinity thing happening all over again.
    Hey, maybe that’s how gods breed,… Hmmm I wonder if there is a movie in there somewhere…

  • Renshia

    Damn it, I started having flashbacks. Put up warning labels up when you do that shit. LOL

  • Renshia

    Ah those were the days. We sure need more of that getting back to our roots stuff.

  • busterggi

    Of course they also said the same thing about the Catholics.

  • Renshia

    Don’t forget to add guns and booze, That always makes it more interesting. While were add it let’s give them blankets too. AND (see, I can do that too.) There should be a test, maybe we could… Dare I suggest, build a Colosseum… Maybe, invest in a few lions.

    The closer you examine the idea, the more sense it makes. Honest.

  • Kengi

    That’s because the audience didn’t clap loud enough.

    Oh wait, that was for Tinkerbell. Never mind.

  • Renshia

    He must smell by now. How will they deal with that. Zombie mayor. They wouldn’t notice.

  • Renshia

    Well he has spare time, he gave up on helping the children.

  • Renshia

    Nope, look at it. There is no end to the lunacy.

  • JA

    She should be concerned, since a large part of vodou comes from Christianity.

  • indorri

    Ding ding ding. There’s a hefty contingent of Christianity that believes in”spiritual warfare”, in which demons led by Satan interfere in this world. This same contingent believes humans can assist by channelling demonic power, which is always done using rituals of non-Christian religions. They believe they can counteract such interference with their own rituals, such as prayer and exorcism.

  • Stev84

    Yup, they did so after the French forbade the practice of native religions. So they took their own gods and spirits and gave them the appearance of Catholic saints. Some practices like the burning of candles also come from Christianity.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    No. Jesus is dead. The Reverend Sun Myung Moon was revered as the second coming of Christ. He died last year. You know this is true because his millions of followers believed it.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    Direct intervention by a foreign national. One that was a convicted criminal, executed for sedition.

  • Kevin Johnson

    Uh, first it’s voudou, not voodoo. Second, it’s a syncretic religion that does incorporate a lot of Christian elements. Third, there is no such thing as a “voodoo doll” or anything like it in voudou.

  • pagansister

    Well of COURSE she is endorsed by Jesus (Big Man) Christ! Why would anyone even begin to doubt it?? RIGHT! And the moon really is made of green cheese!

  • SeekerLancer

    She got Jesus to endorse her? That’s impressive. I’ve never been able to get the guy on the phone.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Gonna move all of us who don’t go with the flow out first, or are we just acceptable sacrifices to placate your stupidity tolerance level?

  • Baby_Raptor

    Can we make her prove that claim? Or would that be “persecuting her for her deeply personal and totally true beliefs”?

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    That’s funny because Jesus and I were having brunch the other day and he failed to mention that he was endorsing any political candidates this millennium.

    “How she reconciles her belief in voodoo with her belief in Christianity baffles me…”

    As far as I know Voodoo is just the mixture of west african traditions along with christianity. They incorporate the catholic saints into rituals. It would not be that hard to reconcile the beliefs.

  • DougI

    God told a few people to run for President last election and they all lost, to the Mormon who didn’t announce a divine endorsement. I doubt Jesus’ track record of success will fare much better.

  • Brad

    Hemant, how can you ask such a silly question? “How she reconciles her belief in voodoo with her belief in Christianity baffles me…” Believing in one completely delusional fantasy religion doesn’t make you believe that “logically” voodoo is waaaaay out there and totally unbelievable. When I was still a sheep, I believed that voodoo was dark magic and it was real. I have since dug myself from the lonely hole that is religion.

  • Artor

    Also, Voodoo is a syncretic religion combined from African religions, local native beliefs, and a large dose of Catholicism. I’ve heard it said that Haiti is 90% Catholic, but 100% Voodoo.

  • Artor

    Can I see his signature? Did he release a campaign ad for her? Where is this endorsement?

  • DavidHart

    Just when you think that my state cannot possibly get any crazier (we have a felon elected Gov), along comes evidence that you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I wonder what “Suk Sou Bonbon” (presumably Creole) means.

  • TCC

    Damn, you beat me to that line.

  • penguin_boy

    Voodun is a mixture of West African spiritual beliefs mixed with Catholicism (and, to be honest, anything else they feel like adding.) Not surprising at all that a Haitian woman would see voodoo as a threat, bur feel that her personal Loa, Jesus, could defend her from the attacks.

  • Coolred

    How? I have never figured that out. :(

  • Lauren

    sorry but as crazy as the woman is for her endorsed by Jesus message, gotta disagree with you on the voodoo. She never claimed to believe in it just to know what it is. And she’s right. I am sure it was left there by someone who does believe in it. Unfortunately in the south you sometimes become acquainted with this kinda stuff….especially in the black community. I could tell you more than you’d ever want to know about hoodoo or “roots” because of my family. Doesn’t me I believe in it. Hint: a big part of it is leaving stuff on your doorstep. I can also tell you that if she wanted to “break the spell” she should take it to the back corner of her property, bury it and pee on it. Lol. Just saying.

  • Epinephrine
  • Antinomian

    “Suk Sou Bonbon” means ‘Sugar on your cookies”. I live in South Floridiot
    and work with many Hatians, Jamaicans, Cubans, numerous others from the Carribean and South America and got the translation directly from my Hatian co-worker.

  • sam

    Yes, this curse is no problem for a xian. The feathers, candles, and pennies at the doorstep appear be an effort to place a curse on her office.
    All a xian needs to do is to have a priest collect 2 live, clean birds, some cedar wood, scarlet yarn & hyssop. The priest will kill one of the birds over fresh water in a clay pot & then dip the live bird, together with the cedar wood, scarlet yarn & hyssop into the blood of the other bird. He’ll then sprinkle the cursed office seven times & release the live bird in an open field (Leviticus 14: 1-57).
    Those superstitious Haitians are so silly if they think they can defeat the power of Jebus.

  • MarcoZandrini

    No! He’s Italian! That’s the pope is Italian. What do mean he’s not Italian. Momamia!

  • MarcoZandrini

    BINGO! We have our winner!!!!

  • decathelite

    click on This link, copy the code into your comment bar, and then replace whatever is in the quotes with the website that you want people to go to, and replace the phrase “Hyperlink Code” with whatever you want to call the website

  • Antinomian

    I guess I should add the context of what she means with this: Either it means that she is a fresh face among the crowd or; the saying is used to say that she is replenishing what is lost.

  • Spuddie

    Its not as much as deploring the practice of voodoo per se, its the practice of using zombies to stuff the ballot boxes. =)

  • Spuddie

    Jesus cuts my lawns every Tuesday and Thursday. But he pronounces it hey-soos

  • Spuddie

    Even worse, he is from Bethlehem. His passport would be issued by The Palestinian Authority.

  • Spuddie

    Isn’t the whole point of Voodoo that it blends Christianity with African religions. Its syncreatism. A phenomena recognized by all religions without too much difficulty, except the Abrahamic ones.

  • Spuddie

    He would never make it past immigration with that record. Jesus is an illegal alien!

  • Spuddie

    We know Baron Samedi withdrew from the public eye after his embarrassing appearance in the film Live and Let Die.

  • Sue Blue

    Well, I’ve been endorsed by Illuvatar, so there.

  • Lucilius


  • Spuddie

    He got affidavits from three dignitaries and the owner of a livery stable who attested to witnessing the birth.

  • Lucilius

    Not good enough. The dignitaries were from Kenya and I hear the stable owner was a Communist.

  • Lucilius

    Not good enough. The dignitaries were from Kenya and I hear the stable owner was a Communist.

  • Spuddie

    But Jesus isn’t running for president. He just endorses candidates.

    We already know he is a foreign national from a place on the Homeland Security watch list. All it takes is a parking ticket and they will have him in Guantanamo.

  • Charles Honeycutt

    “Voodoo” is perfectly acceptable, like “labor” and “legalize”.

    American Voodoo has different traditions than Haitian, but it’s more than plausible that she is aware of both.

  • Charles Honeycutt

    You make good points, except that these days, family values ALWAYS mean “I Hate Homos”.

  • Charles Honeycutt

    *reads anecdote*
    I’m sorry, I mean…

  • Aspieguy

    I want to know how much money Jesus contributed to her campaign.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    It has always entertained me to know that once I step across the border into the US, I become an alien. Last I heard, should I happen to find myself there on Jan 1, I must go someplace official and register myself as an alien.

    Complexion: grey
    Hair colour: bald
    Height: 2000 mm
    Place of birth: Eta Carinae 5

  • Randomfactor