I Can Be Endorsed By a Fictional Character, Too!

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About M J Shepherd

Matthew graduated Louisiana State University in 2009 with a BA in studio art and a minor in art history. He has been drawing cartoons and comics online for several years.

  • Mackinz

    I’d vote for someone who claims they were endorsed by Cthulhu.

    • phantomreader42

      Why settle for the lesser evil?

      • Baby_Raptor

        If you don’t vote for his candidate, you might get eaten last.

  • Baby_Raptor

    If we’re claiming fictional characters to be endorsed by, I call Ponies! Rarity or Luna, more specifically. Someone else can have the rest.

    • Charles Honeycutt

      I used to think I was Twilight Sparkle. Later on I realized that I’m actually Rarity and I’m just going to marry Twilight Sparkle (it will be quite the event!). I could be convinced to endorse you as The. Best. Possible. Candidate!… depending on your fashion sense.

      Twilight might take a while before joining in though, Dearie, because she reads everything before deciding, and those creationists DO go on. Uf! *rolls eyes*


      Someone downvoted your post? What an angry baby.

      • Baby_Raptor

        They got you too. Probably one of those lovelies who thinks all adults who like MLP are creepy pedophiles.

        • Charles Honeycutt

          Awww, the poor wittle cowardly angrums.

  • Olidamarra

    Well, to be fair, there may (or may not) have existed an actual, historical person named Jesus. I mean, that’s not impossible. If so, it’s just being endorsed by someone who’s been dead for a couple of centuries. Sooo… I’m endorsed by Hammurabi, everyone.

    (Of course, that’s ridiculous. Hammurabi would only endorse someone who adhered to his 4,000 year old, brutal, barbaric code of laws. Nobody would want to be endorsed by someone like… wait a minute.)

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/chidy/ chicago dyke

      don’t knock the CH. srsly, it’s an improvement over some of the stuff that came before it.

      • Olidamarra

        Oh no, I’m well aware. It was very fair for its day, and I’m sure the same can be said for parts of the Bible. Doesn’t make it something you should push for today, though.

  • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ Feminerd

    I wanna be endorsed by, hmm, let’s see. I think Harry Potter would play well with the electorate, don’t you? War hero, great sob story growing up, and now married with kids to his high school sweetheart.

    • Baby_Raptor

      Eh…His magic wouldn’t play well with the “family values” crowd. Nor would his constant rebelling against authority.

      Ugh…Pink Bitch…*shudders*

      • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ Feminerd

        Well, I wouldn’t win them over anyways lol. Here’s how I imagine that press conference:

        Reporter: What’s your policy on Welfare?
        Me: It’s awesome and needs to be expanded. We have a responsibility to care for everyone in our country.
        Crowd: *mutters*

        R: But wouldn’t that be expensive? What about taxes?
        Me: Oh yes, but taxation is the price we pay for a civilized society. Besides, income inequality is a huge deal, so raising taxes to a maximum graduated rate of 75% helps deal with that too.
        Crowd: *angry mutters*

        R: But but small business, stealing from ‘the people’ …
        Me: Who said anything about that? We tax business profits, not net income, so small business wouldn’t be hurt. Besides, that was talking about income and not corporate tax, though I intend to deal with a lot of the stupid loopholes for that too … I’ve lost you all, haven’t I?
        Crowd: *breaks out the pitchforks and torches*

        • Charles Honeycutt

          Don’t forget to point out that the country was booming when the maximum rate was 90%, but the wealthy easily evaded that by simply reinvesting into business and not hoarding wealth, which still made them wealthier. It’d be interesting to see an angry mob that is simultaneously slack-jawed and uncomprehending.

    • Charles Honeycutt

      And mentored by a gay man whose personal life never came up and who died protecting his students from a terrorist attack.

      yeah, the “gay” thing would doom Harry’s endorsement even with the other parts. Sigh.

  • SeekerLancer

    I would be so happy if her opponent ran this in their campaign.

  • Greg G.

    Obi Wan Kenobi endorses me as the Chosen One. I find your lack of faith disturbing.

    • Mark W.

      You’re sure to lose, we all know that the Palpatine/Vader ticket are the job creators. Those shiftless, commie Jedi will just tax you to death and send all your jobs to Tatooine.

      • Charles Honeycutt

        But Tatooine is a lifeless desert with no industrial prospects, any jobs sent there would just be taxpayer money thrown away and nevermind I get it now.

      • Space Cadet

        Palpatine might be a job creator, but the jobs are dangerous. You never know when you might get blown up by rebel scum.

  • digitalatheist

    I’ve been endorsed by Abyssal Specter! Thank you for you votes… or die.. your choice.

    • Charles Honeycutt

      I find it mildly horrifying that fifteen years after I stopped playing, I knew what that was just from the name, and I’ve never actually seen one.