Camp Quest Kansas City Is Ready for Action

Of all the places Camp Quest is needed, Kansas City may be at the top of the list. This year marks the camp’s first year of existence and they’re preparing one hell of an awesome adventure for the campers:

Camp Quest Kansas City is a place for fun, friends and freethought for kids ages 8 through 17. We provide a traditional sleepaway summer camp experience with a wide range of activities, including sports, crafts, games, swimming and campfires.

In addition to traditional summer camp activities, Camp Quest offers educational activities focused on critical thinking, ethics, scientific inquiry, philosophy and comparative religion.

They could use some help so that they can offer as many opportunities as they can to the kids, so please consider donating a little something to them. And if you live in the area and think your child would enjoy the experience, it’s not too late to sign them up!

I’ve never met anyone who went to a Camp Quest and came away unhappy. Same with the counselors, who always tell me how much of an amazing experience it was for them. Seriously, send your kids there. It’ll be a worthwhile investment in so many ways.

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