The Subtext of Mark Driscoll’s Pseudo-Apology

I appreciate David Hayward‘s take on Pastor Mark Driscoll‘s fake apology:

… when you instruct me on how or when I am supposed to laugh, you’ve already lost. I don’t care how long or biblical your instruction is.

Damn right.

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  • Robster

    Does this nasty little Driscoll fellow deserve all the publicity? He’s his own worst enemy.

  • Michael W Busch

    It is important to not let bigotry pass unchallenged, and Driscoll has unfortunately many people who endorse his words.

  • Michael Harrison

    It’s also a parody of those silly little word games that Christians seem to get into, like “Adding Drug Habits Deliberately” (seen on a bumper sticker) or “Radix Omnium Malorum Avaritia.” I love it.