Could the Atheist Church Be Coming to the United States?

Sanderson Jones, one of the founders of the Sunday Assembly (a.k.a. Atheist Church) in London, is going to visit the U.S. this summer with the hopes of starting a few assemblies over here:

The aim is to build our network and lay the traintracks for the Sunday Assembly Crowdfunding Roadshow in the Fall. From emails, forum and newsletter sign ups, we can tell there is a lot of interest in LA, San Francisco and New York, so the trip will start and end on the coasts, but where should it go in between? There is space for two other cities, probably. Maybe three?

In order to find out where support is there is a Doodle poll, where you can say which other cities should be on the list (I have put the places where there has been most interest on the list – leave a comment or email us if your city isn’t on there and you think it should be).

I’m very excited about this. I know a lot of atheists think this is too far down the “religion-y” spectrum but, as we’ve seen in London, it’s working beautifully. It’s drawing in young people who might not otherwise care about their non-theistic identity. It’s a media magnet, too, drawing attention to the attendees and the fact that you can have the benefits of church without the trappings of faith/nonsense.

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