After Local Fire, An Atheist Finds Ways to Show her Thanks

Last month, a house burst into flames four doors down from blogger Leia. Thankfully, no one lived in it, but several firefighters had to spend several hours putting it out.

As an ex-Mormon, Leia writes that her first thoughts were all religious in nature but, as an atheist, she decided to do something more than just thank God for keeping everyone safe:

I then decided the next logical step was to thank the firefighters. I had my daughters write them thank you notes and had them draw the firefighters pictures. We then worked together to make them a perler bead magnet for the firehouse fridge. I also decided that treats and a picture (above) were in order as well. Nothing says thank you quite like sweets.

That’s not all she did.

She adds that being non-religious helped her show her gratefulness in a way she probably wouldn’t have had she still been religious. That’s not to say religious people aren’t thankful but, without God, the focus goes in the right direction instead of straight up in the air.

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