The Photoshop Phriday challenge: Remove one letter from the name of a movie and redesign the poster.

Of course, that led to Godfellas:

Well, I’ll be damned. George Carlin can finally pray to Joe Pesci! (Check out the 6:45 mark below.)

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  • Lurker111

    How about ADDING a letter to a movie title? E.g., _Star Warts_. Poster would be big pic of Jabba the Hut. Imagine touching him and the size of the warts you’d get.

    Or, _The Tent Commandments_, about how boy scouts are to behave when out on bivouac. Recent second edition.

    Or, _Diet Hard_. The jokes here write themselves.

    Or, _Forrest Grump_, about a crotchety recluse.

    Note that it was harder to come up with clean examples than I had thought. :/

  • Gerry

    “Do I *amuse* thee?”