Reverend Calls Ricky Gervais the ‘Jerry Falwell of Atheism’ for Mocking #PrayForOklahoma

I appeared on a HuffPost Live segment yesterday in which Ron Lindsay and I (and two Christians) spoke about the #PrayForOklahoma hashtag.

See if you can spot the moment when I go silently crazy because one of the guests argues that Ricky Gervais is almost like the “Jerry Falwell of atheism” for sending out this tweet:

Apparently, we’ve been defining “prayer” the wrong way this whole time. Prayer, you see, *includes* taking action. (Go, Ron Lindsay, for remaining calm the whole time while I was about ready to flip over my laptop.)

At least the host made the point that there are many Christians out there who really do believe that their prayers will have an effect on other people.

"Apparently we need a /rhetorical convention... ;)"

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