Okay, I Guess I’ll Try a Communion Wafer…

Because everything tastes better with AussieMite spread:

Elise Ramsey, AussieMite managing director, said: “We couldn’t afford to play it safe so the brief to the guys was to get AussieMite noticed and show how tasty our product is. They did that with humour that very much suits our brand.”

The Herald Sun notes that the Catholic Church isn’t weighing in on this one… because they don’t want the product to attract all the free publicity:

But the Catholic Church has refused to play a part in stoking the controversy by reacting strongly to the provocation.

“It’s not done with any humour,” Father Brian Lucas, general secretary of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, said. “It’s been done as a deliberate strategy to cause offence to maximise publicity for a product that has no other means of attracting an audience.”

Not done with any humor? That’s strange; I laughed. And how is it offensive to the Church? Hell, it shows people standing in line for a communion wafer without even commenting on how silly that ritual is.

Anyway, the ad creators don’t need Church officials to make a big deal out of this. Once Bill Donohue sees it, he’ll give them all the publicity they need.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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  • duke_of_omnium

    “It’s not done with any humour,”


  • MsC

    Just got crinkles up my spine remembering the taste of the communion wafer (aka The Death Cookie) and how it would sometimes stick to the roof of my mouth. Blech! Ptooey! Another reason to sleep in on Sundays.

  • Regina Carol Moore

    If anyone finds that ad offensive, they are in a constant state of offense and have absolutely no sense of humor.

  • baal

    Well it’s not like the advertisers could expect the Church to be all dour and react badly could they?

  • islandbrewer

    I rarely actually “laugh out loud” at things I see on the internet, but that elicited sincere loud belly laughs from me. It’s hilarious.

    It also seems the church has learned the meaning of the “Streisand Effect.”

  • SirReal

    Can’t WAIT to see what Bill has to say… and I chuckled heartily, so yes, it is humorous. Mom was a choir director and when I was really young, I used to sneak back behind the altar and snack on the wafers. At some point, they switched to these little pellets, about 1/2″ square, that looked like tiny pillows. I ate them like popcorn. Ahhh… that really takes me back. They would have been tasty dipped in peanut butter.

  • Don Gwinn

    It wasn’t funny at all until the priest’s eyebrows went up. :)

  • Greg G.

    I smiled then chuckled at “Sacrilicious”.

  • Mairianna

    What he meant was: “I don’t find it funny, therefore; it is not.”

  • Mairianna

    “They’re eating PEOPLE!”

  • Gus Snarp

    Is there anything that actually says it’s wrong to dress up the body of Christ a bit? Maybe serve it with peanut butter, or perhaps a little hot sauce?

  • Dorothy

    surprised that no one has commented yet on the taste of the Vegemite itself. that stuff is vile! an Aussie ‘delicacy’ only. made me cringe to see her eat it

  • http://www.facebook.com/katherine.hompes Katherine Hompes

    Firstly, while similar to vegemite, Aussiemite is slightly different. Secondly- my guide on how to eat vegemite for beginners- toast bread to desired toastiness. Spread LOTS of butter (that’s the real stuff mind you, not margarine). Then very thinly spread some vegemite on top

  • Hat Stealer

    “Jesus is tasty enough” seems to be what the priests are implying. Man, I wish these people could hear themselves talk.

  • Hat Stealer

    God is perfect; that’s why he turns himself into a bland, flavorless cracker.

  • Carmelita Spats

    Actually, you can find a Mexican candy called “obleas” which is
    completely lead-free and is made with the exact same
    only they haven’t been “consecrated” by a 60-year-old
    maladjusted virgin (priest) during the part of the Mass where he brays
    those creepy “hocus pocus” words that turn a mere puny cookie into “Muscle Bound Pissed Off Jesus”. The candy is called “obleas”and it tastes better than Jesus stuck on a giant tortilla at a roadside taco stand. The wafers are used to sandwich a sticky, caramel, condensed milk, filling called “cajeta”. If the RCC
    gave out this candy instead of the usual soggy communion slop, I might
    reconsider my official excommunication. May God B. Less.

  • sheesh

    i forgive them… it’s the first lie they’ve told. Evar.

  • John of Indiana

    It’s an acquired taste, no doubt about it, one that THIS Yank has acquired. I wonder about this “Aussiemite”. Is it a Vegemite knock-off?

  • Robster

    At last, an attempt, not a good attempt, to improve the Sunday menu at church. Bloody wafers and or crackers with dull-dull-dull red bloody wine. A touch of ‘Aussiemite’ would be a welcome distraction from the canibalism thing so adored by those afflicted with christianity. I’ve told them time and time again that if they want more bums on the pews they need to fix the food. An avacado dip is what I suggested but no, some nonsense about eating the baby jesus was all that was offered. What about the vegans? They won’t want to eat and drink bits of the baby jesus or a Big Mac, crackers with a yeast extract spread is probably the best they’ll do.

  • Robster

    Aussiemite is marketed by a bloke named Dick Smith. He’s a bit of a rebel businessman on a mission to get Aussies to buy locally sourced foods. Aussiemite is his competitor to the Kraft owned Vegimite. I prefer it, bit sweeter.

  • Hermann o

    Of course it´s unfunny and blasphemous! Aussiemite what is that supposed to be? A rip-off from the one and only true VEGEMITE!
    But in love!

  • Hermann o

    You forgot the most important point:
    Luckily I get it here in Germany, but I am the only one in my family who likes it … :-(

  • Leon

    Somehow it is supposed to reflect badly on the Catholic church that they _didn’t_ react to an ad that’s taking the piss? Are you serious?