Christian Evangelist Larry Tomczak Explains What Causes Homosexuality

Evangelist Larry Tomczak at Charisma wants you to know that if you’re a “practicing homosexual,” you’re going to hell, and he’s going to tell you why.

Larry Tomczak

But first, a disclaimer:

I approach this subject not as an angry, mean-spirited extremist but rather in a spirit of humility, as a would-be friend of both supporters and opponents… I want to be part of the generation arising that is not so much imposing but proposing a better way that really does lead to peace, freedom and long-term happiness in human relationships.

I love that. Whenever Christians preface what they’re about to say with, “I’m not one of those mean Christians,” you know whatever comes next is gonna be truly vile. Already, in Part One of his Bigot Trilogy, he assumes that gays and lesbians are incapable of peace and long-term happiness… which may be true since they’re subject to the sort of Biblically-based prejudice people like Tomczak throw their way.

Let’s see what Mr. Totally-not-a-Christian-bigot has to say about homosexuality:

The cause of homosexuality is complex, yet there are common, agreed-upon contributing factors:

  • The person’s self-will
  • A dysfunctional home environment
  • Spousal or child abuse
  • Seduction by peers or authority figures. (Studies show approximately 85 percent of lesbians were abused or molested and 40 percent of gay men were seduced or molested by older gay men when they were young boys.)
  • Media influence
  • Pornography
  • Drugs
  • Absence of a father
  • Childhood experience/experimentation
  • Confusion about identity/misunderstanding “artistic bent”

He doesn’t provide any citations, but who needs them? These are common, agreed-upon factors to catching The Gay!… at least if you hang out in the same conservative Christian circles as Tomczak.

Also: Don’t forget that the Bible condemns gay sex, along with all those other forms of sodomy:

Scripture throughout forbids us to be sexually involved in seven areas: with parents, with children, with brothers and sisters, with another spouse, with animals, with dead people and with the same sex. These never change.

Incest, rape, incest, adultery, bestiality, necrophilia… and consenting, loving sex between two people of the same gender. Totally the same things.

Oh, and he also throws in a comment from Martin Luther King, Jr.‘s niece that MLK would never have supported civil rights for LGBT individuals… because I guess when he said we should all be judged by the content of our character, he meant to add “Unless you’re a homo.”

You might want to avoid the comments. Because Tomczak mentions the Bible, they think he’s the greatest man ever. You can try offer a counterpoint, but it’s Charisma, so they’ll likely delete it as soon as you post it.

***Update***: I had no idea when I wrote this that Tomczak is currently being investigated for “repeatedly assaulting a woman… with plastic and wooden sticks” and depriving her of “food and water for days on end.” Christ.

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  • DougI

    Oh yes, another loving Christian expressing his Christian love. So porn causes people to be gay? So if a guy jerks off to nude women that will turn him gay because? Perhaps this pastor never heard of the internet. 30% of all internet traffic is porn. So, by his notion we should expect that just about anyone with an internet connection is gay, and since his essay is on the internet….

    • Stev84

      He thinks gay people go to hell. So standing by and not condemning people would be immoral, while doing what he does is the epitome of love. Because it prevents the eternal torture gays have chosen for themselves.

      Christianity is an Orwellian nightmare.

    • Pepe

      Every man has a reserve of man juice, that keeps your homosexual urges on a leash. Every time you watch porn and jerk off, that liquidy thingy that comes out is this man juice. The more porn you watch, the more man juice you tend to lose and the more gayer you get. True story. Ask Tomczak.

      • allein

        So what about us girls?

        • Anon

          Silly allein, girls don’t masturbate. What on earth are you talking about? [/sarcasm]

        • Pepe

          When in doubt, you close your eyes (and mind) and pray to jesus. I’ve heard that works :P

  • Mandy

    Good ‘ole Larry must have forgotten that Abraham and Sarah were half siblings. I guess the father of your religion went straight to hell too Lar.

    • GloomCookie613

      Let us also remember Lot and his daughters.

      • Golfie98

        I would take that particular story with a pinch of salt.

        • wmdkitty


        • David

          I’m a Christian…but that was a hilarious comment to me

  • Jasper


    Because looking at pictures of naked women makes me want men. Got it.

    • Stev84

      He means that you’re looking at the guy’s butt instead of the woman

      • Jasper

        Wouldn’t that mean that I was already gay, though.. before the porn?

        I guess I shouldn’t be expecting a coherent argument from these people.

        • trj

          You could accidentally look at the guy’s butt. Studies show that for every time a guy looks at another guy’s butt he gets 1 percent more gay.

          • Guest

            In that case, I’ve seen so much porn over the years that I’ve cum full circle, straight to gay and back to straight again. And I never got to enjoy the gay side of myself. Of course, I’m still watching porn so there’s a very good chance that I’ll be gay again at some point in the future, and of course, back to straight after that. Unless of course I stop watching porn while I’m gay in which case I guess I”ll remain gay?

            • Hat Stealer

              Don’t be silly. Everyone knows that gayness just builds up in your brain, and that you have to clean it out with good, clean, heterosexual filthy thoughts. You know, for every male butt you look at, look at two boobs (that’s why they come in pairs.) Only this way can you cancel out the gay.

              Then beg Jesus to forgive you for looking at so much porn. You floozy.

          • Pepe


        • trog69

          You have to look at it from his point of view. Over and over and over and…

    • Aegis

      Well, a guy looking at straight porn does wind up enjoying the feeling of a man’s hand on his crotch, but does it still count if it’s his own?

  • Houndentenor

    I’m gay. Let me clear some of this up for anyone who is dumb enough to buy this re-hash of the same long-disputed pop psychology:

    I have as much self-will as anyone I know. I’m the most resistant to peer pressure of anyone I knew growing up.

    My family was as function as anyone else’s in my neighborhood.

    I was never abused nor were either of my parents.

    I was never seduced by a peer or authority figure. I didn’t have sex until I was in college and I had to go out looking for it.

    There were no positive portrayals of gay people in the media when I was a child. Many negative ones and a few who were the butts of jokes and held up to ridicule. Or it was shown as a horrible problem someone had to put up with. Usually they had been murdered on a cop show. Hardly appealing to a pre-teen as a “lifestyle choice”.

    I came of age before the internet. I had no access to pornography and didn’t find what little I came across (usually a friend’s dad’s secret stash) all that appealing. None of it would have encouraged me to be gay because it was all naked women.

    I never did drugs. I smoked a few times. That’s about it.

    I saw my dad every day growing up.

    I had no childhood sexual experiences or experimentation. Not even a circle jerk.

    I am a musician. I know plenty of heterosexual musicians. That has nothing to do with it. More gay people are in the arts because the arts were welcoming to gays in a way that the business and other communities were not. That’s less true now and I think that stereotype will be diminishing in a few generations.

    And then there are the unattributed statistics. Girls are commonly molested. It’s still the dirty little secret in our society. It’s not rare. It happens a lot. If being molested made girls into Lesbians, there’d be hardly any heterosexual women at all. that’s obviously not a cause-effect correspondence.

    • berberine

      Let’s go on the flip side of this. I fit six of the things he listed, yet I am not gay. Either the two of us are outliers or this guy’s full of bullshit. I’m going to go with the bullshit.

      • phiggy

        you’re, obviously, stronger than your environment and have ‘chosen’ to rise above your experiences…

        again, as I commented to Houndentenor above, this nozzle really needs to be ignored so his brand of crap doesn’t spread more enthusiastically

  • C Peterson

    Typical. This guy is so obsessed with what people who aren’t his followers are doing in the bedroom that he can’t focus on the one constructive thing a pastor might actually be capable of doing… addressing the real problems of his own flock.

  • A3Kr0n

    Men that age look so funny with black hair. I have to ask myself “what is really important in that man’s life?”.

    • beatonfam

      I had to scroll back up to check the picture. Yup, total dye job.

      • Nate Frein

        My father still has black hair at sixty…but it looks wayyy different from this guy’s.

        • beatonfam

          I have a good friend with a fabulous head of dark hair at nearly 70. You can tell my the shade and the fact that the eyebrows match…or don’t match, as the case may be.

          • Nate Frein

            My father was looking forward to being able to grow a beard when he got out of the navy.

            Then he grew a beard and found out where all his grey was. Beard’s gone now.

            • GloomCookie613

              Same thing with my dad! He kept it growing until xmas for when he plays Santa for local friends and family, then got rid of it.

      • phranckeaufile

        I think it’s a rug.

    • Hat Stealer

      I’m guessing it starts with ‘m’ and ends with ‘ale lover.’

  • Rick

    Larry – If I would believe in your god; then I’d much rather end up in Hell than in Heaven. You know why? Because Heaven would be full of boring, sanctemonious , hating wankers like you. But you know what? There is no god, and I have the pleasure to know that when you breathe out your last ever breath; you will finally realise that you believed in a fairy-tale (and a badly written one too) and that you wasted your life, and I hope your last emotion will be fear: fear for the darkness, fear for knowing that dead means dead … the end.

  • Andrew Van Marm

    I like how he says “agreed upon factors.” As if anyone but anti-science religious fundies believe in any of that crap.

    (Go Wildcats!)

    • Oranje

      You and I can agree that he is full of crap because he is a moron, he believes in a desert death cult, and he has terrible hair. Therefore, these are agreed upon factors.

  • Space Cadet

    Scripture throughout forbids us to be sexually involved in seven areas happy

  • Anna

    Why is it that girls being molested by men turns them into lesbians who hate men for molesting them, but guys being molested turn gay and suddenly only want to have sex with men?

    For the record, I am a lesbian and none of those ‘factors’ were an issue in my life.

    • dats3

      You know, I was sexually molested at age 11 by a deacon in my church. It lasted almost a year and I turned out straight. There came a point in my adult life I had to deal with the trauma and sought help. In doing so, I went to several support groups where I heard stories of men acting out the abuse though they claimed to straight. My therapist confirmed this type of acting out isn’t uncommon though I never experience any of that.

      So, while some molested boys/men might act out from the abuse it’s not the gay thing that needs to be cured it’s the trauma from the experience of being molested. I get so g*ddamed sick and tired of religious folks linking gay to pedophilia. Men molesting boys does not make someone gay and every gay person I know have told me that they knew very early in life. Pedophilia is a sexual disease. Homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality. Also, I’ve been very open about what happened to me and in my circle of friends I have two others who were molested and they turned out straight. I have several gay friends and they were never molested.

      Good article, but honestly, I don’t know why I read some of this. I get so frustrated. I think being a male survivor I feel particularly frustrated because it not only demonizes a group of people (like good christians do) but it also fasley points a finger at gay people, “Oh that person’s gay, hide the children.” when in fact the predators are mostly straight and usually someone the victim knows and views as an authority figure. I would really like to know where this guy gets his statistics because sexual abuse is very much under reported.
      Sorry for the rant.

    • allein

      I was wondering something similar on the “absence of a father” part. Gay men are looking for a father-replacement but lesbians are just mad at their daddies? Is that how it’s supposed to work?
      (I guess it must be true because my parents have been together for 43 years and I’m completely straight.)

      • Feminerd

        Silly person, mothers are never missing because their only purpose in life is to raise kids. However, the only important parent is the father, because penis. Or something.

      • wmdkitty

        I’m adopted. I’m bi. I’ve been told more than once that I’m “just looking for a mother figure”. *shaking head* Makes no sense.

      • Anna

        It’s all very Freudian! Of course if women without fathers aren’t lesbians, then they’re considered promiscuous sluts with “daddy issues” if they have relationships outside of the fundie-approved norm. You can’t win, LOL.

    • Anna

      You know, I think these people’s invented reasons are so broad that they can “explain” anyone being gay.

      1. Boy molested by an older man – well, that obviously made him catch “teh gay.”
      2. Boy molested by an older woman – well, that obviously turned him off women for life
      3. Girl molested by an older man – again, she was turned off men for life.
      4. Girl molested by an older woman – again, that made her catch “teh gay.”

      You can go through the same thing for absent mothers, absent fathers, overbearing mothers, overbearing fathers, etc. Unless a person’s family was 100% Ozzie and Harriet perfect, they’ll find a way to blame it.

      I somehow turned out straight despite (oh noes!) being raised by two lesbians. No father, lesbians and gay men running around all over the place. My brother and I should have caught “teh gay” for sure, if Tomczak’s fantasy was true.

  • Rip Van Winkle

    I watch gay porn cuz guys don’t shriek like dying animals like women in heterosexual porn do. My sexual orientation is pretty well unaffected.

  • indorri

    Seems they’re just trying to shore up their base. Again, they treat gay people uncharitably, while pretending they wish to dialogue.

    Fuck them. The sooner society treats them like fringe freak jobs they still treat us as, the better.

  • Oranje

    I’ve never seen a face with parentheses before.

  • Steve Bowen

    The bible doesn’t prohibit sex with children as far as I can see. Your own children maybe, but not minors in general. This could be one of those examples of a Christian lying, which I’m told happens sometimes.

    • busterggi

      Actually there’s a whole section dedicated to the rape of an underage virgin girl named Mary.

      • Mairianna

        Ooo! Yeah! She was raped by some ghostly spirit thingy, right??? At least, that’s what she told her husband.

      • PoodleSheep

        It wasn’t a legitimate rape though because female bodies have a way to shut that whole thing down. Nowadays it’d be considered statutory rape too, but agents from sky fairy central get a pass.

    • baal

      Your enemies girl children are counting in the loot category. Deuteronomy 20:10-18 ” As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves.”

      I can’t think of a verse that says not to have sex with your plunder (except the livestock, even that case, so long as you kill the live stock once you have raped it, you’re ok).

  • TheG

    Wow. And here I have been all this time thinking that homosexuality was often caused by… uh… well, becoming an evangelical Christian pastor.

  • Steve UK

    What’s all the fuss about? He’s a Christian, enough said, it’s in his nature to be a homophobic bigot, not forgetting being a misogynist.

  • Holytape

    Media Influence, really? I had no idea that Bosom Buddies was that powerful.

    Before 1990, was there a single character television character?

  • J_M_Green

    What if they get really good at it and don’t have to ‘practice’ any more? Is it ok then?

  • Tanner B James

    These flamboyantly gay evangelicals crack me up when they try to hide behind their religion. Jeez come out of the closet already dude.

    • Free

      I guess you speaking out against Christianity makes you a closet Christian. I knew it Tanner!!!!!

      • C.L. Honeycutt

        Are you really unaware of the streaks of incidents of rabidly anti-gay Evangelicals outing themselves as being self-loathing, promiscuous homosexuals which caused this trope? It’s pretty obvious that the only reason it slowed down was that the other ones saw those men in the news, realized the danger of exposure that lay in the new social media and the prevalence of cell cameras, and swept away their proverbial tracks.

  • advancedatheist

    I guess Tomczak prefers unskilled or incompetent homosexuals over the ones who become proficient at gay sex by “practicing.”

    Of course, similar chistians accuse straight male atheists of engaging in promiscuity, even though apparently we can’t even pick up women at atheist conferences in hotels without causing internet scandals. William J. Murray, for example, in his “Mommie Dearest” book about his atheist mother Madalyn O’Hair, writes that Madalyn wanted to create a swinging sexual utopia as part of her vision of a godless world, while elsewhere he writes that his atheist brother Jon, who lived with Madalyn right up through their abduction and murder in 1995, apparently died as a 40-year-old virgin.

    • C.L. Honeycutt

      Awww, the poor atheist with the self-congratulatory handle is upset years later that a woman said that it wasn’t appropriate for strangers to make sexual advances at her while she was trapped alone in a small box with them in the middle of the night.

  • Willy Occam

    “Scripture throughout forbids us to be sexually involved in seven areas: with parents, with children, with brothers and sisters…”

    OK, so right from the get-go in Genesis, this is already proven to be bullshit. Adam and Eve had three sons… so where did everybody else come from unless the boys were bangin’ momma? That basically invalidates the first two prohibitions the good pastor mentions. Then I’m sure as more incestuous progeny were produced, the brothers and sisters started getting into the act, you know, because Eve was probably getting old and a little tired by then. There’s number three on the list.

    Then the whole thing starts all over again with Noah’s family after The Flood. How is it that the Bible literalists can’t possibly question these obvious conundrums in their ridiculous fairy tales?

    • Space Cadet

      Haven’t you heard the latest apologetics about this? Incest was okey-dokey early on in the bible because something, something & something and then god declared used his magic thought projector to let everyone know incest is wrong because something, something & something. Thus proving the bible is totally consistent. Somehow.

      • Willy Occam

        Thanks for that update, Space Cadet. You know, I keep missing these memos explaining all this magical stuff that is somehow beyond my comprehension. I guess once I left the church, they took me off the mailing list.

        • Castilliano

          Actually, it’s sadder than you know.
          They don’t throw out ‘magic’, but rather how DNA was ‘different’ back then and crap out lots of (non) scientific woo to convince (themselves? others?) that “Bible=perfect” and we’re just stupid when it seems otherwise. Or we should relax…there’s a gobblygook explanation that makes it all very simple.
          It’s ‘obvious’ that this (‘fact’ with zero evidence) must be correct otherwise our (otherwise unsupported) biblical views would be wrong.
          Go Team Bible!


          • Willy Occam

            It’s amazing what contortions the human mind will make to believe this elaborate fairy tale. Compartmentalization is a powerful thing, I guess….

          • sara

            This “explains” about Eve’s children, but still doesn’t address Noah’s
            family repopulating. By then the DNA was so messed up that god had
            decided to get rid of the people entirely.

            • Monika Jankun-Kelly

              No, no, no, silly scientific person! God magically fixed Noah and Mrs. Noah’s DNA, and their sons’ DNA, and their nameless wives’ DNA too! All the animals DNA too! Then Noah sacrificed one of each kind of animal, and still had pairs of animals left over to repopulate! Because 2-1 = 2 when you are God. God works miracles whenever needed to explain stuff like that in the Bible. Try to keep up. Sheesh.

            • PoodleSheep

              Simple! god didn’t create DNA until after Noah! When he created DNA, that’s also when he created dinosaur fossils to fool and test us. It was at this point that god also gave men the rib back. That’s why men and women now have the same number of ribs. There’s other bullshit I’d have to make up crap for to explain how the holes in the bible make sense…

      • trj

        You joke, but on more than one occasion I’ve heard apologists explain that incest was acceptable at the time, since God hadn’t yet declared it to be forbidden (it’s only later in the Bible that he expressly forbids it).

        If you press a literalist fundie this is likely the answer you’ll get.

    • Steve Bowen

      Not forgetting Lot and his daughters, incest and rape all hunky dory for them.

  • Claire

    Hey Hemant, Just wanted to point out that this guy is one of the defendants in the SGM lawsuit and is accused of abusing children himself. He’s a pretty sick mother f*cker.

    • Willy Occam

      According to his own list, I guess Pastor Tomczak was doing his part to make more lesbians.

    • Hemant Mehta

      Ugh… I added an update. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Let’s go through his checklist shall we?

    The person’s self-will- What exactly does that mean?

    A dysfunctional home environment—- Nope had a perfectly normal family

    Spousal or child abuse —— No again. No domestic or sexual abuse

    Seduction by peers or authority figures. (Studies show approximately 85 percent of lesbians were abused or molested and 40 percent of gay men were seduced or molested by older gay men when they were young boys.)

    So, peer pressure is what makes you gay? Where are you getting you statistics about gays and lesbians because a right-wing female talk show host pulled out the same statistics within the last week. I seriously doubt that 2 out of 5 gay men were “seduced or molested” by older gay men.

    Media influence—— No, the media did not make me gay. Hell, I didn’t start watching any shows with gay characters until after I came out.

    Pornography ——- Porn makes you gay just like watching action movies makes you into a super soldier

    Drugs —— Why drugs? I have never done any drugs and how exactly do drugs make you gay? If you want to talk about guys selling themselves to other men from drugs/money that is another topic and statistically those men are straight and just doing it to get a fix.

    Absence of a father—— Sorry, but my dad was always there and no I did not have an over-bearing mother.

    Childhood experience/experimentation ——- God, how I wish this was true. Living in a town of 400 made it impossible to find any gay guys when I wanted to have a teenage experience.

    Confusion about identity/misunderstanding “artistic bent” Got it, so being an artist automatically makes you gay or lesbian. No confusion about identity on my part

    So according to his list there is no possible way that I could be gay because none of the things on his list happened to me.

  • Greg from Bethlehem

    Hemant, I have a slight correction to your list. The Bible thinks rape is just fine — Deuteronomy 22:28-29

    • Sue Blue

      Yep, as long as it’s a man raping a human female of any age. That’s okey-dokey in the Bible.

  • Peter Moritz

    I hardly ever buy new cars, so I am very familiar with used car salesmen. I like the type that is a bit of a grouch, not smooth but straight forward. Never went wrong there.

    I wouldn’t even buy a used bicycle chain from that guy. The picture spells one thing only: slime. A guy only interested in one thing: YOUR money in his pocket.

  • viaten

    So, do these “drastic” factors push a person toward becoming or choosing to be gay? I wonder what he would say.

  • busterggi

    So the choice is spending eternity in Hell or spending eternity with a god who hates your guts – both sound so enticing.

  • houndies

    wonder where this guy came up with the “agreed upon” notion. is that “agreed upon” in some scientific or medical community or just him and his non bigoted xtian friends? he forgot to list my personal favorite (I learned growing up in fundieland), that gays are possessed by the debil! i’m sure my mom constantly casts out the homosexual devil in my brother but…..he’s still gay, and much to her chagrin, still with the same guy for over 20 yrs. she is still waiting for him to “get over it”.

    • Billy Bob

      Agreed upon by him, his fellow bigots, and God. Isn’t that good enough? /sarcasm

    • Houndentenor

      I think that’s akin to “some people say”. It means that there’s no good source but they’re going to pretend like there is.

  • viaten

    As silly as these factors are, I wonder about a few. What does he mean by “self-will”? Too much or too little, or “defective”? And why not “absence of a parent”? How is the absence of a father and not a mother a factor? Does a father only help keep a boy from becoming gay, but a mother only can’t keep a girl from becoming lesbian? I wonder how logic works in minds like his.

    • Artor

      It doesn’t. Logic is something to be tortured until it agrees with you. That’s the Xtian Way™!

    • wmdkitty

      Insane Troll Logic is the only explanation.

      • wmdkitty

        Also, he’s a Moral Guardian — you can’t expect any sense from him.

      • viaten

        I don’t know to what extent or in what way he really believes what he says, but I don’t like saying insanity is the only explanation. If he’s being deliberately illogical and knows it I don’t see how that can be considered insane. There certainly seems to be an element of dishonesty in him he may be aware of or not, or only partially. But it seems he feels justified saying what he does. But then again, he might be a fully aware dishonest atheist (or maybe deist) on the inside. I hope guys like this will come clean sometime in their lives and say exactly what their minds were doing.

        • wmdkitty

          You didn’t click the link, did you… Insane Troll Logic has nothing to do with mental health, it’s simply a description of a certain type of thought process.

          • viaten

            I did follow the link. I may have taken your comment in the wrong way. I wondered what goes on in his mind in my comment and took your reply to be a comment about his state of mind, particularly when you said it’s the only explanation, like it couldn’t have been calculated on his part. I understand “insane” can be used as hyperbole when applied to people or descriptive of line of faulty reasoning itself that people might use for various reasons. But too often I see people comment flat out “so-and-so is just insane” which is what annoys me sometimes.

            • wmdkitty

              Yeah, that’s annoying.

  • Anon

    And of course bisexual people just do not exist. Nor do pansexuals, biromantic asexuals or anybody who just doesn’t care about genitalia.

    Seriously, at this point we must be rarer than unicorns.

    • trj

      I’m sure Larry will be more than willing to group all those people in the same category as homosexuals. He’s very inclusive and non-bigoted that way.

    • wmdkitty

      It’s like we’re invisible or something.

      • Anon

        We are clearly the invisible pink (and purple and blue) unicorn in the room.

  • Goatless

    ‘Scripture throughout forbids us to be sexually involved in seven areas:’

    Guess what’s not on the list?


    So according to scripture, the Christian god would rather people get raped than a loving, consenting, monogamous LGBT relationship which may well produce happy, healthy, well educated and well adjusted children.

    Yes, that sounds totally like the sort of guy that I want to listen to in regard to what I should or should not be doing in my bedroom.

    And if the Christian god exists and is listening. You eliminate all the rape in the world and I’ll go straight.

  • Verimius

    Believe it or not, Rev Tomczak’s approach is a sign of improvement. Not long ago Christians would unreservedly condemn homosexuals to the most vile tortures of hell without reservation. Now they feel they have to take a somewhat more conciliatory approach.

    They’re coming around…slowly.

    • C.L. Honeycutt

      I’m afraid it’s not that. The Civil Rights Movement forced bigots to learn how to become more subtle in order to “pass” in civilized society. These religious thugs are just a little further behind on their complex social development than are racist bigots (think about THAT for a second), because what they say stayed socially acceptable for a longer period.

  • Hunter Taylor

    Hemant told us not to look at the comments of the article on the website, but that’s exactly what I did and now I completely regret it. I made a huge mistake.

    • WingsThree

      Same. Left me utterly and completely pissed off. These people are sanctimonious jerks, drowning in their own scriptural detritus.

  • eric

    I want to be part of the generation arising that is not so much imposing but proposing a better way…

    Baloney. Anyone who supports keeping gay marriage illegal is imposing. Laws impose – that’s what they do.
    If you don’t want to impose, but merely propose, then support legality while you simultaneously try and convince your free fellow citizens they shouldn’t do it anyway.

  • Barry Evans

    Yep. Gay Porn turns you gay, just like nobody is heterosexual until they’ve watched at least 100 hours of hetero porn. Confusion about your identity? Yep, that too. Anyone with amnesia immediately starts batting for the other team, not to mention all those Alzheimer’s patients who are camper than The Village People. Absence of a Father? Yes! All single mother raised children are gay, every last one of them – True Story. Or…NOT. Seriously, Tomczak’s theories are utter BS, offensive and misinformed. Also, if you study them carefully, you’ll also notice they’re a clever way to condemm other groups, people, and things fundie Christians despise and disapprove of, such as the aforementioned single mothers.

    • Tor

      It wasn’t gay pornography, it was the Sears catalogue. If it weren’t for Sears mens underwear pages, I would be a raging bull heterosexual stud now.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Looking at this dimwit’s garbage and other articles about such people makes me want to see properly described the concept that religious conservatives are more likely than the general population to believe that they have special insight into people of whom they are contemptuous, and that they know what those people are “really” thinking.

    I jokingly describe it as them being psychic, but I actually think (guess) that it’s a manifestation of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. They lack or have undeveoped empathy, but their ignorance of it causes them to think that it’s simplistic, and that therefore they understand it well, thus overestimating their empathy. They end up essentially and unintentionally making the claim that they’re telepathic.

    Has anyone brought this up already somewhere? I started describing it about 3-4 years ago when I noticed the minions of neocon talking heads refusing to give credit to “liberal” politicians for doing things right, instead assigning them imaginary evil motives for doing the right thing. I don’t remember seeing it anyplace else.


    I’ve seen some pretty screwed up kids come out of fundamentalist Christian families.

  • LesterBallard

    Men liking penis? Women liking vagina?

  • Monika Jankun-Kelly

    The beatings and imprisonment Tomczak is accused of sound like typical Christian “discipline” methods in some Christian circles. Take a look at the horrid stuff published by Debi and Michael Pearl, about child rearing, google Hephzibah House (for teens) or Christian Domestic Discipline (for wives), if you want a religious excuse for beating your wife. These people are huge control freaks, and don’t know the difference between fear and respect, abuse and discipline. They’re really into breaking people’s wills, since the human will is considered so very sinful (unless you’re the husband, then it’s totally godly).

    • indorri

      Just having read about these accusations, I’m going to withhold judgement until the case is heard, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they turn out to be true. If so, I severely hope this example of “Christian love” is never let in unsupervised contact with children ever again and that every parent who followed his advice is similarly treated.

  • Sven

    fucking retard
    Homosexuality is partially gene translated, and there is no self will included
    I really hate people like this guy

    • Free

      Really! You get your facts from where? Partially? Not conclusive enough to make a case.

      • Houndentenor

        There does seem to be some genetic (or allele) component but there’s just not enough research to make any conclusive statement about why some people are homosexual. What we do know for sure is that it’s not a “choice”.

  • phranckeaufile

    “I approach this subject not as an angry, mean-spirited extremist but rather in a spirit of humility”

    You keep using that word …

  • Tor

    As a gay man who has lived in San Francisco for over 30 years, I know many, many gay people. Among my friends, not one of the items on the list influenced their sexuality. (I don’t speak for acquaintances, as we have not delved that deeply into our personal backgrounds, but I suspect the list does not apply to them, as well.)

    Also, I have never thought of my sexuality as having been “caused.” It is what it is. I am what I am.

  • Anna

    I approach this subject not as an angry, mean-spirited extremist but rather in a spirit of humility, as a would-be friend of both supporters and opponents.

    If this is a would-be friend, I’d sure hate to see what an enemy looks like!

  • Daniel Bustard

    I bet Larry Tomczak gargle on a few cocks in his time.

  • John Zaffino

    Please, do us all a favor, preach about things that you were taught… the bible, god, Jesus,… and leave things that you have no clue about alone. That grin on your face is really scary.

  • David S.

    What frustrates me is that every preacher has a different idea of what the Bible clearly, obviously prohibits in terms of sex, and none of it matches the Bibles I have. Last preacher I heard had six categories and included bondage and discipline.

    If you go one chapter beyond the Leviticus 18, Leviticus 19 is a headbanger. A number of lines are your basic “don’t be a dick”: don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t harass the disabled, use fair weights in commerce. Then in the middle is tossed in the weirdest rules you never hear; do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material,
    do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard, don’t eat fruit from young fruit trees. Just so you didn’t get in a habit of think this was a modern reasonable text.

  • Dorothy

    such great comments and perspectives – too bad the readers of charisma will never see them.
    but just suppose that this jerk were correct (i know he’s not, but suppose he were) – so what? so what if being molested makes one gay – does that mean they have to be hated and condemned for it? punish the kid twice – once by molestation, secondly by condemnation. makes sense to me ;(

  • Steve Jacoby

    I think he’s mistaking ‘artistic bent’ with another form of ‘bent’.

  • Free

    I think the pastor is addressing the reliable statistics that gay people endure in their life style. There are very clear distinctions percentage by percentage of the gay vs. heterosexual community. Now they are just findings and facts but they do reveal a more troubling picture than is seeking to be portrayed by the media. The facts do reveal some concerning realities that if you really honestly cared about people and not just selfishly turn a head and say “to each his/her own”, would cause some questions about wanting to help and not condone the stats. I think the pastor is aware of these realities and with much mockery sees a need to address and seek to offer help. You can be distracted by your view of Christianity but the realities still beg consideration.
    I am sure most of you will simply overlook the statistics in these links because you judge the source and their possible agenda. Rather than judge the source, judge the content and look at the footnotes and do an honest study for yourself before spouting the jargon of the bandwagon. These are peoples lives. You may say its their right and their problem but these are people many who are hurting and feel trapped.

    • Carmelita Spats

      The realities of the heterosexual Christian beg consideration. Since I do not selfishly turn a head and say, “to each his/her” own, I am out to help heterosexual Christians leave the misery of their self-imposed lie. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you handsome? The Christian who mumbles his semicoherent support of the embarrassing non-theory of “Intelligent Design,” to the detriment of about 300 years of confirmed science and 10 million years of common sense to the point where America’s armies of
      dumbed-down Ritalin-drunk children look at him and sigh and secretly
      wish they could have a future devoid of such imbecilic thought but who
      realize, deep down, they are merely another doomed generation who will face an increasingly steep uphill battle, who will actually have to fight for fact and intellectual growth and progress against a rising tide of ignorance and religious hegemony and sanitized revisionist textbooks that insult their understanding and sucker punch their sexuality and bleed their minds dry.
      I can help you because you are hurting and must feel terribly trapped. Glory!

      • Free

        Carmelita, you seem to be a tasmanian devil wordsmith but unfortunately with all your whirlwind antics you have not answered the questions for consideration. The question is what to do with the facts that the homosexual lifestyle, while publicized positively politically, shows a very hurt and confused group of fellow friends, family and fellow citizens. Religion can stay out of this one. This is a cry to address the real facts behind the social noise. Sure these are general terms but they represent a reality for many. Maybe it is because they have been ostracized. Maybe it’s something more. I do not believe you can simply blame religion. People seem to have consciences and wrestle with them. Do you?

        • Glasofruix

          Facts? Where? Your sources?

          • Free

            There are 2 links above. See the comment and links.

            • Glasofruix

              Not reliable sources, it’s like providing a mcdonald’s website to show that junk food does not make you fat and in this case a homophobic organisation to show that homosexuality is harmful.

              • Free

                Do you read my friend. Ignore the organization who published it and look at the source facts. Check the references. Please tell me you are not one who does not carefully look at things. I would assume that you do not believe in God and have carefully looked at that. You should do no less when it comes to this subject.

                • Glasofruix

                  It’s not the first time those links appeared here, and were demonstrated as phony and biased on numerous occasions.

                • Houndentenor

                  Sorry, but I can’t ignore the source. Sources are important. That’s why we are expected to cite them so people can verify the information and know that it is from a reliable source.

        • Houndentenor

          I can. If homosexual people feel isolated and desperate, why is that exactly? What other source makes them feel doomed and despised other than religion?

    • Houndentenor

      Yes, I distrust statistics from any source with an agenda. (I’m just as tired of hearing numbers inflated by pro-gay sources. We are about 2.8% of the population not including bisexuals.) Why should I trust data from an anti-gay group when usually their data is eventually shown to be outright lies?

  • Katherine Hompes

    Why is bisexuality never mentioned by these idiots? Do we not exist at all?

    • wmdkitty

      Didn’t you get the memo? We’re just in it for the attention…

      • Katherine Hompes

        Ah, that explains it. Pfft

    • Houndentenor

      No. You do not exist. ;-)

  • Robster

    Why on earth is anyone listening to an evangelist? This is a man who’s gullible enough to believe anything, no matter how unlikely or devoid of evidence the belief is. He’s obviously a compromsed person deserving not of a platform but a doctor.

  • Brian

    Isn’t this the guy being investigated for imprisoning, beating and starving a girl?

  • Michael Wilson

    Thank God I’m no longer a practicing homosexual. By now, I’m an expert.

  • Torvid Høiland

    From one high school math teacher to another: Keep up the good work!

  • Bryan Elliott

    Hm. Genetics and foetal epigenetics aren’t in that list, but that’s what I was under the impression the consensus on the initial formation of sexual identity was. Could it be that Mr. Tomczak is lying? That would be a violation of a commandment, wouldn’t it?

  • Rachael98

    “Studies show approximately 85 percent of lesbians were abused or molested and 40 percent of gay men were seduced or molested by older gay men when they were young boys.”
    Were those figures taken from inside the Vatican City?

  • Carmela

    You know what makes no sense about your article and what always happens when we talk about these subjects. Non-Christians critisizing Chistians for their beliefs. The difference is the Christians most often (because not everyone behaves as they should) brings their point across in a loving calm way expressing through Gods word what they believe and then the non-Christians take that opportunity to show their true wicked selves and start insulting and persecuting the Chrstian for basicaly standing firm in their morals and values. What you claim to be is basiclly a lie sir, you call yourself a ‘friendly atheist’ but clearly that is an oxymoron because you just insulted that evanglist the entire way though your article and there is nothing friendly about what you said! The thing that makes me laugh is that you did exactly what most do by trying to prove that what Mr.Tomczak says has to be false because he ‘is currently being investigated for “repeatedly assaulting a woman… with plastic and wooden sticks” and depriving her of “food and water for days on end.” Guess what, if this man chooses to sin, how does God have anything to do with that. God does not ever force people to do anything and believe me, He is completly against sin. Whether this man sins or not, Gods word NEVER changes and has nothing to do with this. What secrets are YOU hiding that only God knows. I’m sure you have a past and a bunch of things you regret just like everyone else! Does that make everthing you say wrong then? Of course not! What you do has nothing to do with what others want you to be doing. It’s the same thing with God! He wants us to be good and do good the difference is our sinful nature does not listen to Him! I don’t know if you realized but if we all were to follow His ways alone, the world would be awesome! His ways promote family, love, peace etc… These are all things that we strive to achieve on our own but never fully succeed! Jesus tell us to turn the other cheek when one is slapped (Matthew 5:39), does that not pomote love and peace. He helps the poor and the widow, He comforts those who mourn, He’s merciful and loving beyond what anyone can imagine. He was beaten, persecuted and died on the cross for OUR sins when He did everything right and we did everything wrong so that we may all have eternal life! If that isn’t love,I don’t know what is. We sould all be more like Him! He showed what a loving person truly does. Actions speak louder then words, words are cheap! I can go around insulting everyone and saying I’m a good person but how do my actions prove it? You want to show you’re a good person, then prove it by your actions! Give to the poor, care for those in need, help others, basically be different from this world and be more like Christ! I can guarantee you God is real and that Jesus did die on the cross for our sins and did resurect and is now sitting at Gods right hand. I have seen so many of the miracles the bible talks about. Peope think they are empty words but they are so blind to the truth. Jesus heals now as He did then! I’m living proof of that!!! My mother could not have children for years and years and my father told God ‘If you exist, I give you 30 days to get my wife pregnant’ and guess what, she got preganant within 30 days. That’s not coincidence, that’s God. There have been people who have been healed before my very eyes of deafness, paralysis, food intolerances. even of things much more serious then that such as stage 4 cancer, diabetes, tumors, ovarian cysts, basically anything! If God sticks to His word like that, then His whole word is true. And if His whole word is true, then homosexuality is bad. And for the record he qualfies rape and all those things under the same category bcause they all fall under sin and all sin is bad. And, people have this huge misconception that God hates gays, He doesn’t, He loves everyone, but He does also however hate sin! Therefore He hates the sin of homosexuality but loves the person. Same principle with everyone else who sins! We as Christians must stand up for what we believe in as the word tells us to ‘Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.’ Isaiah 5:20 And what qualifies as evil, anything that God says is evil! Whether you believe it or not God is real and Jesus is real and He did die for your sins so that you could go to heaven for eternity. Another thing you might want to think about, hell is also very real. You could see all kinds of videos of atheists dying, going to hell, coming back traumatized and converting to Christianity in a hurry! So i wil pray for all of you to find the light that will save you, the one that will provide and take care of you forever as He has faithfully done with me, the one that will love you beyond what you can imagine, the one who gave His life for you on the cross, Jesus! God bless you all.

  • Jeff Criswell

    Homosexuality is sin, pure and simple. If you die without having repented of sin, and reject Christ as your lord and savior, you will most definitely go to hell. Larry is a fantastic man of God and a personal friend. He’s a loving, gentle soul who wants to help sinners find REAL life in Christ.

    • Kenton Forshee

      Your religious beliefs are no better and no more true than anyone else’s. Get that into your thick skull.

      • Carmela

        They are not beliefs but facts! They are facts because in our case Jesus actually came to prove them as fact. It is a fact He came (look anywhere and all the facts point to His having come and resurrected) and it is a fact that He is sitting at Gods right hand right now. And because He is sitting at Gods right hand, it is fact that He continues to manifest Himself powerfully since He is alive. He heals, He provides, He protects etc… I’ve seen Him work and therefore know that He is the one and only true God. I’ve seen Jesus change felons into amazing and very loving men. Only He can do that. Nobody can change someone like that but Him. He’s changed me for much better, healed my baby daughter and has blessed me unceasingly. I can’t even tell you the amount of people I’ve seen Him bring to tears of joy from deliverances of depression, restoration of marriages, financial provision etc… He never stops doing good and He loves us beyond measure. I hope you get that into “your thick skull” that Jesus loves you and only wants your best. God bless you and your family.

        • Kenton Forshee

          Those are just claims. They’re not actual facts. If you could demonstrate them to be factual then I’ll accept that they’re facts, but you can’t any more than Muslims can demonstrate that there really is a bunch of virgin women waiting for them when they get to heaven. You’re all just wishful thinking. You don’t really know what you are saying is true, you only just believe it to be true. But if you can’t show it, you don’t know it.

          Personally I refuse to believe just because someone makes a claim, and your religion is no better and no more true than anyone else’s.


    Evangelist Larry from Tampa Fl., sometimes it is even hard to understand how some people that have been hurt in this life. The person that we all need to be made with is the devil himself, he has stolen killed and sifted people from the beginning of time. It is not our jobs as Christians to condemn or judge the gay community but to love them through the love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Until we as a people stop and listen to the Holy Spirit on how we as a people should fast and pray the devil will continue doing what he has done for centuries. Love is an action word and some of us didn’t change over night as well as you know seed time and harvest.
    1Corinthians 3 one plants another waters but it is God that gives the increase.

    • Carmelita Spats

      Christian love is creepy, narcissistic, manipulative, cult love. Yuck. The Devil is sick and tired of YOU blaming HIM for all of YOUR garbage, Pastor (Warlock?) Larry. Man up, nut up, and take personal responsibility. If I were the blonde Devil in Hugo Boss motorcycle boots, I’d be hopping mad at being constantly blamed. Besides, God can defeat the Devil today if he wanted to…The fact that God wastes his time painting his toenails beet red, with Buddha and Shiva and Allah and Kali and a few others, drinking margaritas and playing poker and tossing around recent
      headlines about how Pastor Larry — a real scab on Jesus’ big toe for years, I gotta tell you — lies for Jesus, makes God negligent, permissive and a horrible Father who should end up in family court and lose custody of the entire human race. God can shove the Devil in a dog cage and crate him forever. The fact that he doesn’t means that God is so bored, that without the rascal Devil, he’d blow his own brains out. Ask Job what happened the last time God had a gambling addiction with the Devil. Praise!

      • Carmela

        Wow, no fear of God whatsoever. I can guarantee you 300% that when you will be face to face with Him and have to give Him accounts for what you just said, you will not be so bold! You should take that boldness and shift it to a much better use, preaching about Jesus!!!! ‘That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth’ Philippians 2:10. That you would dare insult Him that way and say He plays poker and drinks with other non-existent Gods that man has created is just disgusting especially considering those are sins and God does not ever sin. It’s one thing to choose not to believe but it’s a whole different story when you go and insult Him with lies! It’s disrespectful and wrong! The craziest part to me is that you would dare quote the bible at the end of your comment after what you said. You pick and choose in the bible what suits you and the rest you completely disregard. I don’t know if you know the end of the story of Job but he winds up being blessed beyond what anyone can imagine! He gets everything in double!!! And I am positive that if you would ask Job right now (who is in Heaven with Jesus and God) how he feels about the situation, he would tell you to stop speaking like that about God and he would praise Him, that is a guarantee. You know why, he died praising Him and therefore continued to do so when he got to heaven! There is absolutely no sense in what you say! You say God is just doing nothing ‘painting His toenails’ but do you just see how you spoke of him, it was mean, evil and disgusting. You think he wants to help YOU who speaks about Him that way!!!! Of course not! You should feel blessed that He has patience with you and doesn’t just allow you to fall dead somewhere. Instead He gives you chance upon chance to repent, turn from your ways and live a Godly life. Because I can guarantee you 100% that He takes care of His own! He provides, protects and loves us! I have seen Him work and that’s why I know He is the one and only true God. I’ve seen Him heal (my mother, my daughter, me, my dad, my brother, countless people at church etc…), I’ve seen Him cast out demons (and the person would started crying hysterically from being delivered, from not being forced into things), I’ve seen Him have Christians give money to people who couldn’t pay their bills, I’ve seen Him provide, I’ve seen Him love, I’ve seen Him comfort, I’ve seen Him protect, I’ve seen Him answer prayer upon prayer, I’ve seen Him bless and the list goes on and on. As for your comment about the devil, He’s not sick and tired of anything (except when we praise God and follow Him) he’s actually rejoicing that there are way too many people like you willing to bash Gods name for no good reason. The one who is sick and tired is God because He created this world, created us and then we made a mess of what He created yet He still has mercy and Grace on us and loves us! You should go to a spirit filled church, see Him manifest and then get back to me if He’s still a “bad father”. I can guarantee you, not only would you feel really bad for what you said but you would get on your knees, worship Him and wouldn’t get over the fact of how much of a good father He is!!! The reason you’re missing out on these things is because you’re not one of His children until you have Jesus, once you do, then you’re life changes! If you read the bible you will notice over and over again that God provides, protects, blesses and takes care of those who love Him, those who are faithful to Him, those who praise and worship Him alone! So if you’re not doing these things, I don’t know why you expect anything from Him! It would seem the world loves to insult Him and do every possible thing to go against the bible and then in times of trouble they say “where’s God! Why isn’t He doing something”. I’ll tell you why!!! Because you constantly sin right under His nose, you do wtv you like and think it’s funny, you insult Him and make ridiculous comments and insults and then you expect Him to help you!!! That’s insane!!!! Follow His word, follow Jesus and then get back to me if you still think He doesn’t take care of us, He doesn’t bless us beyond what we can imagine! What pastor Larry does is between Him and God, it’s not up to you to judge him, your job is only to pray for him if he’s fallen, nothing else. “Do not judge, or you will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” Luke 6:41-42 I truly hope that you will go to church and see for yourself. I hope you read the bible for yourself too. And I will pray that the veil that is currently blinding you shall be removed and that you will see the truth. That you will see the sacrifice that Jesus made for you because He loves you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. God bless you and your family.

        “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

        • wmdkitty


          Heard all the threats before. So far, no follow through. You really need a better class of god.

        • phantomreader42

          Why should anyone fear your imaginary friend, Carmela? Because YOU are just waiting for the voices in your head to tell you it’s time to slaughter the infidels and bathe in their blood? Your god is nothing more than a figment of your cult’s diseased imagination. Your idiotic threats will not presuade anyone to worship you and your delusions. They just make it obvious that you’re a worthless piece of shit.