‘Nowhere to Run’: A Rap Song with a Pro-Atheist Message

Last year, hip-hop singer Toby Ganger released an EP full of pro-atheist themes called “Evolutionary.”

More recently, Ganger released a sequel, aptly titled “Evolutionary 2,” and since I didn’t share it when it came out, I wanted to share one of the tracks with you now. The song “Nowhere to Run” is all about breaking the bonds religion and challenging religious ideas openly:

don’t have to respect your beliefs
if it does harm then expect me to speak
shouldn’t let it get in between
my respect for you cause they’re separate things
your beliefs you’re entitled to
but when it feeds your actions the line gets moved
cause it happens in my world too
and that virus of the mind stays alive through you
and those ideas feed the soil
that we grow in so then the seeds get spoiled
cause if you tolerate disease you can plant a million trees
but the weeds destroy them
if you have a thought, defend it
no one has the right not to be offended

You can listen to the other songs on the EP right here. Consider purchasing the album if you want to support this kind of music!

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