Rapper Macklemore Promotes Church/State Separation in New Video

Americans United for Separation of Church and State is on a roll. First, they put out a hilarious music video featuring Jordan Peele and Jane Lynch… and now, they got rapper Macklemore to speak out in support of church/state separation:

All families deserve respect. All parents deserve support, whether they’re gay or straight. I want a government that doesn’t discriminate, a government that doesn’t try to use religion to define what makes us a family.

And that’s why I am one of the voices united for separation of church and state.

It’s missing a catchy beat and Ryan Lewis, but it’s still pretty damn awesome.

The Voices United concert will take place this September.

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  • WallofSleep

    Awesome. The religious bigots are going to have a tough time of it in the next few decades as more and more people of prominence and fame openly denounce their hateful bullshit. It’s kind of an exciting time to be alive, really.

  • Mike Lee

    Um, realize this is more aimed at the webmaster, but wasn’t sure whom to mail for the query. Just wanted to say that we can’t use the Facebook tab for adding link to our timeline because the ?frames? overlap the pop-up.

  • http://westcoastatheist.wordpress.com/ Katie Graham

    Promoting thrift stores and equality? What’s more to love about this guy?

  • WallofSleep

    He also appears to posses some valuable information about how to rock a wolf on your noggin, whatever that means.

  • Friendly_Autist

    His hair is still stupid, but my opinion of him has improved.

  • scoutsadie

    Actually, there will be several different Voices United concerts in September! Here’s a listing of those scheduled so far: http://www.voicesunitedconcerts.com/events2

  • http://westcoastatheist.wordpress.com/ Katie Graham

    Whatever it is, Sign. Me. Up. Now.