Do Other Newspapers Have a Daily Prayer?

This is news to me: The Oklahoman has a daily prayer on its front page (I boxed it in red near the bottom left):

Oklahoma Atheists president Red McCall tells blogger Jim Romenesko:

I think that the inclusion of the [Prayer of the Day] piece is just as simple as catering to their market. I personally do not know who their specific demographic is, but I don’t recall many of my peers subscribing to the publication. The national percentage of people who claim to be Christian in this country is around 83%. I am pretty sure that in Oklahoma, that percentage is quite higher.

No one’s calling for a lawsuit (the paper can do what it wants) — it’s just something worth noting.

I don’t think they’re going to get much pushback. Though I would love to see the prayer right next to the horoscopes, since that’s really all this is: A chance for readers to take vague language and repurpose it to whatever’s already going on in their lives.

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