Support the Kelowna Secular Sobriety Group

If you don’t want to be part of Alcoholics Anonymous because you don’t want to give yourself to a “higher power,” there are alternatives, but none in the city of Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada).

That’s why a group of people are trying to start the Kelowna Secular Sobriety Group:

The KSSG uses the SMART Recovery program, which is based on cognitive behavioural therapy. Instead of reliance on a “higher power”, as in the AA’s 12 step program, the SMART Recovery program emphasizes personal responsibility and the power of each individual to overcome their addiction.

The group needs a permanent place to meet, so that it can continue its important work, while providing stability and predictability for those working through addiction recovery.

The Unitarian Fellowship has kindly offered the Kelowna Secular Sobriety Group the use of their space at the discounted rate of $20 an evening. The KSSG meets once a week, which means that one year of rent is $1040.

They’ve raised nearly half the money they need to have rent covered for the next year, but please help put them over the top if you can!

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