That Awkward Moment When Creationist Gets Outwitted by a Sixth Grader (Part Two)

Back in November, during a debate on God’s existence between Young Earth Creationist Eric Hovind and atheist Bernie Dehler, 11-year-old Chad Dehler (Bernie’s son) challenged Hovind with a simple question: “What is your evidence of God?” How do you know you’re not just talking to yourself?

Hovind’s answer, in a nutshell, is that we can’t know anything to be true unless we know everything… therefore, God has to give you revelation… therefore PROOF! That makes perfect sense, right?

And at the end of the video, Hovind claims that Bernie Dehler, unlike his son, would say that there may be evidence of God’s existence.

It’s taken Chad a few months to process all that gobbledegook and he’s come to the conclusion that it made absolutely no sense! So Chad went back in front of the camera to ask Hovind the same question once again:

Maybe this time, Hovind can offer an honest response: The proof just isn’t there.

For what it’s worth, Bernie didn’t put Chad up to this; he did this entirely on his own.

(Thanks to Truman for the link!)

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