An Atheist Picnic in Ohio

The Mid-Ohio Atheists are sponsoring a statewide picnic on Sunday, July 21st for atheists and the (non-proselytizing) general public.

I assume the signs they put up will look something like this:

They’re also running a contest to benefit a local homeless shelter:

A representative of Harmony House said what they need the most, and what most people don’t think to donate, is toilet paper, trash bags, and paper towels. So, the contest winner will be the one that brings the most of those three items. You can donate other things as well, but the contest will be decided on only the amount of toilet paper, trash bags, and paper towels that you bring. Prizes will be admission to the Great Lakes Atheists Convention in August, tee shirts, buttons, and pens.

If you can make it, you’ll be able to meet some great local activists while helping out a worthy cause. All the details are here!

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