Bryan Fischer Said the Atheist Hotline Fundraiser was ‘Doomed to Fail’… Guess We Proved Him Wrong Again

This is Christian leader Bryan Fischer, talking about the Atheist Hotline Project more than two weeks ago:

When asked by [the Christian Post] if he felt the atheist group would reach their fundraising goal, Fischer replied that “this effort is doomed to fail.”

“I can’t imagine a more fruitless and depressing endeavor than trying to raise money to help people create distance between themselves and God,” said Fischer. “God isn’t going anywhere, and the Scriptures make clear in places like Psalm 139 that’s impossible to flee the presence of God even if you want to. He will always stand ready to draw near to anyone who wants to draw near to him, no matter how far from him they’ve tried to get.”

And here’s the Hotline Project as of last night:

Thanks to your overwhelming support and generosity, we are thrilled to announce we have met our goal of raising $30,000 well ahead of our June 30th deadline, and we are now ready to launch the second phase of The Hotline Project: gathering and training volunteers.

So… Fischer was shown to be wrong again. He hasn’t admitted it just yet and I wouldn’t hold my breath over it, but we can add this to our Giant List of Things Bryan Fischer Has Been Wrong About.

Meanwhile, you can (and should!) apply to become a volunteer for the hotline right now.

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