Joe Klein Deserves a Meme

Klein meme lady across street

The post that Hemant published yesterday about Joe Klein’s absurd, unfair, and false dumping on Secular Humanists in the latest TIME Magazine got me madder and madder the more I thought about it. People have sometimes said that I can be eloquent, but many commenters had already written very eloquent letters of protest to the TIME editors, and I was so pissed off that eloquence wasn’t within my reach. By the time I got around to commenting, the post had mostly run its course with over 240 comments, so I decided to expand my comment into a post of its own so that more people can see the idea.

There was some discussion at the first of the comments about whether or not Klein had himself lent a hand in the Oklahoma tornado disaster zone, but as I said, that doesn’t matter. Regardless of whether he was out anywhere helping, and regardless of why he was, his out-of-the-blue disparagement of Secular Humanists was completely unnecessary for the point of his article, and even unnecessary for that part of his article, and it was factually false. It was just a stupid, bigoted dig when he saw he’d given himself an opportunity.

I think Joe Klein deserves a meme: Whenever someone is writing about some nice, kind thing somebody did for someone else, then completely out of context, completely unfairly, without any relevance to the situation at all, they should absurdly add, “Funny how Joe Klein wasn’t there to help.”

I just helped a little old lady across the street. Funny how Joe Klein wasn’t there to help.

I’ve donated blood at the Red Cross every chance I get for the last 44 years. Funny how in all that time, I’ve never seen Joe Klein there.

Last May, the Austin Atheists were once again helping the homeless. Funny how once again, there was no sign of Joe Klein.

Doctors Without Borders converged on the epidemic in Africa. Funny how you don’t see Joe Klein ever treating people with infectious diseases.

Maybe after several hundred of those, Mr. Joe “Cheap Shot” Klein won’t find his own bigotry and ignorance so funny.

closetatheist immediately offered two meme creations, the one at the top of this post, and the one here:

Klein meme cat flood

Here’s a Joe Klein TIME Magazine meme blank I made. Anybody who wants, take it to your favorite meme generator site and have fun. Just be sure to use “Funny how” when you mention Joe Klein not being there to help with something, and make sure that it’s ridiculous and unfair to imply that he should have been there.

Klein Time mag meme

Now we’ll see if the product of the memes is equal to the product of the extremes.

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Richard Wade is a retired Marriage and Family Therapist living in California.

  • Yeppers

    Joe Klein is one of the more conservative writers for TIME. I usually use his column to pick up my dog’s poo.

  • MG

    Public shaming? I leave that to the churches. I registered my protest with Time, and that is my idea of an appropriate way to handle it.

  • Thomas J. Lawson

    I just hope it wasn’t one of the editors that slipped that line in. It does look fishy, being that Klein is intimately involved with “The Mission Continues,” a pretty secular organization, which is mentioned in the article.

  • Jon Peterson

    I dunno about this. Sure, it communicates a point… but it’s not the only way to communicate that point, and it’s pretty easy to liken this to the “no, you!” arguments of elementary school playgrounds. :/

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    *repeatedly fails to upload image correctly*

  • Matto the Hun

    Funny how Joe Klein wasn’t there when you successfully loaded that image.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Well played, barbarian. Well played.

  • Yepps

    It’s funny how Joe Klein isn’t around to help with that!

  • Katherine Lorraine

    I was eating a potato chip when I saw this image. I think it is now lodged firmly in my brain after the snort-laugh I did.

  • Nate Frein

    Funny how Joe Klein isn’t there to help you remove the potato chip.

  • JoseValdes

    He could have at least chipped in for Puppy Chow or something…

  • Cyanmoon1

    Thanks for the blank

  • Smiles

    To those apposed to meme based protest,

    This can be a very effective tool. Look at how “santorum” has not only been defined in the public lexicon, but the history of its creation as a word is also very recognized. When people choose to make attacks on a minority, feeling untouchable as a leader in the majority…a bit of humbling is in order. Regardless of whether it was his own words or added by an editor for Time, his name was on the piece and a bit of bad publicity may encourage him to demand a retraction and apology himself (giving him the benefit of the doubt.)

  • ChuckV

    I am so lucky I wasn’t drinking anything. And there is no Joe Klein to help me.

  • flyb

    Let the conspiracy theories commence! ;)

  • CJH

    Well, if it’s Joe’s column that was used, in all fairness, Joe was there to help with that… ;-)

  • Thomas J. Lawson

    You agreed with me yesterday, no?

    You said:

    “What is even the purpose of that line? It just comes out of nowhere and serves no journalistic point.”

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    It might very well have been an editor. If so, Klein needs to publicly denounce them (if not necessarily publicly name them) for putting bigotry in his mouth.

  • MisterMaury

    I think you need to criticize TIME as much if not more than Joe Klein. Only by bringing embarrassment to the magazine will they feel the need to correct it.

  • Thomas J. Lawson

    Ha! I’ll start holding my breath, you call an ambulance. I think he might choose being employed over pissing off the secular community.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    As I sadly eye my upcoming schedule…

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Joe Klein is not going to get fired for saying “I didn’t write that, and am upset that it looks like I did. It’s an internal matter.” Some people would get fired for saying that, but not him.

    *grabs a sharpie and writes on your forehead while waiting for the ambulance* “I needed someone to catch me… funny how Joe Klein was nowhere to be seen.”

  • Ed Kryslak

    Is it just just me or has TIME changed the article and removed Joes bigoted bullshit comment?

  • WallofSleep

    The Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star (twice!) and defeated the Empire. Funny how you didn’t see Joe Klein helping out with the rebellion.

    Though, truth be told, if Klein were to completely wipe the Ewoks out of the galaxy I would totally forgive him for his previous comments.

  • Richard Wade

    It’s still there near the bottom, in the third paragraph following the heading, “After the Tornado“.

  • Bdole

    Yesterday as I was carrying 3 bags of groceries from the car, one of them ripped open spilling all my cantaloupes. As they rolled off toward the 4 winds, I had to run around after each one of them all by myself. Fucking Joe Klein.
    What’s worse, I dropped my TIME magazine into the gutter. Now what will I line my birdcage with?!

  • Vernard Mercader

    Spread it on Twitter Mates, your images, the meme statement, and tag @JoeKleinTIME until he blocks probaby several hundred thousands of you.

  • William Poire

    What a great idea!

  • Guest

    Truth. ;)

  • flyb

    I was just being facetious (re the conspiracy theories). It’s very possible it was put in by someone other than Klein, but unlikely.

  • closetatheist

    aw, I’m proud you liked my creations and thanks for the idea. I’m not sure what to do with them though – should I post them on Time’s website? Is that possible?

  • closetatheist

    ok, I’m bored…and I just saw the typo in the second one. oops.

  • Richard Wade

    I don’t actually know what people do with these things. I just find them randomly on the internet. You could certainly try to post it on the TIME website. The comments on both of Klein’s articles, “Can Service Save Us?” and “Memorial Day in Oklahoma City” have many people objecting to his remark, even though it’s only in the former article. The meme can also be just in text form, a remark dropped like a popular catch phrase that makes the rounds.

    Vernard Mercater just a couple of comments before us here seems to know how to use them to great effect, but I’m not very savvy about social media.

  • closetatheist

    done. And the rest of the comments on the Time website revealed that this his offhand comment was what left the biggest impression on the readers….what a loss. An article about the positives of volunteer work and how it can help minimally depressed people was basically overlooked because of an irrelevant, unkind, and untrue remark. This can’t make Joe Klein happy – I cant imagine he’d want the point of his article to get lost on the readers. Hopefully, he’ll learn a lesson.

  • Robin Lionheart

    Left such a comment on Time’s online article “Susan G. Komen for the Cure Cancels Half Its Races” (due to a steep drop in participation): “Funny how you never see Joe Klein walking to raise funds for cancer”.

  • Sam Bellman

    A bit late to the party, but hopefully straight to the point.

  • alphajb4

    I hope one or all of these gain traction and Bill Maher pounds this fool on REAL TIME. This is my first meme… I’m 43 years old. THAT’s how mad I am. Forgive me if it’s lame…

  • Derek
  • UWIR

    “To suggest that we were not there and not doing anything useful for the victims isn’t just factually wrong — it’sslander against all of us who don’t believe in a God.”

    Funny how Joe Klein hasn’t bothered teaching Hemant the difference between libel and slander.

  • chris patterson


  • chris patterson

    Good point!

  • Jeff Pinner

    For the last seven years I’ve served as a 4-H judge at the Medina, Ohio County Fair. Funny how Joe Klein never seems to show up for the judging, I could really use the help.

  • Nonamesleft0102

    Its lame, but its so bloody accurate that no matter how lame it is, it can be viewed in awe.