The Floating Head of Richard Dawkins Will Soon Be in Your Nightmares

Richard Dawkins spoke at the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival last Thursday… about something… but I don’t know what because the last four minutes of the video (beginning at 4:55) have broken my brain:

I like Rebecca Watson‘s take on it:

… after you finish [the video], you’ll receive a phone call from a mysterious person telling you that in seven days, Richard Dawkins will crawl out of your television and turn you into an atheist.

Don’t do drugs, kids.

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  • TCC

    What the hell did I just watch.

  • WallofSleep
  • onamission5

    Best. LOLcat. ever.
    I think I broke something in my laughy place.

  • Cyrus Palmer

    I am smoking the right kind of weed to watch this to!

    And was he playing a holophoner?!

  • Justin Miyundees

    I KNEW that was a Tony Ho shirt!

  • Obazervazi

    I think he’s finally lost it.

  • Composer 99

    … what is this I don’t even

  • Smiles

    Beautiful…the video completely encapsulates his point. He invented the word “meme”, accepted the reality of what it has become and demonstrated it perfectly. I would equate it to micro-evolution, a small step that may or not persist. While the macro equivalent might be social norms.

  • Gideon

    I saw something along similar lines in 2001, but it had the side effect of a compulsion to assassinate the prime minister of Malaysia.

  • Susana Paço

    “I see purple brains…..that sing in high pitched voices!” (WTF?)

  • Rich Wilson

    I wonder if he approved that message.

  • wmdkitty
  • EmpiricalPierce

    You know, at first I thought Dawkins had finally snapped and the internet’s going to have a heyday with this… Then I realized that maybe that was the point. This video, by being memorably psychotic, is virtually guaranteed to become a meme with some level of cultural spread.

  • WallofSleep

    I didn’t watch the whole thing, but the impression I got from the little bit that did was that he was lampooning the fact that the internets have changed the definition of the word “meme”, and that new definition has become a meme (by his original definition) unto itself. Very meta.

  • wmdkitty

    Whoa. I want what he was smoking.

  • Tanner B James

    How, in the Albert Camus sense of the word, Absurd!

  • Steve Caldwell

    Is Richard Dawkins playing the holophonor near the end of the video?

  • Mike De Fleuriot

    Did we go back to the eighties?

  • Tobias2772

    Don’t do drugs kids – save them for me.

  • David Bentley

    Well, Professor Dawkins IS British.

  • Rain

    The legendary Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase has become one
    of the genuine highlights of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

  • Librepensadora

    BBC should hire Richard Dawkins to be the next Dr. Who.

  • Mr Krabs

    It reminded me of Squidward Live:

  • Mary Neathery Millard

    Wow! I haven’t seen something like that since the “Psychedelic 60s”!

  • Mogg

    1980 just called to ask if anyone has seen its missing video clip…

  • b33bl3br0x

    It’s an EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). It’s made by AKAI. You play it like you would play a Saxophone except that is has no reed. The output is digital (not audio) and gets sent through a synthesizer that can make it sound like a variety of instruments or completely synthetic constructs.

  • Ferule Bezel

    I have no idea what he was thinking when he agreed to be part of that. When you see the name ‘Saatchi’ you are guaranteed preposterous stunt ‘art’ aka ‘crap’. O cant fathom why Dawkins had anything to do with it.

    I am once again amazed at the pettiness Rebecca Watson will sink to in a personal vendetta, employing her usual empty mockery to someone pointing out his accomplishments and enjoying it when someone builds on them, even when it means significant change. Yet she wonders why she isn’t being invited to the major skeptical events.

  • Me

    Well I loved it.

  • JA

    I hope no one in the audience took a hit of acid before going to this.

  • Steve Caldwell

    Well … that only explains the sounds. A holophonor would also produce the visual presentation.