A New Low for Creationists

Doug Batchelor may be the World’s Worst Creationist. Which is saying quite a bit given his competition:

I started to type out the crazy things he was saying… until I realized I was transcribing his whole talk. Just watch and be worried that about half of all Americans agree with him.

(Thanks to Hidai for the link!)

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  • weaksquare

    I was invited to see this guy speak at a local church. Glad I passed.

  • corps_suk

    His first sentence is a lie,
    “If you resist that you are looked upon as uneducated or ignorant”
    Sorry, you aren’t looked upon, you simply are uneducated and ignorant.

    He just looks like the kind of guy you would want to embarass at a bar or a cocktail party…like wait, you really believe in a 5 mile deep flood, a wooden boat big enough to carry every animal and plant species, and that rainows didnt exist before that?

    This guy is awesome in a sad but funny way.

    p.s. These guys need to know, no one “believes” in evolution, we accept the evidence and data.

  • new_atheist

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see how this guy is “worse” than any other creationist propagandist. His schtick is exactly the same as the likes of Ray Comfort, Ken Ham, Eric Hovind, etc. He isn’t saying anything they haven’t said a hundred times over.

  • Space Cadet

    Let’s see here…

    -argument from authority
    -argument from ignorance
    -I used to be a _ (evolutionist, atheist, etc)
    -Evolution is a religion
    -Evolutionists don’t want to be accountable to God


    *stands up and waves*


  • DKeane123

    I would love to know what his doctorate was in. My Google Fu is weak today.

  • TiltedHorizon


  • Space Cadet

    I couldn’t find anything about his Doctorate, either, but I did find this:

    Neither Beck nor Batchelor finished college, but both went on to very successful careers that involve public speaking, specifically in
    broadcast media.

    and from the same article…

    Additionally, while neither one completed higher education, both have created their own educational institutes: Beck University and the
    Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism, respectively.


    I’m guessing he awarded himself a Doctorate.

  • Gus Snarp

    I gave up. He’s not just wrong and dishonest, he’s boring. At least some of these guys are good preachers. Besides, I’m too excited by the Supreme Court rulings to watch bad creationists today.

  • anniewhoo

    I was going to apply to the Amazing Facts Center, but I have very little experience with soul winning, so I doubt I have a shot.

  • http://nomadwarriormonk.blogspot.com/ Cyrus Palmer

    You can create your own college and give yourself a degree?! Why the hell have I been wasting so much time at real colleges then? Maybe I’ll be Dr. Palmer of the Evangelical Flying Spaghetti Monster University. Sounds legit, right? I DO like the sound of “Dr. Palmer”, and I DO like making money….

  • Mark W.

    A PhD in Religiosity from Bob’s Trucking and Beauty School, off Route 9, near the Rendering Plant.

  • Space Cadet

    Plus all the appeals to authority!

    *stares dreamily out the window*

  • Kay

    If you could provide transcripts for these video clips, it would be great, and go a long way towards making this site more accessible. Thanks!

  • DKeane123

    Oh, the geology is so horrible – it almost pains me to listen to it!

  • DKeane123

    He has totally warped the dating of fossils. If you find a fossil in the sedimentary record, you need to find igneous (magmatic in origin) rocks to date in the vicinity. If the sedimentary rock is above some igneous body, you know the sedimentary rock has to be younger. If you find an igneous intrusion that cuts across the sedimentary rock – you know it has to be older. That is how you determine the age of a fossil.

    After you do this a bunch of times, you find that certain organisms lived in a narrow band of time (by geologic standards), you can then use these fossils as a secondary dating method in the field if you don’t have igneous bodies available for dating. Arghhh.

  • Art_Vandelay

    I’ll never understand why evolution is so hard for them. If I were a creationist, I don’t think I’d even touch evolution. There’s too much evidence and it’s really not hard at all to grasp. There’s nothing over-sciency about natural selection. Why not go after gravity? That’s the real mind-fuck, isn’t it?

    Or perhaps I just suck at physics.

  • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ Feminerd

    Nope, gravity is a real mind-fuck. We have no idea how it works- we know it’s there, we can predict how it’ll work, but what is it really? Not a clue.

  • Rando

    That would involve multiple viewings, are you trying to liquify Hemant’s brain and make it spill out of his nose?

  • Mark W.

    Don’t argue with him guys…he’s a DOCTOR!!!!

    From his Bio:



    1998 Honorary Doctor of Divinity – Southwestern Adventist University
    1998 Honorary Bachelor of Arts in Theology – Union College

    High School

    GED Certificate
    2004 Honorary High School Diploma from Monterey Bay Academy
    2010 Honorary High School Diploma from Cedar Lake Adventist Academy

  • Conspirator

    So the guy says god didn’t create the earth over millions of years because plants couldn’t have survived millions of years without the sun. Then he follows that up with god creating the plants the day before the sun and that’s ok because the plants survived off the light of god. Does god’s light go out after a day or something?

  • baal

    “I grew up believing in the religion of evolution”

    So much face palm, so little time. The misuse of words is so bad that I swear it’s an entirely different language. You can’t get as wrong as this guy is without making up new language for it.

  • baal

    And 5:01 – god is a lightbulb suitable for growing plants.
    5:20 – too bad there is a cut there, i was interested in him explaining how various reptiles float or not at different rates.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Harrison/23417637 Michael Harrison

    Although I did once find a paper on arxiv arguing that gravity might be a sort of pressure differential of time. The physics was *way* over my head.

  • Carmelita Spats

    So Doug Batchelor finished high school in 2010? Isn’t he a concerned parent’s worst nightmare? There he is, 54-years-old, and sitting next to your 13-year-old in algebra class! His Facebook page must be chock full of gum-snapping teenage girls who were his BFFs way way way back in 1952 2010. Who did he take to Prom? Theology degrees? He’s just another shit salesman with a mouthful of samples.

  • http://squeakysoapbox.com/ Rich Wilson

    There is a CC button on every Youtube video, so you can at least get Google’s attempt at transcription.

    Admittedly, “by subjecting this to energy” becomes “by subject ministry image” and so forth.

    I think if anyone has the time to transcribe anything, Hemant would be happy to post it. It’s just very very time consuming. He does do a pretty good job of transcribing text embedded in images.

  • Drakk

    Er, sure we do. General relativity deals with it pretty handily.

  • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ Feminerd

    Just that very concept makes my head hurt … I’m a layperson when it comes to physics. A fairly educated layperson, but I definitely don’t understand the math at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Harrison/23417637 Michael Harrison

    This guy isn’t the world’s worst creationist. He’s just a resident of Bizarro Earth, trying to make a living in a dimension which is alien to him. How else do you explain his use of religious language to describe science and scientific language to describe religion?

  • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ Feminerd

    Not … really, no. General relativity explains how gravity affects the universe quite well. It doesn’t explain what gravity is or what causes it at all. We know more massive things have more gravity, so clearly it’s related to mass, but we don’t know how or why.

  • http://nomadwarriormonk.blogspot.com/ Cyrus Palmer

    So many ‘Honorarys’! He must be a real honorable guy!

  • http://nomadwarriormonk.blogspot.com/ Cyrus Palmer

    True. Science explains the how, and not the why. That seems to be why some scientists seem to be able to live with the two world views. My physics 101 teacher was a Christian. It blew me away. He said it’s because they try to explain two different questions.

  • viaten

    He seems to be a somewhat worse version of Kent Hovind. It creeps me out all the more to see those audience members nodding their heads.

  • http://religiouscomics.net/ Jeff P

    I can’t resist saying the old joke.
    There is no such thing as gravity. The world sucks.

  • James

    Why did I subject my brain to this. My brain is ready to pop out of my skull and hit me with a bat

  • KeithCollyer

    made it to 6.23 before by brain started to drip out through my ears

  • observer

    For people who disbelieve in evolution, they certainly do prove it very well with their religion – mostly by rewritting history, and claming their religion was the champian of something in the past (i.e. civil rights for blacks), while scrapegoating something/someone else that either had nothing to do with the issue, or was even fighting for it as well.

    I wouldn’t be surpirised if, in the coming decades, a new generation of Christian fundies boast that they, like “those before them”, were the champians of human rights (gay rights in this case), and it was “everyone else” who were trying to suppress those rights.

    (on abiogenesis) “If it’s scientific, show me.”

    Learn science, and maybe scientists will.
    But seriously, smeg you. If you’re willing to ignore evidence for evolution, which has nothing to do with abiogenesis, then there’s no point in showing you something you’ll just convince yourself is a “trick” or something.
    If there’s one fallacy fundies use infamously (to me), it’s moving the goalposts.

  • JET

    “… in this world where we will be scoffed at…” Got that part right.

  • Daniel Brown

    There are caterpillars and there are butterflies. But have you ever seen a half caterpillar / half butterfly? Nope! So the caterpillar does not become another animal. That would be rick-diculous!

    We’ve seen eggs, and we’ve cracked open eggs to see the yellow yolk. We’ve also seen chickens. But have you ever seen a half yolk / half chicken? Nope! So the egg does not become something else – a chicken. That too would be rick-diculous!

  • Drakk

    I can’t stand NOMA. For one, it fails to defend its own statement (why should religion get to answer those questions?), and for another, the religious are complete hypocrites about it whenever there’s some scientific discovery that they think they can twist to support their narrative.

  • Matt D

    Jesus glue!

  • Drakk

    I’m not sure what you mean. At some point the “fine detail” zooming in of why stuff happens the way it does, just ends. There’s a point where the mechanics just becomes essentially “this interaction is able to occur, so, on occasion, it does.” Like with radioactive decay. There’s no particular reason for any individual atom to decay, it just does at some point (maybe).

  • averydashwood

    God is light. Therefore, God = photons.

  • JA

    I haven’t watched the video because I wanted to gauge the comments before starting it, but he did not seriously say that in the video, did he?

  • Daniel Brown

    LOL, no he did not. Though much of it is just as bad. I was just making a sarcastic comment to further illustrate their gap in logic.

  • Art_Vandelay

    I think that’s ridiculous. The question isn’t even “why”…it’s “what.” Why does gravity have to have a reason for existing?

  • Michael W Busch

    Note the “honorary” on those high school diplomas. He got his GED and then much later someone at the schools concerned decided he should have a diploma. He certainly is a peddler of bullshit, but as Hemant says the real scary thing is how many people agree with him.

  • Gus Snarp

    So basically, he spoke at some religious schools and they gave him an honorary degree. Honorary degrees do not count, most people who receive them are gracious enough not to claim them as credentials that they are not intended to be. He’s flat out lying when he claims to hold a doctorate. His education consists of a GED. That’s it. He’s a high school drop out with no further education.

    And man, when you can’t even get a real degree in theology? That’s just pathetic.

  • Gus Snarp

    He probably spoke at their graduation ceremonies, which often comes with an honorary diploma. They’re all Seventh Day Adventist schools, both the high schools and the colleges. So that’s interesting.

  • Art_Vandelay

    “bad creationists”


  • Michael W Busch

    That is not technically true.

    In the various attempts at unified theories of physics, gravity is produced by the exchange of virtual-particle force carriers called gravitons – which must be a massless spin-2 boson (yes, the jargon in that sentence is quite thick for anyone who hasn’t done a fair bit of physics). The various experiments to detect gravitational waves aim to measure the properties of gravitons, although direct detection of individual gravitons is not feasible.

  • Michael W Busch

    This again is not technically true.

    The equivalence principle says that gravitational and inertial mass are the same for all particles. There are various theoretical models that produce this as a consequence of more fundamental interactions.

    To date experiments have been unable to distinguish which of these models may be correct, but that isn’t the same as saying we have no clue as to what is going on.

  • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ Feminerd

    Fair. I accept the correction.

  • http://www.baedonwebz.com/ Henry Kessler

    .What is interesting about this clip is age of it. I believe this Amazing Facts came out originally in the 1990′s. The battle between Evolution and Creation has been going on since Darwin and will continue to wage. Which side to I stand on? Evolution. (I was raised in the church Doug is a minister in.)

  • dcl3500

    Wow, just wow, how can so many believe the bullsh*t this guy splashes about?

  • gg

    …..apparently, the StoopidVirus is contagious….

  • jr

    Actually, his analogy of the car, the truck, and the motorcycle is rather fitting… to support evolution.

    I’m not going to detail the history of the automobile here but, one could trace back the technological progresses in the origin of these vehicles until the invention of the wheel. They did not come form nothing.

    But again, he does not seem to understand evolution, since he kept saying that the motorcycle did not evolve into the car…

  • Hidai Caamal

    This came out in the mid 2000s

  • Helix Luco

    i could get behind that, the Church of Optical Physics.

  • Timothy R Alexander

    I dont care how honorary it is, I refuse to call him a doctor.

  • Sue Blue

    I’ve actually seen this guy in action. He’s a Seventh-Day Adventist pastor and I’ve seen him preach at the church I used to frequent back in the dark ages. I can’t believe I didn’t think he was so bad then. I must have been breathing the retardogenic religious vapors too deeply at the time, because now that my head is clear, he sounds like a complete and utter asshole.

  • CoboWowbo

    Mark W. posted this:

    From his Bio:



    1998 Honorary Doctor of Divinity – Southwestern Adventist University
    1998 Honorary Bachelor of Arts in Theology – Union College

    High School

    GED Certificate
    2004 Honorary High School Diploma from Monterey Bay Academy
    2010 Honorary High School Diploma from Cedar Lake Adventist Academy

    So he doesn’t really have a doctorate.

  • allein

    But I thought God was love…
    *so confused*

  • allein

    My brain just stopped in its tracks at that one….*sigh*

  • Kevin Sagan

    Dammit, sir, my blood pressure can’t take this.

  • raerants

    I don’t want to give them my views, because for some YouTubers, views are money.

  • averydashwood

    The speed of God in a vacuum is 186,000 miles per second.

  • Matthew Baker

    I always wondered about the whole ‘it never rained until the flood’ belief that some YECs hold to–so does that mean that nothing happened until its mentioned in the bible. If we us that logic no one sneezed in the bible until 2 Kings 4:35, and no one in the old or new testament ever coughed.

  • Zaydin

    He probably got his ‘doctorate’ from a diploma mill or a mail-order college.

  • baal

    The speed of love in a vacuum is 186,000 miles per second.

    Np, it all works out if you don’t think about it.

  • allein

    lol…I’m sitting here giggling at my desk for the second day in a row. (Yesterday it was due to the gopher wood conversation on the Noah’s Ark post) :P

  • Jitterbits

    I would love his congregation to see this, so they could see just how he’s willing to twist facts in order to present his version of “truth”. Even beyond the lack of education, it’s his dishonesty that really destroys his credibility.*

    *credibility assumed, not actually supported by logic or evidence…sort of like creationism!

  • Jitterbits

    Which really makes me wonder WTH he’s talking about when he talks about changing world views as he “became more and more educated.”

  • Jitterbits

    Any holder of an honorary degree who had the slightest bit of integrity would NEVER refer to themselves as he does or imply that they are actual learned PHD holders. Disregarding everything else, that he does such a thing really, really strikes a blow to his credibility. It also is intentionally deceptive since I doubt ANY of his followers ever look deeply into his educational history , but instead take him at his word.
    For this and this alone, I might have to concur with the “worst creationist” title. I just don’t know how these Christians can lie so freely. Most atheists I know would never stoop to such levels.

  • Jitterbits

    lol, I thought the same thing when he said their similarities were because they were made to exist in the same environment.

    And he probably doesn’t understand much, and probably never fully grasped evolution. Not only are his 2 highschool diplomas honorary (he received a GED), so are his doctorates.
    So, stupid AND willing to bed the truth to suit his agenda. Hmmm… no wonder he assumes that scientists are doing that. He’s projecting. I have a feeling many of the outspoken creationists are operating on that same level

  • Gus Snarp

    I think he’s just lying.

  • Divan Roets

    I don’t think this guy is necessarily the worst creationist but he has certainly fine tuned the art of manipulation in presenting his garbage. I think that Wendy(?) woman which I’ve seen before feels like ‘the worst’ measured on my scale of how annoyed I get when I view such arguments.

  • Divan Roets

    No, he got awarded the Doctorate by God, who else? A Doctorate in what though…Doctor of (In)Humanities

  • Divan Roets

    Yes, and I can have the catchy alliteration of Dr.DIVAN to help boast my brilliance! How about setting up a theological university, award yourself with a Doctorate, study all of religion and come to the reasonable conclusion that creationism is false! ‘Because I studied it, I should know, I have Doctorate ‘you know…’ “.

  • sk3ptik0n

    Not only this moron is ignorant about evolution. Apparently he cannot recognize iconic cars either. The car in his presentation is not a Ford, but a Ferrari.
    But among the rest of all the bullshit, that one is barely noticeable.

    Did anyone catch that “Scientists have been unable to find the missing link between bats and birds”? That would be truly a discovery.

  • sk3ptik0n

    Don’t push that too far, else we’ll get Deepak Chopra claiming god is energy and some quantum something.

  • sk3ptik0n

    The youtuber that posted the video is an atheist showing (in his opinion) the world’s worst creationist. So click away.

  • pg13

    And how about that? “There are some people who believe in Creation even though they aren’t Christians.” Doesn’t ignorance have any bounds? That’s condescending to other religions — that they have to seek answers in Christianity to explain something. Also the creation stories of Christianity are originally from Judaism, and Jews, who aren’t Christians since I last checked, still believe in Creation.

  • newenglandsun

    1. His credentials and education – I’m guessing in seminary from some sort of SDA school of theology.
    2. The racism argument is off-based. Creation has been utilized for racism as well. Evolution can be misused for this, no doubt. But this does not make the VCR evil (Mr. Rogers reference).
    3. Assumes the global flood is true. And how is dating the strata based on the fossils circular reasoning? Obviously (to quote him), the older fossils stack on top of the younger ones.
    4. An asteroid hit the Earth but I think it is debatable as to whether this was the actual “demise” of the dinosaurs.

    5. His car analogy fails. The motor was used for the motor bike, the motor was used for the Ferrari, etc. Same “DNA”.
    6. (This one’s on the YouTuber who made this video.) Just because someone believes in a 6,000 year old Earth, doesn’t mean they have sacrificed their entire minds to the ridiculous.
    7. What version of creation is he talking about on that last point? Theistic evolution, progressive creation, gap theory, day-age?
    8. There are worse.