A New Low for Creationists

Doug Batchelor may be the World’s Worst Creationist. Which is saying quite a bit given his competition:

I started to type out the crazy things he was saying… until I realized I was transcribing his whole talk. Just watch and be worried that about half of all Americans agree with him.

(Thanks to Hidai for the link!)

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  • Deon Lombard

    Doug is a wonderful man. He stands for the purity of the inspired Word of God as revealed in The Holy Bible. He has years of study and life experience to share with all who have a heart inclined toward Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world. God created and upholds all life. Our minds have much to unravel of the mysteries of life. Satan and his fallen angels are real and deceivers of all willing minds, the theory of evolution being one of the suggestions given to the minds of man to exclude God’s creative act over six literal days of time, which set life into being on planet Earth. We celebrate a Sabbath rest day every seventh day of the week (our Saturday as now named) in commemoration of God’s mighty creative act. A faithless world hears little from God, but you will find Him speaking to your hearts when you have searched for Him in humility and respect with all of it.