Evolution Toys for Kids

Palm Kids, a company dedicated to making educational toys for children, is getting ready to sell an evolution kit that includes some pretty sweet things:

Right now, they’re only gauging interest, so if this sounds like something you’d want to purchase, fill out a brief form and they’ll let you know when the goods are available.

I have no stake in the company or anything, but my friend Kate Miller designed the awesome Giant Timeline that’s included in the package.

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  • Muggle in Converse

    I love this! Thanks for sharing!

  • Anthony Magnabosco

    I think I just found a Christmas gift for my Creationist sisters’ kids.

  • Denise

    I LOVE the idea, and don’t mind paying $3.47 for S&H for the interest pack…but I *do* have a problem with the automatic appx $15/month for stuff afterward.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/ Kevin_Of_Bangor

    It says in bold letters: I understand there is no minimum purchase and I may cancel at any time by calling Palm Kids.

  • http://www.atheistrev.com/ vjack

    I was never thrilled with educational toys when I was a child, but I would have loved this. I was obsessed with dinosaurs for a couple years and this would have been an ideal way to get me interested in learning something worthwhile.

  • Roger Peritone

    How long do you think it’ll be until Ken Ham gets wind of this and freaks out?

  • Rain
  • Rain

    but I *do* have a problem with the automatic appx $15/month for stuff afterward.

    Yeah me too. The heck with that gimmick.

  • carrot


    Or you could buy here.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/ Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Not all companies are out to scam you.

  • Christopher Borum

    Or, you could just pay for everything up front, probably $150 or so, get it all shipped at once, but where’s the fun in that for your child?
    Oh, you thought the whole thing cost just $3.47? My mistake.

  • Rain

    I pay just $3.47 for Shipping and Handling. Then, about once per month my credit card will be charged JUST $14.95 (plus $3.47 S&H) and I will receive a NEW Evolvems™ Shipment, including new stickers, activities, a new Evolvems™ toy and more. I understand there is no minimum purchase and I may cancel at any time by calling Palm Kids™.

    Hmm I’m having a hard time interpreting that the way you are interpreting that. (The first shipment is free. But not the $3.47 shipping and handling cost for it.)

  • Christopher Borum

    You’re complaining about having to spend 14.95 + shipping each month for a new set of goods. I’m suggesting that the alternative is to pay for the whole thing up front, or perhaps you feel like you should get more each month and pay nothing.
    I guess I’m confused about why you said, “The heck with that gimmick.” The gimmick of charging for something new each month?

  • Rain

    Yeah sounds like a “negative option billing” sales gimmick. And who knows how difficult or easy the phone call would be to cancel. (I don’t see anything about a “whole thing”. Maybe I missed something. It wouldn’t be the first time I was confused about something, lol.)

  • Christopher Borum

    You know if you don’t open the package you can return it at their expense, right? Sure, if the seller is disreputable, they can make it a pain, but there are consumer protection laws in your favor.
    By “whole thing” I just meant that at some point they would run out of new monthly things to send. You’d have all there is. So the alternative to monthly billing is to pay for all of it up front as a single shipment, whatever that amount turns out to be.

  • ant-eye-christ

    christian heads must be spinning. I can already see them boycotting Target & Toys R Us stores across the country.

  • magicandmayhem

    If you go to the company’s main page, you’ll see that they’re affiliated with Highlights Magazine and other long-standing reputable products, and they’ve been approved by the Better Business Bureau and other consumer groups. It looks like a reputable company. I don’t like monthly purchase agreements in general, but if you do like the idea of joining it looks safe to do so.