An Ex-Muslim’s Tale of Discovering Her Freedom

Marwa,” an ex-Muslim woman from Lebanon, moved to the United States a year ago. On her website, she’s written an incredible and emotional account of what that transition has been like:

I have keys to my own front door and I can open this front door and walk down the street whenever I want to.

I can walk down the street without being watched through the windows and without anyone calling my parents and telling them I am roaming loose on the street.

I can walk down the street, sit down on a bench under a tree, and eat an iced cream cone. Then I can stand up and walk back home.

There will be nobody waiting for me at my house to ask me where I have been, refuse to let me in, call me a liar, and use my walk as renewed incentive to rifle through all of my possessions for proof that I am doing something wrong.

Because the simple desire to take a walk cannot but hide something deviant.

Because there is no good reason why a woman should want to walk down the street just to walk, and expose herself to the questioning and predatory eyes of the neighbors and strange men.

Read the whole thing. It’s powerful stuff.

(image via Shutterstock)

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