Benny Hinn, the ‘World’s Greatest Scammer,’ Gets Called Out at the Airport

Normally, I hate hecklers, but this is just awesome: Some unnamed guy saw “faith-healer” Benny Hinn walk through the airport and had something to say about him… at least to a reporter after Hinn (and his bodyguards) had already passed by:

Hinn, who is worth $42,000,000 according to the Christian Post, didn’t seem to care what the guy said. Not surprising given that Hinn pretty much ignores or deflects any criticism thrown his way, like suggestions that he preys on the weak and vulnerable and never actually heals them. Silly science. Why let that get in the way of a multi-million-dollar scam?

David Hayward supports the Hinn heckling for a number of valid reasons:

1. It is healthy that religious leaders are no longer untouchable and must be unquestionably treated with undue respect.

2. For too long questionable practices by religious leaders have gone unchallenged.

I don’t know who the heckler was, but everyone owes that guy a drink next time they see him.

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  • Captain_Obvious

    “everyone owes that guy a drink next time they see him.”

    Oh, I think he’s already had a few.

    • Tainda

      I was going to say the same thing lol

    • amycas

      Damn, that was what I wanted to say. That guy seemed a little tipsy lol

    • Hero

      Even if he’d had a few, he could spot a scammer nonetheless and call him out on it- he’s a lot less blind than some people drunk at an airport.

      • C.L. Honeycutt

        If he recognizes and reacts to that guy that fast after drinking, he’s a champion. Most sober people couldn’t do that.

    • Houndentenor

      In vino veritas.

  • Cyrus Palmer

    Wish there was a video of it

    • Rain
      • Cyrus Palmer

        Thank you! God that guy looks like the world’s biggest douche. I guess looks aren’t always deceiving either. I wish that guy had said all that stuff to his face.

        • Gus Snarp

          Seems to me he said about as much as he could to his face in the time he had. But Hinn definitely deserves to hear a full accounting of his crimes.

        • Rain

          The guy behind the camera there actually contacted me on youtube! Which was actually a nice thing, since he could have said nothing and I would have had a copyright “strike” against me. I said the hell with it and deleted the whole account, lol. I should know better anyway.

          Here’s his channel by the way:

          Nice feller.

      • Bdole

        Thanks for the link. That guy’s a riot.

        If there were such a persona as the Devil, Hinn’s kinda how I’d imagine him.

  • DougI

    Hinn cheats on his taxes so we must all pay for his lifestyle by subsidizing him. So any heckler is deserved because we’ve paid for it.

  • cryofly

    If I knew where Hinn is going to be, I would arrange a flash mob to heckle him. Here we are telling one person at a time about being rational, and there he is openly faking magic in a fakir’s name.

  • Gus Snarp

    Nice. Hinn’s a dirt bag. He roundly deserves being publicly called out on his bullshit every time he sets foot out his door. I don’t even have mixed feelings about this video, that traveler did exactly the right thing.

    And honestly, I wouldn’t call that heckling.

  • OverlappingMagisteria

    I wouldn’t call that heckling. Heckling is done during a performance and causes a disruption. Benny was a in a public place, not doing his performance. Nothing was interrupted or disturbed.

    • The Other Weirdo

      Given the guy’s appearance, mode of dress and the covey of bodyguards, I’d say he tries very hard to make his very presence an appearance.

    • baal

      The heckler was also pretty restrained, Benny couldn’t have heard more then a few words of ‘you scammer’ and with those three towers of man muscle flanking him, he doesn’t have the least bit to fear one guy in an airport terminal.

  • Octoberfurst

    Hinn is total scum. He tells people who come to his services to throw away their medication because he has “healed” them. I wonder how many people have died because they followed this dirtbags advice and stopped taking their meds? There are so many gullible and desperate people out there who fall prey to these charlatans and it infuriates me. Everywhere he goes he plays to packed stadiums and he laughs all the way to the bank. Sometimes I wish there was a hell so peoplel like Hinn could go to it.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Notice Hinn is not carrying anything. He has hired several assistants to “lift his luggage.”

    • Greg G.

      Thanks for pointing that out so I didn’t have tom

    • GentleGiant

      I wonder if he found those on too, just like George Rekers.

  • Stev84

    And of course the braindead commenters on CP are defending Hinn

  • Donatello

    Not that I have any sympathy for Hinn but world’s greatest scammer is exaggerated. Compared to our friends at Goldman Sachs et al. he is small potatoes, he hasn’t even managed to bring the economy of one tiny country into disarray so far.

    • amycas

      How about “world’s greatest individual scammer?”

      • Rob

        No, he’d have to at very least get in line behind Al Gore.

        • C.L. Honeycutt

          I now completely disbelieve the mountains of evidence for climate change that were collected before Al Gore ever said one word about it.

          • Rob

            Yeah, I remember in the 80′s when we were worried about the impending ice age. Really?

            Al Gore has become a Billionaire (with a “B”) on the man-made global warming scam. Follow the money.

            Also, google “Fudge Factor” and then tell me global warming is really a problem.

  • Rob

    It’s true, Hinn is a lightning rod of criticism, even amongst Christians. But judging from this video, the heckler isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed either.

    • Greg G.

      The guy had his shot and he took it. Why criticize his spur of the moment rant because he was a little over the top?

      • Rob

        True, everybody wants their own 15 minutes of fame.

        • C.L. Honeycutt

          It’s extremely pissy and childish to assign your own psychically-deduced motives to someone for not tolerating a con artist who kills people.

          • Rob

            Wait, has Benny Hinn killed people? This I have not heard yet. Oh wait… you’re trying to exaggerate your point. You had me going there for a minute. (Sorry for the sarcasm)

            • Roger Peritone

              I daresay that his advice to people to stop taking their meds because god has “healed” them has probably killed a few people at least.

              • Sk3ptec

                Got specific cases in mind? I haven’t heard of any. Not that I’m a Hinn supporter, but calling him a murderer is a stretch unless you have some sort of evidence. “He’s probably killed people” is a lame statement.

                • Roger Peritone


                  “To see people who are terminally ill, crippled, or have family members
                  in need of a miracle open their checkbooks or take out their credit
                  cards for donations in the thousands (one family of recent converts from
                  Hinduism gave $2,000 in the hopes their son’s brain tumour would be
                  healed. He died nine months later) is as heart-wrenching a moment of
                  real drama as one is likely to see for a long time. The answers these
                  frauds give to the documentarian’s questions, which are quite good and
                  well put, always revert back to “one must have faith, or this shall not

                • Hope

                  God cannot be bought with money. Our God is a God of love, He gave His one and only Son as a living sacrifice without asking for anything in return but to believe in Him, for us to inherit eternal life. We have been given the gift of redemption through the precious Blood of Jesus. God didn’t suggest we give $2,000 in hopes we would receive a miracle. Simply believing for your miracle with a heart of total surrender is what moves the heart of God through faith. Often times i would wish we would stop judging and do as we feel in our hearts to give, and if we don’t understand the meaning of giving, NOT to give so as not to speak poorly of the gospel of Christ Jesus. We need to try and surrender to the almighty will of God. The supernatural is manifested through the power of His mercy and Love, all you have to do is believe in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit manifested through the name of Jesus.

                • Roger Peritone

                  I’d go and tell your fellow believers that. Many of them, especially the ones on TV don’t seem to have caught that message.

                • Hope

                  Not my judgement to make – there is a higher judge who sees all things and knows all things, and if my fellow believers are not delivering the message of love, the ultimate love, one who sacrificed himself for our sins, then that message is not a message of life but of death and will not prevail. Not everyone who claims to be Christian is in Christ. just as flesh gives birth to flesh, so also, Spirit gives birth to spirit. I would pray that people would come to experience the peace that surpasses all human understanding, and that too can only be experienced through the love of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit. You need no church, or Benny, or bishop, or any source to give you that experience. Simply quiet time to reflect on the truth, for the Spirit of God is the Spirit of counsel and truth. God bless

  • Houndentenor

    If Hinn can really heal people, he should go to Walter Reade Hospital and regrow limbs of injured soldiers. He won’t do that because he can’t heal anyone. He’s a fraud. The guy in the video is right. BTW, he’s such an obvious fraud that even most Evangelical Christians can see what a fraud he is.

  • Don Gwinn

    I just thank Zeus that TMZ is on the job, finding out Benny Hinn’s take on the Paula Deen scandal. Because if there’s anything more relevant to my life than the suffering of a multi-millionaire racist who lost a lucrative contract over it, it’s the opinion of a decamillionaire scam artist about whether I should forgive the racist multi-millionaire.

    • SeekerLancer

      I don’t know what’s worse really. A world where Benny Hinn exists or a world where TMZ exists. Unfortunately we live in a world where both exist.

    • Hsialin

      TMZ is the benny hinn of media.

  • SeekerLancer

    Yes I’m a man of god. I have full faith in god. Pay no attention to my entourage of incredibly buff body guards.

    • Houndentenor

      Woof. I mean, yes I can see how having such protection would be necessary. ;-)

  • Paul Little

    I’m calling shenanigans. The videographer and the heckler were in on it together.

    • C.L. Honeycutt

      Hmm. Considering how irrelevant the video would be without that, I agree.

  • Edward Miller

    Benny Hinn has a lot of explaining to do when he dies. As a Christian, I know we’re supposed to forgive but guys like him prey on the sick and he poor while living the “good” life with a lot of $$$. As for atheists, you’re entitled to your beliefs. Just don’t be surprised when you die. That “lake of fire” is no joke. As Christ said,” There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth”.

    • Roger Peritone

      Evidence before threats, please.

  • Rob

    This was a set up. The camera guy and the “heckler” were in on it together. Come on.

    • Roger Peritone

      Who cares? As was said before, we’re subsidized that bastard, so I figure he owes us at least some entertainment.

  • Elizabeth

    Sooner or later, God will deal with Benny Hinn! I just hope it is sooner!! Has anyone else noticed how creepy Benny Hinn’s wife’s new makeover is??? She has made herself over to look as much like Paula White as possible!! Pathetic and desparate!! Not too healthy!

    • Hope

      Perhaps this is your view on looks, but have you taken a good look at your own makeover?

  • Roger Peritone

    What I’d have said: “Hey Benny. Heal anyone for free at a hospital?”

  • Joseph Parton

    Wow, that guy seems like he took advantage of the beverage service on the airline. LOL.

    I have to admit as a believe in Christ that Hinn’s extravagant lifestyle is shameful with all the needs in the world.

  • Paul

    “1. It is healthy that religious leaders are no longer untouchable and must be unquestionably treated with undue respect.”

    So help me out here. You’re saying that religious leaders should be questioned disrespect, and that your questioning them cannot be questioned? Interesting double-standard.

    Who really has time for a belief system (atheism) that teaches that disrespect should be practiced towards another human being? I’d rather hold to a belief that brings me above the level of the person(s) you’re disrespecting. That seems logical to me, and I would think it should to those who try and monopolize the realms of reason and logic (without success, I might add ;-).

    Oh, and just in case you think I’m upset about your comments towards Benny Hinn, I’m no fan of his. I think he’s a fraud and a false teacher. He doesn’t not represent real, orthodox, biblical Christianity. I’m fine with questioning men like him. I don’t think it needs to be done with disrespect, but truth isn’t afraid of questions. Jesus fielded them all the time, and provided answers.

    Atheists have no advantage over Christians, and science hasn’t disproven God by any stretch of the imagination. But men like Him, unfortunately, give true Christianity–the faith that founded America–a bad name. But I’m sure we wouldn’t have to go far to find an atheist that you’d want to distance yourself from, also. We all have our “problem children.”

    • Hope

      Thanks for sharing your valuable view, the one thing that i am in disagreement with, is your view on Christianity. If you know your bible well enough, you will see that there are no scriptures promoting “religion”, in which is called Orthodox, Catholic, Baptist, Protestant or other divisions. It is very clear in bible verse John 3:6 that flesh gives birth to flesh and Spirit gives birth to spirit. With hopes we can add value to representing the truth, i encourage you to revisit scripture, as in the body of Christ, there are NO divisions. We take of one Body and one communion, unfortunate though, it is the divisions that teach otherwise, ones’ that are not born in spirit.

  • Martyn Haggerty

    Try praying to the God you don’t believe in. He will prove Himself if you are willing to take the risk. Your argument is not with Benny Hinn.

  • Pirate

    He had plenty to many, That is why he is talking a lot of rubbish, or maybe he was just jealous because he does not have what Hinn has.

    • Hope

      Form not an opinion, based on someone else’s judgment. I encourage you to take the opportunity to experience the power of God active in the midst of hundreds, thousands and hundreds of thousands who DID attend a miracle service. I assure you, if you did attend one of the services, with an attitude of (non-judgement) to experience the presence of God, you will revisit this site, and give of your own mind and experience what you truly think. God bless.

  • Hsialin

    Benny Hinn-ish media mocking benny hinn, smh.

  • Iknowallhissecrets

    Three mysterious guys one being Bob Barker of the price is right got Benny Hinn started in the very shady money scam business using god according to Tray Smith famous for exposing Mike Murdock another Scum Bag interview with a woman who knew him as an very egotistical Christian Freak that wanted to control people. At the time he was working at an Ice Cream Kiosk selling ice cream.

  • Geneve

    How ignorant is this world full of blind people as u are. Benny Hinn had never claimed to be a healer. It is the name given to him by people like you. He is just someone who has availed himself for the Spitit if God to use him. But of course you don’t believe in God do you? U guys are so pathetic and will wish u had the chance to repent and know the Jesus who Benny Hinn serves. Say what u will about him, doesn’t change who he is and how many lives he has touched!

    • freeSanDiego1

      Yeah he’s touched many lives alright, by emptying other peoples’ bank accounts.

  • freeSanDiego1

    Benny Hinn, fraud phony liar charlatan false prophet and last but not least, father of the year. That last one is because his son got arrested for beating up a disabled person. Needless to say, the Holy Spirit IS NOT with Hinn & his worthless thug offspring.

  • healed girl

    benny Hinn is a beautiful person who has given His whole life and millions of people have been healed, delivered from demons and set free. There are many millions of tongues speaking Christians in the worked and Benny Hinn requests all people healed to go to their doctor and provide medical evidence. I recommend you doing some research. Jesus healed me of hypoglycemia which is incurable. I love Jesus with all my heart.

    • Don Gwinn

      Hypoglycemia is the condition most people call “low blood sugar.” Unless you have some other condition as an underlying cause (like Diabetes) you can “cure” it by eating a small snack.

      If Benny Hinn cured your Diabetes, you have a golden opportunity to be the first person ever to give him the “medical evidence” he so craves.