Benny Hinn, the ‘World’s Greatest Scammer,’ Gets Called Out at the Airport

Normally, I hate hecklers, but this is just awesome: Some unnamed guy saw “faith-healer” Benny Hinn walk through the airport and had something to say about him… at least to a reporter after Hinn (and his bodyguards) had already passed by:

Hinn, who is worth $42,000,000 according to the Christian Post, didn’t seem to care what the guy said. Not surprising given that Hinn pretty much ignores or deflects any criticism thrown his way, like suggestions that he preys on the weak and vulnerable and never actually heals them. Silly science. Why let that get in the way of a multi-million-dollar scam?

David Hayward supports the Hinn heckling for a number of valid reasons:

1. It is healthy that religious leaders are no longer untouchable and must be unquestionably treated with undue respect.

2. For too long questionable practices by religious leaders have gone unchallenged.

I don’t know who the heckler was, but everyone owes that guy a drink next time they see him.

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