Pastor Claims He Was Curing a Boy’s Headaches… by Sexually Forcing Himself on Him

Special heavenly powers recently descended upon a South African teenager who had gone to church for help fighting his migraines.

More precisely, it was the derrière of pastor Zanokhanyo Mnyukulo that descended — right upon the boy’s groin area.

Nothing to be concerned about — it was all part of the patient’s spiritual treatment.


the pastor performed sexual acts on him and kissed him on two different occasions.

Also, the boy says,

Mnyukulo made him suck his breast, perform oral sex, and went on to sit on his lap and penetrate himself using the teen’s penis.

The pastor’s lawyer says nothing illegal took place. He told the court that his client and the teenager “were busy with a healing [ritual].”

The reverend Mnyukulo is free on bail, having been sprung from jail by his spouse.

No word on whether the holy penetration has cured the young man of his headache.

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