Christian Pastor: ‘I Believe That the Government Should Use the Death Penalty’ on Homosexuals

Fundamentalist Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona recently appeared on an Irish radio show. I’m not sure what the expectation was, but the host spoke with him for over an hour — with callers — and Anderson found a way to piss off just about everyone. (***Update***: For the uninitiated, you can read more posts about Anderson here, here, here, and here.)

Here are some of the highlights:

17:50: Anderson talks about the social order in his household:

If you want to go home and have your wife boss you around and lord over you, I’ll tolerate you doing that. But that’s not the way it’s going to be in my house, because I’m actually a real man who actually is in charge in my home, and I’m not an effeminate man who lets my wife boss me around and tell me what to do, like most men are becoming today, unfortunately.

39:05: Someone asks what the pastor would do if he came home, wanted sex, and his wife said no:

Well, the Bible clearly teaches in 1 Corinthians 7 that, actually, it is wrong for a wife to refuse sex to her husband, but it also teaches… the opposite, that it’s wrong for a husband to refuse to have sex with his wife. So that’s actually a two-way street… so when it comes to the bedroom, the Bible teaches that it’s not right for either party to deny the other

51:00: The host asks Anderson what he thinks about homosexuality:

Well, the Bible actually teaches that gays should be executed… now, I’m not saying that I would ever kill anyone, because I never would, but I believe that the government should use the death penalty on murderers, rapists, homosexuals, and… that’s what the Bible teaches very clearly.

1:04:16: After the host blasts Anderson for taking the Bible too literally:

Nothing in the Bible has been proven not to be true. And I’ve been alive for 31 years and everything I’ve ever seen just proves that the Bible is true…

That last one’s followed by a hilarious debate on Creationism during which Anderson claims that finding fossils of dinosaurs proves the Bible is true because dinosaurs appear in the Bible…

Keep talking, Pastor Anderson. You make Christians look awful.

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  • David Mock

    I’m trying to come up with something clever to say but I can’t. I’m too sad that someone can be this fucking stupid.

  • MargueriteF

    People like this really, really terrify me. It’s horrifying to me that there are people out there who actually believe my beautiful and brilliant daughter deserves to die just because of her sexual preference. And condoning marital rape is just as awful. Aaarrrghhh.

  • Mike Hitchcock

    I think this is a case of ‘Methinks the repressed homosexual doth protest too much’

  • East_Hastings

    That a violent bigot like this turns to the Bible to validate and justify his prejudices and desires tells you everything you need to know about that piece of shit book.

  • tsara

    “I believe that the government should use the death penalty on murderers, rapists, homosexuals, and… that’s what the Bible teaches very clearly.”

    I’d like a Biblical citation on the penalty for rapists, s’il vous plait.

  • namowal

    As much as I try to resist the “Nyaah! I bet you’re a secretly gay homophobe” reply, that was my first impression too.

  • PsiCop

    Re: “Keep talking, Pastor Anderson. You make Christians look awful.Keep talking, Pastor Anderson. You make Christians look awful.”

    Yes, and he’s been doing so for years. He’s made Christians look awful for a very long time. Curiously, they’ve let him keep doing it. Hmm.

  • cryofly

    This is beyond stupidity. That guy is terrorist. He has the distinct ability to appall even some of the religious fanatics in other religions.

  • cryofly

    Did he just call Jesus a dinosaur?

  • Glasofruix

    Well, he’ll never kill anyone, he’ll just let/hire other people to do it for him at least that is clear.

  • Ch81602

    Can’t believe that guy can be so awfully stupid that you have to wonder why so many people look up to the likes of him.

  • C Peterson

    Curiously, they’ve let him keep doing it.

    Some have. That’s to be expected. As the religious right becomes ever more extreme in response to the world moving on, it also becomes more marginalized. There will always be lost cause extremists. The important thing is that these types seem to be driving away the moderates faster than ever.

  • onamission5

    I bet he wants a smaller government, too, and complains endlessly about “nanny state” laws.

  • flyb

    This guy is one example where I might lean towards agreeing with some others on this site that have said people like this are sociopaths or psychopaths.

  • joe smith

    so what? i’m the same way. except i don’t need a biblical nanny either.

  • bickle2

    No, he doesn’t make Christians look awful. This is what you must believe and act on to be a Christian

    If it is in the Bible, hey must obey it blindly, back and white and without question. That’s what faith is

    If we atheists spent more time educating, and enforcing Christians understanding ht they believe, we’d deconvert a lot more of them. I’m gay and atheist, they’re required to kill me twice over as I stand. It’s they cherry picking that is a huge part of what allows religion to continue to dominate. Catholicss think they can disobey the Pope, Protestants think they can ignore the Old Testament. It’s time to old they accountable for what they believe

  • onamission5

    Well, are you going around suggesting that the government should be the morality police and concern itself with legislating the inside of other people’s bedrooms and bodies (besides your own, of course)? No? Then I guess you’re not a total hypocrite.

  • Bdole

    Music to my ears. I wish every Evangelical in the country were so honest about what they really thought. Quit feeding us all that claptrap about love!
    I won’t soon forget the downright malevolent look in the eyes of a couple of devout Christians as they relished the idea of an atheist getting some unspecified retribution from their god – they were hoping for something baaad.

  • Cody

    I agree with the previous comments but I think the host of that radio show should have held the bigot pastor more accountable for the asinine bullshit that came out of his mouth. If he believes in different “kinds” of animals on the arc (whatever that vague language means) then he is saying that, using his example, all the domestic dogs we have evolved from the two on the arc. This is just one sample of a time the radio host should have been educated enough to tear this guy apart and not let him get by with this.

  • Ella Silver

    Thou shalt not kill, motherfucker.

  • moother

    I respect this guy for taking the bible literally…, but might I suggest he kills himself for eating shellfish and mixing cloth?

  • Ella Silver

    I’m shocked this guy hasn’t brushed up on his 10 commandments before opening his mouth. A desire to kill anybody is just horribly sad.

  • Ella Silver

    I find this as disgusting as everybody else.. but you can’t call someone a terrorist just because they say the death penalty should be used in x case. People in support of the death penalty say these things every day.

    He’s just a bigot and there is no law against outing yourself as a bigot.

  • Mike Hitchcock

    I also try to resist, but the vehemence of the hatred that spews forth from these people seems directly proportional to their likelihood of being caught sniffing coke out of a rentboy’s butt-crack.

  • Bdole

    Exactly, for instance I think turning suddenly on a two-lane road without signaling is probably worth at least some death-penalty consideration.

  • viaten

    Seven kids “so far” in thirteen years of marriage is an awful lot of “repressing”. I would not absolutely rule out his being a repressed homosexual, but I find it quite hard to believe. There are plenty of straight fundamentalist men who want a “quiver full” of children to be more “biblical”.

  • Ella Silver

    Well that’s a different monster all together :)

  • viaten

    I hope he appreciates that a lot of people don’t think the government should use the death penalty on him for what he’s saying.

  • viaten

    “it’s not right for either party to deny the other [sex]” I wonder what limits he would put on frequency and such.

  • Roxane Murray

    I think ministers who incite violence against gays (or anybody else) should pay some kind of penalty–community service at the very least, and NOT in their ugly churches.

  • Brian

    Looks like he trimmed that beard of his.

  • John Schwytzer

    Deuteronomy 22 is one place. The penalty depends on the circumstances. If it’s in the city both the rapist and his victim are to be stoned. If it happens in the country and she’s betrothed, only the rapist gets stoned If it’s in the country and she is betrothed, he has to give her father 50 shekels ($13.50 at today’s rates), he has to marry her, and he can never divorce her. Rape: the crime that keeps on victimizing.

  • Mike Hitchcock

    Good point.

  • tsara

    IOW, it’s not clear at all, and he’s retconning his Holy Book.
    EDIT: and/or bearing false witness.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    You’re missing a ‘not’ in front of the ‘betrothed’ for the second case.

    The city/rural dichotomy is there to allow for her not being heard calling for help. Apparently if the rapist threatens the victim into silence with a knife, she’ll be stoned if she is found out. Leaves the poor woman with a terrible set of choices. Death by stoning or death by knife.

  • Ed McArthur

    its frightening that he is allowed to bring up 7 children they will grow up really fucked up

  • pszymeczek

    He wants government just small enough to fit in people’s underwear.

  • Jakrabt

    Let’s hope none of them grow up gay…. for the kid’s sake!

  • pszymeczek

    And cut his hair.

  • Jakrabt

    At a Gay Crisis center or AIDS Service organization

  • Jakrabt

    Sex is a basic human need on the level with food and shelter whether you are gay or straight, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

  • Phil

    Not to mention cutting his hair or trimming his beard.

  • Miss_Beara

    What is wrong with straight “effeminate” men? Those are my favorite type. Ones that actually have feelings, thoughts, empathy and kindness. Chest beating douchebags who think it is ok to hate others who are unlike them while hiding behind the bible, are gross.

  • Jakrabt

    This reminds me of the Baptist preacher and two of his deacons in West TN several months ago. They dragged the preacher’s son and partner out of his car and beat them to the point of needing overnight hospitalization. He did this right in front of his church, in front of the congregation right after a sermon and NOBODY lifted a finger to stop him. Yet just down the road in Memphis at the BIG Baptist (God, Inc) the assistant minister had a 18 month ‘affair’ with his own son who was a minor and this guy is STILL preaching in the church.

  • Keyra

    I sincerely hope even the most staunch atheists have the common sense to realize that this doesn’t reflect on real Christians & Christianity in general. A true misrepresentative

  • Julie Ann Hamlet

    People like this are not Christians. They are Bibleists. They don’t follow the teachings of Christ, but every other random thing that is not applicable to today’s society that is contained in the Bible. Half of the stuff this guys is quoting in the Bible is either part of some ancient culture’s code of conduct or was directly refuted by Jesus. How anyone takes stuff like this seriously, I’ll never understand.

  • tsara

    And that makes it unreasonable to people to insist that nobody have sex unless they’re fine with making a baby, but that doesn’t entitle anybody to sex with a particular person, even if they happen to be married to that person. If sexual incompatibility is a problem (such that one person in the relationship has a significantly higher sex drive than the other), the couple can work it out with compromises and/or opening the relationship a bit, or they can break up. They shouldn’t pressure each other into sex.

  • Michael W Busch

    You didn’t correct for inflation. But that does nothing to make that entire section anything other than evil.

  • newavocation

    It seems these Xians are getting more desperate and need to be more outspoken to get attention and support. Like Westboro the press and blogs need to ignore instead of engaging them.

  • JA

    Fundies would be more entertaining if so many people didn’t take them seriously.

  • frumpus

    Sadly the majority of Christians in America believe the same way this guy does and that is why we need to get rid of them.

  • Michael W Busch

    No, you do not get to pull the “No True Christian” line. That is a logical fallacy. He’s a Christian because he claims to be, and since the Bible contradicts itself repeatedly as to if Christians such follow the Old Testament laws or not, you can’t say that he’s doing it wrong by reference to Christianity or the Bible.

    You can say that he is a hateful hypocritical bigot and that the ideas he advocates are wrong because they would cause great human suffering.

  • frumpus

    How do you explain republicans then? They believe exactly the same bullshit this guy does. Look at Pat Robertson.

  • Ed McArthur

    He is always right even when he is wrong ,he wont let his wife work or wear trousers ,he beats his children, he wants the state to kill Gays , what a nasty bit of work. What is really sad is that he is so young, and in the 21stC he was able to find a women to marry him and put up with this nonsense’ Presumaby her father was the same kind of nutjob

  • Michael W Busch

    No, most American Christians do not believe that homosexuality should be punished by death (ref. and its sources).

    Many American Christians do believe other things that are dangerously wrong (as do many people in general). And as long as by “get rid of them” you meant “persuade them to think otherwise”, you would be right. If you meant “get rid of them” in any other sense, you would be wrong.

  • frumpus

    Christians love to kill. Look at their support for the death penalty.

  • Machintelligence

    It certainly has that effect, anyway, if it is turning left ahead of an 18 wheeler that is trying to pass.

  • Michael W Busch

    He is a real Christian. That his particular form of bigotry is not representative of the views of all Christians is fortunately true, but you don’t get to pull “No True Christian” – that is a logical fallacy.

  • Ed McArthur

    I love this Radio station
    the BBC would never read out a text or email that used the word bullshit

  • Houndentenor

    This isn’t any more extreme than the churches in which I grew up. You just didn’t hear about it. They said these things amongst them self or on some small AM radio station that no one but other fundies listened to. The internet just made all this more public. it’s been there all along.

  • Houndentenor

    It’s sad that some people can’t he can’t see that there’s something else besides a man bossing his wife around or the opposite. What about respecting each other and working as a team? He can’t even conceive of that. It’s only black or white with this type.

  • Houndentenor

    One of my old college roommates would go back and forth between a gay affair (never with me thankfully) and guilt/shame/super-religious self-flagellation. He has a wife (the second one I think) and a slew of kids who are all home schooled. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he weren’t repeating his old pattern now that it’s a lot easier to hook up discretely online.

  • Tom

    For all that he blusters about being a “real man,” this guy is pathetically gutless when it comes to answering the other questions. When basically asked if he would rape his wife, he simply said that the bible says it’s OK to do that – total non-answer but implying that yes, he would (he evidently forgot all about the implications of that when he also said that rapists should be executed), and then that he wouldn’t follow the bible’s icky orders to kill gays himself, but he’d be happy for someone to do it for him. Yeah, Mr Anderson, you’re really a “real man” who’s in charge of things.

    Evidently the very concept of equality is utterly alien to him as well – he’s stuck in the false dichotomy that if he’s not the master in his marriage and his wife the slave, he must be a slave to her.

    Speaking for myself, I want neither a slave nor a master in my partner – I want my partner to actually be a partner!

  • Houndentenor

    No True Scotsman!

    I’ll agree that it’s hard to understand how anybody takes that stuff seriously.

  • Houndentenor

    This is indicative of the Christianity in which I was raised. I realize that it’s not representative of ALL of Christianity, but a pretty good subset, and a subset that controls an entire political party in the US.


    The pastor is a straight up moron who lacks a moral compass and who leads his life based on the Iron Age mythology of a murderous, barbaric desert tribe,

  • Gilbert Maldonado

    They mention the Atheist Experience TV show but I couldn’t make out if this Wackadoodle has been a guest, anyone know?

  • Liz Ditz
  • UWIR

    That’s ridiculous logic. Terrorism is when you try to take people’s rights away by threatening to kill them. Threaten to kill anyone who criticizes Islam? Terrorism. Threaten to kill any man who has sex with another man? Terrorism. Threaten to kill anyone who commits murder? Not terrorism.

  • UWIR

    So, then, it’s not that the Bible prescribes the death penalty for rape, but that the Bible prescribes the death penalty for fornication.

  • ukvillafan

    Definition of EFFEMINATE
    : having feminine qualities untypical of a man : not manly in appearance or manner
    : marked by an unbecoming delicacy or overrefinement
    I, for one, do not accept one is either ‘effeminate’ or a ‘chest-beating douchebag’! I am male and vegan. I have feelings, thoughts, empathy and kindness. I am not ‘macho’ but nor am I ‘effeminate’. Indeed, to ascribe such qualities as ‘feminine’ is nothing more than sexist gender-stereotyping

  • UWIR

    Hmm. Does this psychology explain other aspects of fundy Christianity? For instance, when it comes to religion in public school, either Christianity is in charge, or they’re being “bossed around” atheists.

  • Grant_Devereaux

    Dinosaurs are clearly mentioned in the Bible? What chapter and verse?

  • UWIR

    If the commandment is translated as “Thou shall not kill”, then that isn’t consistent with the other parts of the Bible commanding people to kill. If it’s translated as “Thous shall not commit murder”, then it’s simply a vacuous statement that “It is prohibited to commit any killing that is prohibited”.

  • Houndentenor

    Yes, it does. They think that if the schools aren’t promoting religion then they are promoting atheism. They can’t grasp “I’m just here to teach you math. If you want to know about religion there are other places to go to learn about that.”

    They also claim that prayer is banned in school. No one can keep anyone else from praying. You can do it whenever you want however you want.

  • Angela

    “I’ve been alive 31 years?” Oh, tell me how to live my life, wise old man.

  • sarah

    If not that then definitely strong Sadomasochistic tendencies.

  • sailonsailor

    Why are these not jobs even give airtime…fill that media time with something useful!

  • UWIR

    Someone actually following the Bible doesn’t reflect on Real ChristiansTM?

  • sailonsailor


  • NickDB

    Then where is the outrage from the true Christians then? Why does it seem to mostly be us Atheists calling them out? All we hear from you is how they’re not really Christian, we’re not the ones you need to tell that, they are!

  • motherunit

    It seems to me that christianity comes in many flavors. They all seem to
    squabble among themselves over who’s a “true” or “real” christian. Anybody who self-identifies as a christian pretty much is one. That doesn’t necessarily make them a good person.

  • Baybrit

    MargueriteF, what terrifies me about people like this is not that they think as they do but that they are achieving positions of power in state and federal government. Some of our fellow citizens are ELECTING people who think like this. THAT is terrifying to me.

  • Hat Stealer

    You obviously don’t realize that those are cultural rules in the Bible, which have absolutely no bearing on today’s society. Say it with me. Cultural rules. Maybe if I say cultural enough it will hide the fact that I’m full of shit.

    The above paragraph is pretty much a summary of what every Bible-thumping Christian will tell you if you bring up shellfish and mixing cloth. That, or they’ll tell you it’s a metaphor.

  • TBJ

    Keyra is a “one liner troll.” Folks please don’t engage it. It won’t reply. It doesn’t have the conviction of its own beliefs to substantiate its claims so it just spews out an incoherent blurb and gets off on reading our comments, whilst remaining antonymous and secure in its denial.

  • TBJ

    and how they rally behind their Republtard Leadership when it comes to making war.

  • obbop

    What if that guy’s interpretation of what proclaim to be the actual word of some invisible, unprovable god-head is right?????


    Though I doubt he is.

    If the spewing idiot was not receiving wealth from his charade I wonder what other scam the greedy vermin would use to garner wealth created by those who actually perform useful functions?

  • RavenMad

    But, he didn’t threaten to kill anyone. He threatened to vote in a government that will kill people. If he said the bible said the punishment should be death, so he’s going to start killing homosexuals… THAT would be terrorism.

  • TBJ

    Their intense feelings of shame and guilt become the driving factor behind their extremism. They are trying to convince themselves that they are the purest example of their extremism when in fact they know deep down they are not. This might be a case similar to good ol’ boy Jimmy Swaggart and his rants against prostitution. Lo and behold guess who got caught with his pants down.

    Edited: changing “opposite” to “purest example and in fact they are not”

  • Jason Hinchliffe

    He’s not effeminate eh? Hey Steve, anytime you want to hop in the cage bro I’ll be happy to show you how effeminate you can be.

  • Stev84

    He is clearly channeling Mark Driscoll.

  • gander

    And I would guess that’s more than one fabric he’s wearing.

  • Dorothy

    has anyone ever interviewed his wife? (would he ALLOW her to be interviewed?). she needs a counselor, badly!

  • TBJ

    I’m not as sad that he is stupid what makes me sad is that he reproduced and his poor children now will suffer for his stupidity.

  • Stev84

    It’s a bit more. The price is 50 shekels of silver. That’s a unit of weight between 9 and 17 grams. Let’s take 11 grams. That’s about 18 troy ounces for 50 shekels. A troy ounce of silver is about $19 (down from a recent average of about of $30 last year). So it’s roughly $350. Still a bargain.

  • TBJ

    Just sayin’: the definitions of Terrorism are so broad that most legal entities have a hard time nailing down what acts of terrorism are worth legal action or the enactment of laws.

  • mike

    “I don’t suspect you ever did kill anyone. You just left ‘em in a position to die easy.” – Malcolm Reynolds

  • TBJ

    They are having a broke back Mars Hill bromance.

  • Stev84

    At least his arms aren’t covered in tattoos

  • viaten

    If any of them are gay (or will be), they’re gay, and I hope they don’t suffer much for it. I hope much more they grow up to see through the nonsense of their religion and put it behind them, and be wiser from the experience to help others.

  • TBJ

    I doubt he has any except when she is “unclean aka on her period” and sleeping in the garage.

  • C Peterson

    When was that?

    The thing is, go back 20 or 30 years, and the views weren’t that different from those of a large segment of society. They no longer are. Combine that with the exposure provided by the Internet, and these groups are marginalizing themselves and driving people away.

    The reality is, society always changes. The conservatives, by definition, are the last to change. But except for the outright crackpots, change they do.

  • TBJ

    yes, but beneath his shirt, on his back, he probably has a giant Celtic cross surrounded by cherubs that have rainbows shooting out of their arses.

  • midnight rambler

    I can’t say why they get play in the US, but having living in Dublin for a year I’m pretty sure that Irish radio has them on solely to make Americans look stupid. They regularly had John Bolton on (after his UN stint) to give “the American perspective” on foreign affairs.

  • TBJ

    apparently they were using their “stupid sticks” while they beat him

  • viaten

    I’d be surprised but also not all that surprised if he were gay, but I suspect much more likely he’s straight and I’d give him the benefit of the doubt unless it were definitively shown otherwise. There are a plenty of straight, strongly religious types that have lots of kids. Look at conservative Jews and Muslims.

  • viaten

    To me it’s bad enough that he’s preaching the nonsense that he is. I would rather not speculate that he could be gay on top of all that because it’s happened with others of his type before just to make him look worse.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    He’s just trying to improve the economy by creating jobs. Why do liberals hate America?

    Oh ffs, here, in advance cause someone will snap their kneecap right off: /sarcasm.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Yeah, if only he was a Real Christian like you who only lies and libels in order to harm others while being terrified of receiving feedback on her lies and libel.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    No no no, that is an awesome spellcheck error. It describes these guys well.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    The chapter and verse are invisible and intangible, because a unicorn (Job 39:9-12) pooped on them.

    Therefore, Jesus.

  • Michael Winters

    What a fucking moron!

  • Michael Winters

    What a freaking moron! House plants have a higher IQ.

  • SeekerLancer

    You hear that? He’s been alive for 31 years! It’s impressive he remembers how to breathe let-alone survive for that long.

  • C Peterson

    I wonder how many that is in people years.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    So he is a coward. He would never carry out the deed of murdering gay people, but wants the government to do it for him.

  • Houndentenor

    There are two things at play here and you touch on this as well. 1) There were always people like this but they were rarely put in front of a microphone or camera. The more media savvy spokesmen for their denomination knew better than to say these things out loud. Even in the 70s it was rare to hear someone calling for the death penalty for homosexuality. They had to at least appear to care about gay people even as they denounced us. 2) The moderates on the right (religion and politics) have left the building. There is now no buffer between the extremist elements and the public. 3) Youtube, blogs, etc publicize things that would never have made the mainstream news before. Now something that might have been ignored 20 years ago can go viral. All of these combine to put people like this out in public in a way that they wouldn’t have been in the past. But I repeat what I said, based on personal experience, these are the views the hard core social conservatives, at least some of them, have held for a very long time.

  • moother

    Well, I’ll be damned…, I’ve just been schooled on “cultural rules”… a concept with which, up until now, I have been quite unfamiliar!

    Please prepare me for the next time I need to defend my arguments against this trope and explain to me exactly what this means!

    How are “cultural rules” different from plain old rules and how are they different from laws and how are they different from commandments?


  • viaten

    Yes, but aside from that, I wonder how he would elaborate on what a sexual relationship should be and what things it should or should not include. Does either party have the right to say “I’m not in the mood for that right now.”? Is that to be disregarded?

  • joe smith

    What? no! i want the government’s and the bible/koran’s laws off of our bodies, I dunno why so many ‘free’ thinkers are weirded by the idea of getting everyone out of our goddamn personal lives. No nannies, religious or otherwise. Peaceful people have the right to be left alone.

  • Carmelita Spats

    Jesus is cool with tattoos. Jesus has a sexy tattoo on his thigh as per Revelation 19:16, “And He has a name written on His robe and on His thigh: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.” I don’t know who would want to peek at Jesus’s thigh or why Jesus chose thigh over a wild “tramp stamp” but hey, to each his own. I’m searching through the Bible to see if Jesus ever had a nipple clamp.

  • Richard Wade

    This is gold. Some Christians accuse atheists of trying to destroy religion. Why should we bother? They’re doing it to themselves. All we have to do is keep fighting the worst lunatics who slip into the government, and the other fruitcakes will keep flailing around getting crazier and crazier, driving all the sane people away from religion. Christianity is like a slowly sinking boat, and people like Steven Anderson, Mark Driscoll, and Laurie Hitchens are drilling holes in the bottom to let the water out. Good idea! Keep going! You’re doing a great job!

  • Skyman

    She has her own blog “Are they all yours” where she proves just how brainwashed she truly is. She is in need of an intervenion. It is a scary read, you’ve been warned.

  • Brian

    Classic. “I think Gays should be executed, but I dont want to kill someone…let the government do it.” If you REALLY think a person should be executed, then you damned well better be willing to do it yourself. If you are unwilling to do that, then perhaps deep down you realize its wrong to kill another human being.

  • wombat

    The popular idea is that the woman, at least, has no right to say no because it’s her duty to her husband whenever he wants it. The way he’s phrasing it, maybe the man has no right to say no either.
    So, ‘not in the mood’ means exactly zilch. Shut up and put out, pretty much.

  • Larry Meredith

    sex by biblical demand is worst sex.

  • Dorothy

    thanks, i just looked and hit on the post about why she doesn’t vote, there are no words to describe. she’s an anti-vaccer (believes vaccines come from aborted fetuses), i’m not sure i can stomach reading any more but will share the link in my local atheist group site.

  • Richard Logan

    I despise people like Pastor Anderson who can so smugly claim they have all the answers, while debunking scientific breakthroughs, reality and social progress. It is the most patently illogical way of living a life. And they leave no room for anything that isn’t expressly written in the Bible. Well, I hate to inform them that the Bible doesn’t cover every exigency of the modern world. They still pick and choose which parts of the Bible to follow, or they couldn’t exist. The Bible was written for a culture and a time when it’s rules made sense. It was not likely meant to dictate, for all time, life in an informed world!

  • Godlesspanther

    I quit. 3:43 — I can’t watch this asshole any longer.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if he had gotten tattoos of stigmata and of a crown of thorns JUST the week before?

  • Unreal Uknow

    Hate to say i agree with some of Mr. Anderson’s civil rights views, but now seeing this intolerance and ignorance, i wouldn’t listen to a word he says. This guy is a terrorist waiting to happen. Its the religious nuts not the civil libertarians that are the crazies.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Jesus I hope not. That was a boring movie. Couldn’t they do a buddy cop thing instead? You know, Driscoll plays an uptight family man, Anderson plays a loose cannon, and then Neil Patrick Harris and Sir Ian McKellan beat the puhjeeezus out of both of them?

  • jdm8

    I agree, terrorism is the bogeyman of the age, its meaning can morph to whatever the user wants it to mean.

    Heck, a pressure cooker can somehow be rigged into a “weapon of mass destruction”.

  • Feminerd


  • smrnda

    It’s kind of like the definition of a gang as ‘any group of two or more persons whose purposes include the commission of illegal activities.’ By that logic, any police department would be a gang.

  • smrnda

    It would be nice if, perhaps as a means of getting a tax exempt status, ministers were forced to do secular volunteer work or something that would get them out of their bubbles and would require them being civil with people who don’t belong to their particular cult. A provision like that could also work as ministers intent on staying in the bubble would then make their churches taxable?

  • smrnda

    I think they have an inability to grasp the idea of neutrality, possibly because they can’t conceive of being live and let live on any issue.

  • nikos

    i hope this kind of humans die soon but peacefull!this kind of people exist because in this world we live in womans maried this guys.stop give them pussy and in one fucking week they disapear!

  • allein

    Well, see, a cultural rule is a rule from a culture other than the one we live in, so nobody has to follow those. Plain old rules are the ones that actually maybe might make sense for us today, except for the ones I don’t like for myself, but everyone else should follow them, of course. And commandments are the ones that are important enough to engrave on stone monuments which no one can actually list all of let alone follow most of. See? It’s all very simple.

  • allein

    Of course, us women aren’t really supposed to want sex, either, so him not being in the mood shouldn’t be an issue. Right?

  • allein

    I’d bet he’s one who does not believe there is such a thing as marital rape. His thinking is probably that she’s his wife, she should have sex with him even when she doesn’t want to, even if she has to be “persuaded” a bit… So asking if he would rape his wife is probably a nonsensical question to him.

  • allein

    Not as far as I can tell…His name doesn’t come up on their archive (though they don’t have descriptions of all the shows so that might not mean anything). I googled his name + atheist experience and got nothing (the first link was actually another of Hemant’s posts about him from earlier this year).

  • Barnaby Williams Travesty.

    What a fucking asshole!

  • wmdkitty

    That level of stupidity should be painful.

  • wmdkitty

    Yeah, but when the police do it, it’s okay, because it’s “for our own protection”.

  • Bobby Allison Suggs Rich

    they do use the death penalty in some countries .. you know the ones that they are trying to say are out to kill us ? seems like they are trying to turn us in to the ones they fear so much

  • nominalize

    Not to mention that in 1 Corinthians, St Paul doesn’t command anyone to do anything:

    “The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband. 4 The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife. 5 Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.6 I say this as a concession, not as a command. 7 I wish that all of you were as I am [that is, celibate]. But each of you has your own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that.”

    Or as the King James version puts verse 6: “I speak this by permission, and not of commandment.”

  • nominalize

    Yes. They are stuck in a logic of hierarchy— there is no equality, only hierarchy. If they are not on top, then they are on bottom. And they know how people at the bottom are treated, and want none of that. It doesn’t occur to them that a better world, based on equality, is even possible.

  • nominalize

    “cultural rules…which have absolutely no bearing on today’s society.”

    “Oh, you mean like the rules against homosexuality?,” is what I reply.

  • SecularPatriot

    Rep. Paul Broun, GA – Republican
    Rep. Sally Kern, OK – Republican
    Rep. Michele Bachmann, MN – Republican
    …and I could go on.

    They’re all horrifying, fundamentalist, and republican.

  • moother

    I am ashamed of my ignorance…

  • Heathen Mike

    I’d love to pick the brain of this guy’s wife. What kind of brainwashing it takes for a woman to put up with such a monumental prick! Let’s see…in addition to demanding the government execute homosexuals, wives apparently are never to tell their husbands anything, and forget ever refusing sex in marriage, for any reason. Headache? Wrong time of the month? Other illness? Exhausted from a tough day or bad news? Grieving? Too bad! Get over here and do your wifely duty!! …nice
    Oh yeah, then there’s the little matter of his scientific genius and authority. Well, at least he’s a comedian.

  • Paul V

    I think we should use it on people who think that and might i add that i am gay but heavily into god and he does love me for who i am despite what the bible says the word homosexual wasnt made until the 80s or 90s or maybe earlier so i doubt thats the translation the bible was giving. And might i add i doubt the homosexuals of today should be punished for what has happened back in sodom and gomorrah i am not going after the angels of heaven and dont plan to. the men on earth are fine by me. and also believe it states in the bible in Matthew to love one another as you would love your neighbor and second is to like it.

  • Stewland

    I think that the Bachman’s protest too much. Go to you tube and find a video of Marcus and you will see an obvious homosexual. One day he will be caught with his pants down if you know what I mean.

  • xuan

    I love how traditional he wants live like having tons of kids and having a stay at home wife cause gawd said so and has been done thousands of years, yet he is down with all the progressive technology that comes out a progressive society. This why I like the Amish people, they stick to their BS strickly unlike this cherry picker.

  • Maya Willis

    Evolution is a FRAUD:

  • Maya Willis

    Men today are emasculated by feminism to the point where it’s nearly impossible to tell who’s the wife and who’s the husband.

  • Maya Willis

    Let’s start telling the truth here

  • Katie Graham

    So he wants the bible’s penalty to apply to gays, but doesn’t come out in favor of rapists marrying their victims and paying the father fifty shekels? There’s an inconsistency there.

  • sanity

    you are an idiot.

  • jd

    Prophecy:Your granddaughters and sons will all be gay and they will to eschew the brand of stupid that obviously runs along your evolutionary mutation.

  • noda

    im a christian and this guy even pisses me off.

    not everyone is like this, its just said that people are idiots.

  • noda


  • retard_detector

    STFU stupid bitch.

  • retard_detector

    Please tell me you were sterilized before you could procreate.

  • nominalize

    I dunno… I am my wife’s equal and judging from her moaning last night I’m far from emasculated.

    Dramatic terminology aside, feminism has made men treat the people in their family as people instead of property, and we’re better off for it. If you like being second class, I’m sure you can find a “real man” who’d be happy to put you there and make sure you know your role.

  • Adisharr

    The stupid is epic. How about doing some actual research instead of posting a cute picture.

  • nominalize

    To be fair, the Bible isn’t a book. It’s a multicultural, multilingual anthology whose books (Bible > Bibloi “books”) were written up to 800 years apart. That’d be like an anthology from Chaucer’s time to now, consisting of works in English, German, and Japanese. In a collection so vast, you can find something to justify almost any belief.

    Of course the Bible isn’t internally consistent— The Bible as we know it wasn’t cobbled together until the 300′s AD, and the books in it are merely the ones that were the most consistent out of all the books then circulating among ancient Christians. The editors did what they could to salvage a coherent document, but simply reading it will disabuse one of coherence. It’s no coincidence that Bible studies focus on snippets and sound bites strewn throughout the books.

  • jaduncan

    This isn’t even a good idiotic poster. It needs more Satan and stuff.

  • Adisharr

    12:15 Apparently jackass Anderson needs to be educated in the concept of COMPROMISE. I’m betting there’s abuse in his household. Call it what you want. I’m sure she’s ‘disobeyed’ before and paid the price for it.

  • mutie

    Actually, most of the materials used to make a computer were derived from ores found in rocks. We did that. The fact people evolved from a primate — a family of species known for socialization and conveying knowledge from one generation to the next using complex cultural pathways — and that we eventually used this aggregate intelligence to make something intricate out of base materials … this argues in +favor+ of evolution.

    I’m sorry … did you not think that through before you posted it? That’s OK … in spite of our highly-evolved brain, not every individual in a species exhibits the same high-level capabilities that typify the species as a whole.

  • nominalize

    I’m surprised he didn’t count the 40 weeks in the womb… or does he not believe life begins at conception?

  • mutie

    Or, put another way, it’s none of your business how two people agree to live with each other. If they make their relationship work by mutual consent, but not by your rules, you just need to get over it and tend to your own knitting.

  • novenator

    This is the same nutcase that literally had his worshippers pray for Obama to die. Pastor Steven Anderson is a very weak man.

  • HalfVeela

    Clearly a troll. Stop feeding the trolls.

  • tiredoftea

    Well, unless god told them to turn!

  • Mamatank

    Amen to mutual consent! Thanks for that passage!

  • The duke

    He doesn’t make Christians look awful any more than atheists that are jerks make atheists looks awful.

    That is to say, the actions and opinions of one member of a group don’t define the whole group.

    Anderson merely makes himself look awful.

  • PsiCop

    The takeaway for objective observers like myself, is that the vast majority of Christians really don’t care about stuff like this. That means they don’t disagree enough to take this guy on. And that, in turn, suggests an awful lot of them may very well agree with him.

    In other words, far from being the religion’s “lunatic fringe,” he very likely speaks for many more Christians than they’re willing to admit.

    Let’s face it, if the majority of Christians were outraged by this guy, they’d take him on: They’d protest outside his home and church; they’d write letters to the editor of newspaper condemning his views; they’d put up billboards in his area condemning him and his church; and some might even knock on his door and try to persuade him differently.

    But they’re not doing this. They aren’t doing anything even remotely like any of this. What they don’t condemn, they condone. Thus, they can’t logically disavow him with the pat response of “he doesn’t speak for us.” In fact, they are mostly quite happy to allow him to speak for them.

    And I’ve gotten the message. Loud and clear. Everyone ought to pay attention to it.

  • Seraph4377

    What are inanimate objects even doing on a poster about Evolution? Are you trying to make Evolution Deniers look like idiots?

  • Varuka Salt

    Dinosaurs are in the bible? Not in the one I read. Chapter / Verse plz.

  • Varuka Salt

    Were you dropped on your head as a baby or something?

  • Varuka Salt

    Someone would voluntarily have sex with that? Surely you jest.

  • Luke

    Adaptation, variation, and mutation are all forms of evolution.

  • NickJHalden

    Pastor Anderson took that verse way out of context.

  • Michael C. Thompson

    So he rapes his wife?

  • mike

    i agree that the ignorant christian zombies are way too crazy to take seriously but i also agree that men are becoming something less than a man. There is nothing wrong with thoughts, empathy and kindness. However there is a diffference when a man becomes a neutered punching bag.

  • siddarth

    That site is a fraud. Differences in opinions are met with hostility and petty name calling. That’s a great way to solve problems.

  • Blackr

    Evil homicidal sexist

  • Bdole

    The US and Israel announced a joint strike today on Tehran’s Cuisinart factories, some incidental damage was also done to the nearby Tupperware facility. The world can now breathe easier. Said Obama: “The strike was necessary. For months we had been receiving reports of refinement in pressure cooker technology, better rubber seals, insulation, built-in thermometer, even a specific setting for poultry. They crossed a red line.”

  • Demonday

    I hope Evolution keeps going on and we get rid of people like him :)

  • RobMcCune

    Well, you’re off to a very poor start.

  • Maya Willis

    Feminism is for emasculated males like you that end up in the friendzone.

  • Maya Willis

    Wrong f a g g o t

  • Maya Willis

    umm what idiot?

  • Maya Willis

    u mad stupid cuuuunt? lol!

  • Maya Willis

    so much fail from these idiots. the fraud of evolution:

  • phantomreader42
  • bob

    The fact that people like this even exist, and the fact that they are getting positions of power and influence in government… just makes me loose faith in humanity sometimes

  • Bryan B

    Bah, given his age, where he lives and the age we live in I just don’t believe he really sincere about this at all, he knows better or he has been living under a rock. This is just an attempt at his 15 minutes of fame. This is really transparent.

  • Maya Willis

    you sound like a dumb faaggot struggling with logic. Try harder dumb faaggot lol!

  • Motheroftwo

    This is very angering and disturbing. I hope that many of you know we Christians are not all like this. Most groups of people are not as like minded as you would believe, and are often represented by the (often irrational) radicals such as this man.

  • HellMutt

    I expect this kind of stuff from crusty old men. The fact this guy is 31 scares me

  • Homleand Sequirty

    There’s no such thing as marital rape. Please get a dictionary.

  • mutie

    Ah, troll time, not talk time. When you’re ready to use your words and have a conversation, do feel free to stop by again. Thanks.

  • Jakrabt

    SecularPatriot, let’s make sure we always remember Stacey Campfield (R-TN) who was responsible for the ‘Dont Say Gay’ bill for public schools. And the ‘Death Certificates for Fetuses’. You really have to wonder about a warped mind that can become so obsessed over another person’s private sexuality. It’s just NOT normal.

  • Edwin

    Just like a Christian. Keep up the hate, Maya. Keep it up.

  • Jakrabt

    Stewland, let’s also not forget that Marcus Bachmann specializes in the ‘Ex-Gay’ therapy that has been declared harmful by the American Psychological Association. He surrounds himself with gay men in his clinic every day. Interesting way to pick up men, IMO…..

  • Nihilist

    you never hear this bible thumpers say anything about this in their bible.

    they just like to cherry pick stuff out of that sick book….











  • Nihilist

    bs the second you say that you are better than anyone and your god is bigger than my god, or anyone elses, makes you just at guilty as these teahadists…. i like your jesus, i do not like your christians, they are so un christ like………..

  • Jakrabt

    @Maya Willis: Which men are “emasculated by feminists”, Maya? If you mean married men then please explain how a wife being treated as an equal by her husband lessens his masculinity. If you mean single men then I’d like to hear how single men gain “manhood” by making women second class citizens. If you mean gay men then you are talking about me and I can tell you flatly, my masculinity gets along just fine with empowered women- it probably even strengthens it in the sense that I can have very strong friendships with women who are feminists and get ‘tips’ on how to strengthen my relationships with men as equal partners.

  • wmdkitty

    Stockholm Syndrome.

  • IsaacM50

    Another BSC ‘murican…loser

  • fizbanic

    You can hope all you want but to tell you the blunt truth it is how you folks are. Not to the extreme that this person is but you are not that far off. You are just so much into your faith that you cannot honestly step aside and see that this is how you are to those around you.

  • Spazticus

    Wait, what? The Pastor was on a radio show based in Ireland, where it used to be completely legal for a husband to sexually assault his wife, even if she said no, and even if the act was violently carried out. This was because according to the law, she married him, and the act of marriage implied full and constant consent. That law has since been repealed.

  • wmdkitty

    So, what…. because I consented to sex once with my abuser, he was then entitled to just take it whenever he wanted, regardless of how I might feel about the matter?

    Fuck. You.

  • wmdkitty

    I love your user-icon.

  • PsiCop

    Re: “I hope that many of you know we Christians are not all like this.”

    OK, great. Now that you know about him, and you’re not like him, what are you doing about him? What are you doing to correct him? What are you doing to stop him from misrepresenting your religion?

    It’s not enough merely to say he doesn’t represent you. You have to demonstrate it with action that’s meaningful and substantive. If you do nothing about him, then objective observers of Christianity can’t help but conclude he speaks for Christianity in general.

    My own thesis … having been a fundamentalist Christian myself and having seen this phenomenon at work first-hand … is that while a lot of Christians would never overtly say things like this, themselves, they’re thinking this crap in the backs of their minds. While they will never admit to anyone outside their own families or churches that they agree with him … the truth is, they do.

    There might be some “reasonable” Christians out there, somewhere, who might disagree with him … but they’re obviously far too rare to have made a dent in his career. In which case, they may as well not even exist.

    Remember … he’s been at this for years, with no one having lifted a finger to do even the slightest thing to stop him. He’s been supported by a congregation that hangs on his every word and thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. You can’t say it’s only he who thinks this way.

  • Confuscan

    Anyone note the irony that Pastor Anderson could sub in for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and as long as he said Mohammed instead of Jesus, no one would notice the difference?

  • Spazticus

    This being said by someone who hates the government, and won’t let his kids be schooled outside the home…because of the evil scary government that will “brainwash them”. Then again, he also rails against higher education…

    So the government is scary and out to get you, but it’s also okay if they do his dirty work for him.

  • Confuscan

    EXACTLY! That is the risk. Not that there are religious nutcases out there but that they are starting to actually influence people with real political power in the US. Atwood’s novel “A Handmaid’s Tale” is mandatory reading for all.

  • Fresh_Prints

    Christ, what an assh#le.

  • Edvardkenfish

    The only problem being that evolution isn’t about who or what is the most intelligent, strongest, or so on, it’s about those who procreate more and pass on their genes, and if Idiocracy got even one thing right, it’s that these types of people breed more because they think less.

  • MargueriteF

    Marital rape is a crime in all fifty US states. But if there are no laws recognizing it where you live (which still doesn’t mean “there’s no such thing”), I’m very sorry for you, and I do hope you never find yourself on the receiving end of rape or violence from your spouse. I’m sure we all agree it would be dreadful to live in a society where someone could legally beat you or force you into sex without your consent, simply because s/he was your spouse.

  • Jessica Padilla

    Oh, so, would that mean death to all the homophobic child molesting and raping pastors will immediately be put to death as well?? I’m good with that…

  • C Peterson

    I disagree. You were right when you said most don’t care much. But I think wrong in assuming that not caring enough to take on the crackpots means they agree with them. The large majority of people are not activists. They don’t take on anybody. It doesn’t mean they don’t have opinions.

    The demographics are pretty clear. Most of the country is Christian. Most of the country is supportive of homosexuality, and increasingly, marriage equality. So the number of Christians supporting these things is growing.

    I think that strong anti-gay sentiment exists only in a minority of Christians… a dwindling minority. The rest are either supportive, or it’s simply not on their personal agendas at all.

  • Cathy Shaw Detwiler

    All I can say is that I’m sure his daughter is going to be one wild child when she’s a teenager.

  • Cathy Shaw Detwiler

    Oh really Homeland??? No such thing as marital rape??? Are you frickin’ kidding me??? So when I told my husband “No.” and he forced himself upon me anyways wasn’t rape?? Me beating my fists against his chest while he was doing it and telling him to get away from me wasn’t rape??

    Marital rape is worse than any other type of rape because at one point you loved and trusted this person.

  • TTS

    Rick Santorum 2016!

  • RobMcCune

    I looked up homeland sequirty, definition 1 was “full of shit”.

  • PsiCop

    Re: “But I think wrong in assuming that not caring enough to take on the crackpots means they agree with them.”

    Something that exists, but is not detectable, is logically inseparable from something that doesn’t exist at all. Sure, unicorns might exist … but no one has produced any evidence they exist. This leads me to conclude they don’t exist.

    Same goes for this supposed vast majority of “reasonable” Christians who disagree with extremist pastors like this. I see no evidence they’re doing anything about the extremists. Hence, I have to conclude they don’t exist.

    That said … just as it’s possible for someone to discover evidence that unicorns exist and prove me wrong about them, the same goes for this supposed vast majority of “reasonable” Christians who disagree with extremists. They most certainly could get up off their lazy behinds and do something about the extremists. I concede it’s very possible.

    But until they do, I can’t assume they will. And until they will, I can’t assume they exist.

  • wmdkitty

    Well if they don’t speak out, then they don’t get to complain when they’re lumped in with the nasty ones.

  • C Peterson

    I don’t lump them in. Most people don’t speak out. Heck, I’m activist about a few things, but I don’t speak out in a meaningful way about many things I care strongly about. There is only so much time, so much energy.

    Most people don’t even have a channel in which to speak out! And frankly, why should a moderate Christian feel any need to speak out against a crackpot like Anderson? They don’t belong to his church. I don’t think they identify with him at all. Simply being Christian doesn’t mean much at all, given the huge number of sects and vast range of differing viewpoints.

    I’ll reserve the bulk of my negative judgment not for those who I don’t hear from, but from those like Anderson who do speak up, and say awful things. And I stick by my original assertion: those are the folks who are doing the most effective job of increasing the number of moderate Christians.

  • emonee

    I think we should use the death penalty on him. Why do we need people like him in this world.

  • emonee

    “I care about her, its just her opinion doesn’t matter and I tell her what to do”

  • Zamak

    “Everything came from nothing.” With that argument God came from nothing.

  • K

    As an American expat living in Ireland, I can now see why Americans are perceived as arrogant, dimwitted, arse holes by the peoples of other countries. This sort of thing shouldn’t be given the time or space in any media if you ask me.

  • walt kovacs

    the guys “church” is a storefront in a tempe strip mall. how does he make enough to support 7 kids? why do i have a feeling that he gets state and fed aide

  • Spazticus

    If I’m not mistaken, he runs a home and business security alarm company. He’s also getting tax breaks because he runs a “church”.

  • Michelle Faustermann

    I do not understand how someone can call themselves a christian, yet be so un-Christlike.

  • Cory Anderson

    stupid bible beaters

  • Michael

    Honestly -without bringing any religious ideals into it- a big reason women got out of the house was greed. Greed brought a need for more income. Bigger homes, more material things. Women and men became interested in this and needed women to get jobs. Women gained equal rights and I believe they should but then more and more expected to do what men did. The pastor made a good point about having more freedom by being a house wife. I know multitudes of women who enjoy staying at home and even had many women (close friends) in college (not a christian college either) who stated they would love to stay at home and raise kids. The other thing is. It should not be a big deal for women to stay home. Also, many people generalize Christian families. Christian spouses do understand each other and there is a lot of give and take and husbands do not treat their wives as servants or slaves. And Christian wives do not just stay at home all day cooking and cleaning, constantly barefoot and pregnant (which is a running joke in our house).

  • TestECull

    Greed isn’t why they wanted to get out of the house.

  • Tarzan322

    So, he is condoning that the government should execute gays? Maybe we should also execute overly biased religious types.

  • tsara

    “Honestly -without bringing any religious ideals into it- a big reason women got out of the house was greed.”
    [citation needed]

    “The pastor made a good point about having more freedom by being a house wife.”

    “I know multitudes of women who enjoy staying at home and even had many women (close friends) in college (not a christian college either) who stated they would love to stay at home and raise kids.”
    Good for them. But remember: those women are not all women. Different people want different things. My sister, for example, wants to be a biomedical engineer.

    “It should not be a big deal for women to stay home.”

    It shouldn’t be. And it isn’t. The bigger problem is, it shouldn’t be a big deal for men to stay home.

  • Joe

    He says everything proves the Bible?
    What about the fact that snakes don’t talk…

  • joe sanford

    I think ignorant people like him should be put to death.

  • Ogre Magi

    I am so sick of christians

  • Justin

    Obvious nut, people like learning about these freaks just so they can point a finger.

  • turdface

    behind that christian is a human being, begging to be set free.

  • No Thanks

    So you can rape if its your wife… gotta love religion.

  • No Thanks


  • Timothy Weston

    From looking at Mr. Anderson’s statements, he seems to be the type that would be emotionally and physically abusive to his own family. What makes it worse is he has a God to hide behind.

  • MV

    Since when is being consistent highly prized in the bible?

  • MV

    I don’t speak out about most things too. But unlike conservative, moderate, and liberal Christians I don’t believe in the same holy book. So yes, if they don’t speak out, they do get lumped together. It’s only fair that I take their stated beliefs seriously.

    His beliefs may be on the fringe. But a rather large minority hold at least one of them. That makes a rather large number of people pretty repugnant.

  • PleaseKillMe

    He is not saying anything incorrect. The Bible tells you to murder gays. This is why he is not the problem, but religion itself is the problem.

  • asdf

    what a humongous piece of human garbage. these kinds of people have no place in this world. I’m not advocating that they should be eradicated, but everyone would certainly be better off if people like this man did not exist.

  • God is not a wood carver

    This ignorant fuck!! Carbon dating works on half lives of elements he clearly is an idiot!! How does a bible that was compiled in c.300 AD equate to 1000′s of years before the 1800′s!? As a Christian missionary I hate the people that talk this ignorant nonsense and I can’t understand why people like this get payed thousands, millions of dollars to spout this (sorry) BULLSHIT!! To deny science is ridiculous!! All science is, is the observance of life around us. It’s not a damn good guess! People have to quit looking at God like some old grandpa sitting in the sky whittling away new creatures in the sky. People need a true understanding and a real view of what God is and I guarantee you it is nothing like what is literally perceived in the Bible.

  • David

    “Nothing in the Bible has been proven not to be true. And I’ve been alive for 31 years and everything I’ve ever seen just proves that the Bible is true…”

    McCarthyism, pure and simple. “a mid-20th century political attitude characterized chiefly by
    opposition to elements held to be subversive and by the use of tactics
    involving personal attacks on individuals by means of widely publicized
    indiscriminate allegations especially on the basis of unsubstantiated

    More specifically, making unsubstantiated allegations against someone and telling them they have to prove they are innocent. Instead of proving guilt, as would be typical in a court of law, McCarthyism is the exact opposite. You have already been convicted, now you have to prove your innocence.

    This pastor is a bit of an uneducated bigot. <– It's an ad hominem attack, but still true.

  • jutholmes

    My biggest problem with organized Religion is when people use it as an excuse to avoid morality for their abhorrent behavior. “I raped my wife because this book said it’s ok.” “I killed this person because this book said it’s ok.” It’s clear that this guy is a psychopath who uses a book to justify his lack of morals.

  • C Peterson

    Christians don’t believe in the same holy book, either. They all interpret it differently. They don’t share any single common belief set.

    I absolutely agree that the beliefs stated by Anderson are repugnant, and I absolutely agree that anybody who agrees with him is equally repugnant. But I don’t consider the majority of Christians, whom I think don’t agree with him at all, as somehow failing morally for not finding some way of publicly voicing that disagreement. Indeed, I doubt that more than a tiny fraction of the Christians in the U.S. have ever heard of Anderson, or come across those extremist views.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    *looks at avatar* Pinkie Pie busting through the screen to declare “You are an idiot” makes me smile too much.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Nasty little wretch.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    I didn’t lose it until the part about the poultry setting. *coughs up soda*

  • walt kovacs

    fucking scam artist

  • walt kovacs

    nope. the bible says nothing of the sort.

    this idiot uses the king james version of the bible, which was translated from the greek, not the hebrew and is therefore filled with mistranlations

    And if a man lie with mankind, as with womankind, both of them have
    committed abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood
    shall be upon them.

    it is the act, not the being, that is seen as sin. therefore, one must witness the act….and according to jewish tradition, it must be witnessed by two men, who have provided those committing the act a warning that what they are doing is a sin

    as a result, according to jewish tradition, no one was ever put to death for any of the acts as stipulated in any of the verses in leviticus

    note that the good pastor and other christians, pick and choose what they follow from the old testament. they dont keep kosher nor do they keep the sabbath…among a bunch of other commandments

  • LoveofJesus

    Yay for Pastors that don’t even read the bible. Sigh. I pray for him to receive wisdom. This is of course, not indicative of the average Christian and pretty sad.

  • Joe Cunningham

    Religion is dumb.

  • CincinnatiDavid

    Duke, please cite the example of an atheist jerk this awful.

  • Elvenpath

    This is really sick.

  • Unpaid Bankruptcy

    1 – This pastor is so obviously gay. He’s not fooling anyone.

    2 – All religion is mental illness.

    3 – People suffering from religion are a danger to themselves and others and should be locked away.

  • Rob

    Abusive… that’s a stretch. There are millions of abusive parents out there. I’m guessing he’s not one of them. Alcohol is a far bigger factor in family abuse than religion. I’m guessing this guy doesn’t drink.

    Just because someone has a differing world view doesn’t make them abusive. That’s just broken logic.

  • JoeinMN

    I am a Christian, and this article is painful to read. What men like this seem to forget is Christ’s central command to us is to love one another. He commands husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church, which means he sacrifices for her, cares for her and takes care of her needs. His command for wives to submit to their husbands was meant to be a part of this cycle. He is responsible for the well being of their marriage, but if he loves her as Christ loved the church, her needs/wants/desires would be a central part of his decision making. It’s because of people like this that marriages are failing at an alarming rate. If women respect their husbands apart from their performance and husbands love their wives apart from their performance, there would be a foundation for a very happy and healthy marriage.

  • Ian

    What’s amazing about all this is this pastor is committing the very
    same errors that atheists and other Bible-haters consistently use:
    applying laws overly and specifically intended for the nation of Israel
    to the Gentiles and/or the Body of Christ.

    Anyone know what the
    definition of “context” is? Please don’t attempt to argue either for or
    against the referenced passages in Leviticus unless you have a firm
    grasp on when/where/to whom those commands were given.

    answer: IF, as Anderson argues, gays are to be executed in a
    Gentile/non-Israelite context, then, yes, we are ALL under those laws
    that forbid mixing fabrics, etc. But if Jesus Christ has set us free
    from the law of sin and death (Rom. 8:2), then we cannot be justified in
    God’s sight by keeping any law, whether it’s telling a lie or tying an
    oxen to the wrong post.

    But praise to be God that He has given
    us His Son, and that all who believe on Him have been set free from the
    penalty of eternal death.

    It was for freedom that Christ set us
    free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke
    of slavery. Gal. 5:1

  • Esp

    Religious Fanatics are like a pit of vipers- Jesus Christ

  • Matt D

    Creating a new breed of terrorists is a bad idea, but I’ve heard a lot of those from the militant religious types lately.

  • baal

    Really horrific ideas on governance are a big part of why I currently identify as an anti-theist (new atheist).

    Here’s the mental test, “If I were to grant this group all that it wanted, what would life look like”. We also have some fairly named theocracies in the middle east (under political islam) and they are not places most non-religious non-conservatives want to live.

  • baal

    I suggest you acquaint yourself with the criminal code of your state H.S. Marital rape is in fact recognized as a crime in the U.S.

  • baal

    I don’t think it has to be the logic of hierarchy. The could also be simple binary thinkers. us vs them. god vs everything else.

  • baal

    I also don’t see Joe Klein calling out this crazy bs.

  • baal

    I don’t think we’ll ever evolve out of using our brains to fill in between things we know and to find patterns. The problem of religion is that it demands belief in figments, trains bad thinking skills and supports (rewards) people who reinforce both the figments and the bad thinking.
    The fix sort of needs to be cultural. i.e. secular education including the teaching of known provable facts and in good thinking processes. Rick Santorum is somewhat right when he says colleges kill religion. He argues it’s via secular proselytizing (and that’s wrong) but the real mechanism of action is the cleaning up of bad facts and sloppy thinking.

  • baal

    Maslow can bite me.

  • Halou

    “Nothing in the Bible has been proven not to be true.”
    Rubbish. The bible itself disproves the bible. It starts doing so as early as Genesis. In chapter 1, god creates animals first and then humans. In chapter 2, god creates humans first, and the animals.
    They can’t both by the truth. Either the bible is true, making it impossible for the bible to be true. Or the bible is not true, meaning it is possible for the bible to be true.

  • Anna

    That’s still a massive problem. Unless you agree that killing men for having sex is fine as long as there were two witnesses who provided a warning?

  • KSS

    it’s not new. They have been here for years.

  • Gus Snarp

    That will be the moment when he goes full on cult (if he hasn’t already) and isolates his family completely (which he’s probably effectively started with the homeschooling) and gets his small flock to join him on some little plot of land where they stockpile weapons.

    And seriously, if you’ve seen some of his other videos, I don’t think that’s hyperbole at all, I think it is the likely end of the path he’s on.

  • Gus Snarp

    Yes, he does. You should look up his videos ranting about border security, to whom he makes a point of resisting and being rude and abusive because he denies their authority.

  • Gus Snarp

    I expect he’d tell you Mark Driscoll isn’t Christian/Man enough.

  • Gus Snarp

    Usually they’ll go with Job 40-41. Apparently because the Bible describes two really big animals, it’s talking about dinosaurs. That it never once mentions any of the huge diversity of dinosaurs species elsewhere, species which you would think would be awfully important if humans were living alongside them, means nothing, apparently.

  • Gus Snarp

    There’s something seriously wrong with this guy. He truly disturbs me. I will not be in the least surprised if his little storefront church turns into an isolated cult in some little camp in the desert with a stockpile of weapons.

  • Gus Snarp

    Um, holy crap. From your first link I found this link to some audio clips of the Pastor saying homosexuals should be put to death and that they’re infectious and they’re after your kids when you drop them off at school and daycare.

  • Gus Snarp

    I wonder what the verdict was on his lawsuit about his refusal to cooperate with Border Control agents?

  • Gus Snarp

    And this is interesting:

    Anderson is the gift that keeps on giving, even if the above is simply reflective of an internal squabble and not the threats of violence it seems to be.

  • wmdkitty

    It’s not his “differing world view”, it’s the fact that he’s thrown up several large red flags that scream “This man is an abuser”.

  • nominalize

    But this fits the logic of hierarchy quite well— ever notice how when it’s us vs. them, the us is always superior to the them?

  • CMD

    Please educate yourself, the bible should be interpreted and used with good intentions. We need to understand that we are not judges, even God forgives and forget. Instead making these comments why we don’t concentrate in teach other good values, peace and love.

  • Benedict Greumach

    I think he’s a champion, suck it intolerant angstheists.

  • DongLicker

    People like this reveal the reality of how many religious people think. Too bad he is wasting our oxygen -___-

  • Girly
  • Ahab

    It’s revealing (and disturbing) that he lumps gay people together with murderers and rapists, since this says volumes about his “moral” priorities. The idea that someone would want capital punishment for LGBTQ people in 2013 is chilling.

    As for the 39:05 comment, how is that not condoning marital rape? A husband compelling his spouse to have sex when she doesn’t want to is sexual assault, and it’s vile. What kind of twisted fundamentalist “morality” justifies things like this!?

  • Ahab

    Many fundamentalist men are bullies who are extremely insecure in their masculinity. They don’t feel like “real” men unless they’re walking all over women and children, thus their resistance to egalitarian relationships. I can’t imagine what kind of tyrant that pastor must be in his home.

  • Dez

    My fiancée and I are partners. He is not my boss. We decide together how our relationship works, not your god. Treating a woman like a child is disrespectful. It’s funny that Christians have a higher divorce rate than atheists. We treat women as equals and not as people to control.

  • Emelie Brorsdotter

    If you say that the bible teaches that homosexuals need to be executed, you also have to want to execute anyone who works on the sabbath, and in the old testament the sabbath is on the Saturday, but now is on the Sunday (which in that case should be a sin in itself).

    They tell me that I just “Pick what I like” out of the bible, but damn it so do they.

  • nell2

    The law in all 50 states would beg to differ.

  • Stev84

    The definition of “context” is “Any passage that I don’t like and thus needs to be explained away”:

  • Olive Markus

    This. This, this, this, this.

    So many women and girls put up with abuse (and yes, spousal/partner rape) because we’ve been taught that once we give consent, we have no right to say “no” or have our “no” respected again. It is horrifying that I ever bought into that line of reasoning, but it is so devastatingly common.

  • Thomas Browning

    Marcus will suck the gay right out of them.

  • ginalex

    He’s so brainwashed. The guy asks him, “what do you think about…” and he never says what he thinks. He only says what the Bible says. Think for yourself!!

  • Roger Prescott

    IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS! This Man Is Just Plain Ignorant and Doesn’t Care Who Knows It.

  • gimpi1

    Having two equal partners who love each other and care about making each other happy is also a foundation for a healthy and happy marriage. I don’t need my husband to sacrifice himself for me, and I don’t need to submit to him in order to make our marriage work. Love, mutual respect and willingness to talk and compromise work fine.

    Is that a problem for you?

  • Homleand Sequirty

    How are we to know that this wasn’t some kind of fantasy role play you were taking part in? Many of the women I’ve been with have told me they have rape fantasies, that there are some guys they know who they wish would just ravish them at work or in a car. For the fantasy to work, it has to be the real thing. Thus, it’s never really rape because somewhere in the back of the woman’s mind she has fantasized about this. It’s actually liberation of the fantasy.

  • Motheroftwo

    You are absolutely correct. There are many Christians who think this way. There are many Non Christians that think similarly as well in regards to marriage equality, if not for the same reasons.

    I agree that as a community we should work to eradicate this poison. Currently, my family does not belong to a church BECAUSE of messages like this. I don’t want people contaminating my childrens’ minds with any sort of hatred, it isn’t what God is about. I also don’t want my kids growing up with the stomach churning fear of being eternally punished, because that is wrong.

    As a person, as a mother, as a partaker in various and assundry things…I take care of my kids, and teach them about the world. Teach them about God. Teach them that it isn’t acceptable to despise anyone based on their personal life choices, their skin, their gender, their methods of calculating math equations….THAT is how I make my contribution, how we begin to affect the future of faith; give my kids the tools to decide how they feel, knowing what they know, learning what they learn, what they choose to learn, and loving everyone their hearts can possibly encounter.

    In a room full of people shouting, standing up and shouting at them to ‘be quiet’ is ineffective at best. Leading by example may not create ripples that reach every corner of every church in every place in the world…but it could change one or two people, who change one or two more.

    Christians are often percieved as gossiping, prudish, hypocrates. That’s probably correct more often than not. As a kid, in the church I went to, I was lead to believe that Athiests were less like people and more like Tyler Durden’s drones (fight club) wreaking havoc on innocent people, staying out late, neglecting laws etc. In my last year of high school, when I moved out of my house, into my boyfriend’s (now my hubbs), I was effectively shunned from my youth group…it caused me to reconsider preconcieved notions on VARIOUS groups of people. It isn’t just Christians that are grouped up and harshly defined in some…religious dictionary…most of us are misrepresented by overbearing, loudmouthed individuals just trying to do what they believe is right.

    I’m embarassed for this guy, on a radio show, making a fool of himself; and am embarassed that this guy represents people that believe in an awesome God in this way.

  • Motheroftwo

    I didn’t say I was better than anyone else, and didn’t mean to leave that implication. I, personally, find it repulsive that someone could reach such an age in life without some sort of emotional epiphany; and only meant to make a claim for any and all believers and followers misrepresented by “radical” individuals. I explained to someone I know that their opinion of gays as a collective whole was unfair because they base that on the “exemplary” gay person. When playing at being from NY, or being of the opposite gender, or being gay, or whatever, you exaggerate that impersonation and that exaggeration is often a subconsciously understood truth.

    now I’m going to type comfortably because holy cow…I’m a married, stay at home mom, knitter, gamer, and am prone to yelling matches with an overintelligent, belligerent three year old. I smoke, enjoy gin and tonics, and am almost always barefoot (unless in public) My house isn’t perfect, and neither am I. I happen to believe in a loving God and am very pleased with my faith. But I don’t believe that I’m better than anyone for any of the attributes that make up me. All I meant to point out, is that there are many many many Christians in the “community” that don’t feel the way this man feels, and that feel his behavior, words, and beliefs are abhorrent.


    I don’t hate you for who you are, I don’t even know you, how could I hate you? And if for one moment or more I offended you, I am truly truly sorry.

  • PsiCop

    Re: “In a room full of people shouting, standing up and shouting at them to ‘be quiet’ is ineffective at best.”

    Then don’t shout back. Undermine and/or ruin him in some other (legal) way. But don’t stand off to the side and complaint there’s nothing you can do.

    One way is to try to influence his congregants to pull their (financial) support for him. Figure out who goes to his church. Then find out which of those people own or run businesses. Boycott those businesses until the owners/managers give up their association with his church.

    Yes, it’s harsh. It would take a lot of effort. But it might actually be worth it. The only way it’s guaranteed not to work, is if you never attempt it.

    I’m guessing all the “reasonable” Christians out there, won’t even attempt it. They’re too frightened of Anderson and his followers to take them on. As usual, cowardice wins the day.

    If you want to hear about other ideas for (again, LEGALLY) undermining this cretin, I can offer more.

  • PsiCop

    Re: “Anyone know what the definition of “context” is?”

    (Sticking my hand up) I do! I do! But I’m guessing you don’t. That is … you don’t know the context in which your own religion, Christianity, was created.

    You see, it began life as a Jewish apocalyptic sect of the 1st century CE. Its followers believed the physical realm was harsh and terrible, given over to the Forces of Darkness, but that one day — very soon! — those forces would be overthrown violently in a single massive event, at which time the true Creator God would appear, take charge once more, and set everything right.

    The original Jesus, according to your own gospels, explicitly taught that this moment — this Apocalypse (i.e. Greek for “uncovering” or “revealing”) — would take place at virtually any moment. It was so imminent that the people he spoke to personally would see it happen before their eyes … while they were still alive and in the flesh (see e.g. Mt 16:28 and Lk 9:27).

    This Apocalypse was so imminent, that it didn’t make any sense even to take care of oneself. So what if someone hit you? Let them, and do nothing about it. So what if someone sues you for your cloak, let them have it, and give them your shirt, too (Mt 5:38-42; Lk 6:27-31). The physical realm was to be ignored in favor of the heavenly realm, aka “the Kingdom of Heaven” or “the Kingdom of God” about which Jesus spoke so frequently, because it was going to perish in a cataclysm at almost any moment.

    After about the middle third of the 1st century CE (more specifically, after the end of the Roman-Jewish War), Christians finally realized their imminent Apocalypse wasn’t coming, and they finally gave up on it. Christianity ever since has lost this apocalyptic angle, which originally had been its core. But they didn’t entirely let go of their apocalypticism; oh no. They pushed it off to some distant, indefinite future date. It would come … someday. Some other time. Eventually. When God got around to it.

    That’s the context in which Christianity sprang into existence, and it was the context in which a lot of the 1st century Christian writings (mainly, the 7 genuine Pauline epistles, the gospels, and a couple other N.T. books) were written.

    I’m happy to discuss that context with you, in great detail. Are you willing to, as well? To date I’ve encountered no devout Christians willing to do so. They love to simper and whine about things being “taken out of context” (whatever that might mean to them), but they are absolutely, totally, and reflexively committed to remaining totally ignorant of the “context” in which Christianity was spawned.

    Let me know when you think “context” is really important, and then we can proceed. Until then, your complaint about “context” remains irrelevant to anyone else, and serves only to tell us you dislike what other people say about your own religion … not that they’re wrong about it.

  • PsiCop

    Re: “He commands husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church, which means he sacrifices for her, cares for her and takes care of her needs.”

    The command to “love your wives” is basically useless. No details are offered. It’s entirely up to the husband to decide what “love” means. If a particular husband thinks it means “pounding her into the floor,” then that’s what it means. And that husband can feel free to pound her into the floor whenever he wants, with his god’s blessing. Hallelujah!

    Re: “It’s because of people like this that marriages are failing at an alarming rate.”

    No, it’s not. It’s because the Christianity that the majority of Americans profess to follow, has no power to make them behave better than they would without it … even if they all claim it does possess that power. They stumble into their marriages thinking God has made them great or something … and unfortunately that never materializes.

  • Motheroftwo

    So you are telling me that I should find a “legal” and “Christ-like” way to destroy this man’s influence over any people who choose to follow him, disrupt small businesses in hard economic times, and basically reduce him to nothing more than a street corner, bible swinging, crier… that those who choose to believe all Christians are this way can develop a deeper opinion of us as individuals in a large community? Is it now cowardice to devote one’s self to raising children to be exemplary members of society?

    I don’t like the way the entertainment industry influences kids. (not in a “video games make kids kill kids” kind of way, mind you) Now, I COULD send a letter every day, describing, in detail, anything portrayed on a particular station (made for kids) that made me upset…avoid character merchandise, and avoid Disney Land like the plague….or, I could prevent my kids from watching those channels, or discuss with the kids the issues I have with the programs.

    I don’t like the way clothing industries lead children AND adults to the brink with dieting, or starvation, or bulimia simply to fit in the hottest clothes…and I could boycott their merchandise (which I’d never purchase for the price ALONE) dissuade my siblings, my children, and any friends between the group of them from shopping there….or I can make sure that anywhere I go, anyone I interact with, I pay a GENUINE compliment as often as I can. Is it weird, probably, but it feels good, and I know that it can alter your entire day.

    As for the people who continue to follow his every word, idolizing his ideals….they are making a decision (for themselves) to do so. Do I believe it’s misguided? Yes, but part of being human is making mistakes, part of being human is having free will.

    if he wants to demean his wife, every day, for the rest of their days, that’s his deal. Hell, that’s HER deal. There are a lot of people not in a pew every Sunday (or every Sunday they choose to go) going through much worse in their relationships.

    My original comment to the article was an immediate, incredulous response to his outlandish practices, though I don’t deny him the right to practice them.

    Christians are going to be perceived by every individual as every individual chooses. Being an informed observer, your perception is loaded with stories, and ‘did you knows’, and ‘holy hell that is not how that book is written-s’, and ‘that judgmental motherf*$&@#r-s’….I can’t change the past for you, I can’t change the color in which you see us, I only ever made a plea for the many Christians that practice comfortably without feeling the need to make other people uncomfortable, or are gay, or have good friends that are gay, or secretly enjoy rough sex and sodomy with a partner that isn’t necessarily their spouse. Many practicing Christians have modern, happy, slightly crazy, lifestyles. To believe in your heart of hearts that we are all like this guy above (even if just in our minds) is overly simplistic thinking.

    I don’t feel a driving need to strike a guy down for making me look bad, because it’s honestly common sense to understand that he isn’t the rule. Not necessarily the exception, but DEFINITELY not the rule. That is all I was really saying in the first place.

  • wmdkitty

    What you described isn’t “Christian” — it’s damned good parenting!

  • PsiCop

    Re: “So you are telling me that I should find a “legal” and “Christ-like” way to destroy this man’s influence over any people who choose to follow him …”

    In a word … yes. As I explained, it’s a messy business. I’m kind of surprised you have so much sympathy for this creep and the sheep who fund him. They don’t deserve it.

    Re: “My original comment to the article was an immediate, incredulous response to his outlandish practices, though I don’t deny him the right to practice them.”

    Nor do I dispute his “right” to teach this way. But “rights” are not at issue here. He’s not subject to arrest, nor am I advocating he ought to be. I never said anything of the sort. What I am advocating is that Christians use the power they have as a community, to apply some pressure him to change his message. While he has a “right” to say what he wants, you likewise have a “right” to react to it, in any lawful way you wish. His “right” to teach whatever vicious hate he feels like, does not mean he can’t be faced with any “consequences” for those teachings. You can force him to suffer “consequences,” if you wish.

    Re: “Being an informed observer, your perception is loaded with stories, and ‘did you knows’, and ‘holy hell that is not how that book is written-s’ …”

    My “perception” of Christianity is not merely flavored by anecdotal stories, as you seem to think. (That’s OK, lots of your kind leap to that conclusion. You don’t know me, and you don’t know any better, but you all seem to love to leap to it, anyway.)

    To be clear, my conclusions about Christianity are based on evidence … evidence gleaned from having once been a Christian (first, a devout Catholic, then a devout fundamentalist). It’s based on what I learned, having taught myself Greek so I could read the New Testament in its original language, the Old Testament in the Septuagint as early Christians knew it, and the Church Fathers, most of whom wrote in Greek. It’s based on the evidence I discovered when I studied the history of Christianity, having earned a degree in medieval history. It’s based on my own time as a GOP activist and having learned first-hand about the Religious Right’s motives and desires.

    I’m hardly ignorant about Christianity’s nature and history. I’m not moved by particular “gotchas.” I’m aware of the extreme fringe ideas about Christianity that lurk around the edges of sanity (e.g. Zeitgeist: the Movie) and reject them as counter-factual, nearly as much as Christians do. I’m no hateful wingnut.

    What I do not accept is willful ignorance, nor do I accept the “see no evil” or “it’s not me!” approach so many people adopt.

    Re: “Many practicing Christians have modern, happy, slightly crazy, lifestyles.”

    Fantastic! Bully for them! Not that this has anything to do with Anderson’s hate or the reason so many other Christians won’t correct him.

    Re: “I don’t feel a driving need to strike a guy down for making me look bad …”

    Then don’t do anything about him. Leave him to spew his bilious hate. But … if that’s the choice you make, and make no mistake, it will have been a conscious choice on your part … you cease to be able to disavow him. You know what he says and does, but will have chosen to do nothing about it. That amounts to condonation.

    That forces me to arrive at certain conclusions about you and about the rest of the Christians who profess to dislike Anderson’s rhetoric but don’t posses the courage to correct it. Those conclusions are the consequence of a conscious choice you and other Christians will have made.

  • Mira

    You guys need to go over to the YouTube video to trounce the stupid comments there :P

  • Shockna

    “it is the act, not the being, that is seen as sin. therefore, one must
    witness the act….and according to jewish tradition, it must be
    witnessed by two men, who have provided those committing the act a
    warning that what they are doing is a sin”

    You’re still killing the being because of the act; that extrapolation changes nothing.

    “as a result, according to jewish tradition, no one was ever put to death
    for any of the acts as stipulated in any of the verses in leviticus”

    Doesn’t make any of the commands in those verses any less abominable, even if true.

  • Emma

    No secure man acts like Steve Anderson…nothing manly about arrogance…

  • Leora Veradex

    Well were out here. Waiting. Waiting for the day when they use the death penalty against gays.

  • Spazticus

    I bet you’d completely disown and disavow any family member who also happened to be gay, and you wouldn’t feel the slightest tinge of remorse or regret if they were to be executed under such a law. You’re a disgrace to humanity.

  • MargueriteF

    I know you’re out there. And that’s why we need to make sure that radical conservatives are never in charge of the country, because “love the sinner, hate the sin” so quickly turns to “kill the gays” when people like you get power.

  • cajaquarius

    More circumstantial evidence that homophobes are also potential rapists and misogynists. These things seem to go hand in hand.

  • WhyIsItReal

    Umm, any reasons there? And it’s atheists.

  • chance4321

    Yes, lets regress society back to the dark ages.

  • Jonathan

    Sounds like he has a lot of issues, and really isn’t modeling Godly behavior. He isn’t being like Christ. I wonder if he’s actually an authentic born-again believer.

  • rdnaskela

    So……gay porn actors are fucked, in more than one way.

  • Kevin A

    I invite them to try to kill me. I’m an atheist waiting.

  • Kevin A

    Live and let die…

  • Kevin A

    I can’t honestly proclaim all killing is wrong. If someone did this loon in, they would do the world a big favor.