Why is Bosley’s Pet Foods Bringing in an ‘Animal Communicator’?

***Update***: Bosley’s noted on Facebook that they will be canceling this event!

Nice job, all!

Bosley’s Pet Foods is a retail store in British Columbia and they have a special guest visiting one of their stores next week:

Reisa Stone is an “animal communicator” who uses the power of telepathy to talk to animals dead and alive. (Remember when Harry Potter spoke Parseltongue? Yeah, it’s like that.)

Reisa Stone

Julie, a blogger at The Misanthropic Shiba, was upset to see this partnership taking place. It meant that Bosley’s was tacitly (if not strongly) supporting this con. So she said something about it:

Anyway, why am I all up in arms over this? I mean, it’s just nonsensical fun, right? Light-hearted fun.

Wrong. At $150 an hour, Ms. Stone is charging people for her ‘telepathy’ services — desperate people who are hoping for a miracle to help them help their pet. And people are paying this. Even if they’re stupid/ignorant/ill-informed, it’s up to the rest of us to stop reliance on the ‘woo’ and keep encouraging pet owners to seek out competent professionals who have made animal behaviour a study.

It’s the same reason we criticize John Edward and James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne and all those other fake-psychics who pretend to communicate with the dead: It’s not just an entertainment act. They’re duping gullible, desperate people out of their money by manipulating their emotions.

It’s also good reason not to shop at Bosley’s. If they want to endorse Stone by giving her access to their customers, it just shows how little respect they have for the people who buy their products.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Stone saw Julie’s post and felt the need to comment on it.

First, Stone took a passive-aggressive approach:

… I am getting quite a few good contacts from your blog post. Particularly from people who are against racism, experience a deep connection with animals, and have some knowledge of quantum physics. Keep going :)

If that doesn’t make any sense to you, it’s because it doesn’t make any sense to anyone.

Then, not getting the supportive response she was expecting, Stone took it up another notch: She threatened to “out” Julie to her not-so-skeptical employer:

… since your employer wrote [an] article about Animal Communication, I’m sure she will be thrilled to read yours.

Julie, to her credit, didn’t back down. She responded to Stone directly:

I think your claims are false and that you’re taking money from people who are desperately searching for answers. You may apply stuff that actually works, like desensitization techniques and getting strong chemicals out of a pet’s living area, but wrapping it in the guise of being able to actually speak to animals is dead wrong. As is the claim to speak with dead animals — making money by telling people grieving over their dead pets stories to make them feel better. I think it’s reprehensible.

I don’t really care about you, though. You can peddle your psychic wares to anyone foolish enough to listen. However, when a store chain that I shop at endorses you by creating an event and inviting you, I am not going to support them with my money. And that’s what I’m blogging about.

Go Julie!

If Stone wanted to prove her powers were real, she could always take James Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge. She won’t do that, though. It would expose her as a fraud and the money well would dry up.

If you shop at this Bosley’s, let them know you’re disappointed in their hosting of this event. Their number is 1-604-591-1013. You can also reach corporate headquarters through here.

If the store managers really care about pets and their owners, then they shouldn’t be supporting someone who has no respect for that relationship and who pretends to communicate with animals in order to make money.

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Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • Rain

    This is completely backwards The people with the animals that can talk to people should be the ones charging money. (And giving it to the animals.)

    • The Other Weirdo

      No, that’s not a good idea. They would just spend it on kibble and bitches.

  • Smiles

    One might argue that she provides hope/closure to the desperate/grieving… and though it is foolish, it isn’t amoral. Charging vulnerable people $150/hr to make shit up, on the other hand, is absolutely amoral.

  • http://atheistlutheran.blogspot.com/ MargueriteF

    This is really way out there. I can almost understand people being conned by someone who purports to tell you what your pet wants upon meeting it. (My dogs are capable of expressing what they want quite clearly, and it doesn’t take telepathy to understand them: FOOD FOOD FOOD pat pat tummy rub FOOD MORE FOOD.) But “bring in your pet’s photo”? Seriously? Does anyone really believe there are people out there who can get telepathic emanations from a photograph? How would that even work?

    Anyway, we don’t have Bosley’s here, but if this were my local PetSmart, I would be quite perturbed with them, and would tell the manager I was displeased, too. Enough negative feedback should discourage the store from going ahead with this, I should think.

    • C Peterson

      Here in the boondocks where I live, everybody has their own well. And lots of people hire dowsers to tell them where to drill. Now as if running around over the ground looking for “streams” with a stick or coathanger weren’t crazy enough, now you can contract out the job to somebody on the Internet, who will tell you where to dig by waving a paperclip over a topo map or Google Earth image of your property. No different than communicating with a dog using its photograph, I guess.

      That’s the thing about crazy. Once you start down that path, there is no end in site.

      • Mick

        Here’s something the dowsers know and their customers don’t: You can dig anywhere you like (even in really arid areas) and you’ll eventually hit the water table. No dowsing required – just pick a spot at random and you’ll find water.

        • C Peterson

          Yes and no. People around here come up dry maybe 10% of the time. That means the hole is too deep for a practical well, or somebody decides they don’t want to keep spending $15 a foot past 400 or so feet. The sad thing is, they drill a dry hole and go back to the same witcher to tell them where to try again!

    • Librepensadora

      It works because when your picture is taken your soul is captured. Guess that wouldn’t work for those who believe animals don’t have a soul. Maybe we could bring a photo of Jame Herriott and get a message in English from our dear departed pets.

      • http://atheistlutheran.blogspot.com/ MargueriteF

        Ah, but I thought the “captured soul” thing only pertained to cameras and old-fashioned film. What about when I take a photo on my iPhone and then print it out on my printer? Is the soul still in there somewhere? Or does it get lost somewhere between the phone and the printer?

        And frankly, I’ve always believed that if there are souls, dogs are more likely to have them than humans:-).

        • Jason Hinchliffe

          No no. Soul capturing works perfectly with all digital media. In fact, I have yours right now. I’ll gladly return it for a nominal fee.

          • Tom

            Surely that can only happen with the very first picture that was ever taken of you, since I’m pretty sure we’re only supposed to have one soul each.

          • C.L. Honeycutt

            I just screenshotted your comment history and thus have captured your thoughts. Send mint oreo milkshakes if you want them back.

        • Len

          I think it works because of the quantums. Or something. So an iSoul will be OK as long as you use a USB connection (Universal Soul Bus).

  • Makoto

    We sometimes joke in my family that my folks’ dogs “talk” to my mother. She recognizes when they’re hungry, hurt, need to go outside, or are scared. Of course, there’s nothing psychic there, it’s just realizing that the dogs will indicate their needs if you’re paying enough attention to notice them.

    Animal “psychics” use an interesting blend of cold reading the owners with recognizing animal “tells”. The fact that this one is willing to work off of a photo leans more towards reading the owners. It’s sad that people fall for this kind of stuff, and sadder still when they try to change based off a “psychic” reading of a pet photo.

  • Jane Doe

    So I work for this company, though not in that store. I understand the WHY – because we’re trying to raise money for local animal rescues, etc. But I just.. I would have a hard time keeping a straight face in the store during all that. If it were me, I probably would have advised the manager to stay away from something of this nature.

    Also, I will be forwarding this to my district manager and printing a copy of this article for my store. I encourage any patrons to Bosley’s to contact the corporate offices, as feedback from customers go much further than of the employees.

  • Cyanmoon1

    From Stone’s website, regarding $60 long-distance “pure energy healing”: “Sessions are 30 minutes in length… I’ve found this is the maximum most creatures can absorb at one time. I’m a very powerful conduit of universal energy.”

    If by ‘energy’ she means ‘bullshit,’ then I will not dispute her claim

    • Librepensadora

      “long distance pure energy healing” Isn’t that what Christian Science practitioners do?

  • Pluto Animus

    Called and spoke to the manager (didn’t catch her name).
    I told her that it was wrong to help someone exploit the grief of others for profit.

    She had the nerve to claim that Stone doesn’t say she has psychic powers.

    I responded that that’s what the customers think, and it’s wrong to exploit their grief for money.

    Then I told her I was hanging up, as I was feeling rather sick.

    • C.L. Honeycutt

      She had the nerve to claim that Stone doesn’t say she has psychic powers.

      Well, that could technically be true. Stone’s necromancy could be based in the casting of magic spells or a deal with the devil.

  • A3Kr0n

    Is it possible to Pharyngulate their email, or does that only work on online polls?

  • Dirk

    The photo on the flyer really disturbs me.
    But if instead of that ghoulish smiley face on the table I imagine the “Death” tarot card, it becomes comical enough.

  • Anna

    This reminds of the “pet psychic” who had a show on Animal Planet.


    It’s amazing to me that the public is willing to accept such nonsense. It’s not just traditional religion that’s a problem in society. It’s supernaturalism in general.

  • DoctorDJ

    Dan Piraro does the “Bizarro” comic. This is perfect:


  • flyb

    Someone should turn the tables on her. Get a good Photoshopper to combine features of multiple dogs into one “dog photo.” Then secretly video record the “reading” to see what kind of crap she comes up with.

  • Librepensadora

    What’s next? Doggie and kitty ouija boards with the triangle moving under their little paws?

  • shinpuren

    There is an American woman who is scamming Japanese pet owners a couple of times a year on prime time TV. She claims to be able to understand the usually injured or dead animal’s feeling etc and informs the owners that they are not in pain and/or doesnt blame the owner for any accident bollocks.

    Its disgraceful since the owners (who usually end up in tears) obviously treat their pet as part of the family. I cant watch it without throwing expletives at the TV.

  • thebigJ_A

    “Remember when Harry Potter spoke Parseltongue?”

    No, I don’t.

    And I am so, so very proud of that.

  • http://karlaporter.com/ Karla Porter

    The poor gullible people that fall for that and they do. I was at the salon yesterday and heard a woman saying she didn’t know which of her casual girlfriends to pick as her monogamous gf but there are several and it’s getting down to the wire, she has to choose but likes all of them and doesn’t know what to do so she wants to go to a card reader. Well, as luck would have it….. the hairdresser knows the BEST card reader who was 100% right about his life and everyone else’s that goes to her and it takes a month to get an appointment because she is so good. This cutomer doesn’t have a month because her various girlfriends are pressuring her…

  • anniewhoo

    Just went to her website. She actually does a “Rainbow Bridge” contact session. Thank goodness she doesn’t charge you extra for the pre-interview she does with your pet. What a bargain!

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    I just visited Bosley’s Facebook page about the event. They wrote three hours ago that they are going to cancel it because of all the complaints. ^^

    I wonder if the Christian apologists here are going to post about how mean old atheists force their beliefs on others… or is that only when it’s their brand of necromancy?

  • Robster

    I can communicate with our cat quite easily and for a whole lot less that $150! She meows and rubs around my legs when she’s hungry and sits by the door when she wants to go outside. If she’s not a happy cat, she’ll look at me with those big blue eyes and I’ll get the message. That’s about it though. What on earth would a dead pet say anyway and do they only learn to talk after decomposition?

  • RedShasta

    Thanks for blogging about this, Hemant! I’ve updated my post to include the latest news. The most important is that the event is cancelled, due to negative feedback.

    As I commented on my blog post, if she is as genuine as she says, why go to such lengths to punish or silence me? I’ve got an opinion – so what? What dangerous thoughts could I possibly post that compete with the ability to reach inside my Shiba’s mind and find out why he doesn’t come when called?

    As I explained it to one person, the sad thing is that if Stone had just contented herself with one post on my blog, detailing my many imperfections, it probably would have gone unnoticed and unremarked-upon.

    But she had to get weird about it. And, by ‘weird’, I mean threatening to email one of my bosses (I wear many hats to pay the bills). I mean emailing my employers to complain about my blog post. As of today, she has made posts on my employers’ Facebook business pages, posted my name and workplace and city on her Facebook business page (now deleted) and commented on my dog’s Facebook page (yeah, I own shares in the crazy, but at least I don’t charge for it).

    People started taking notice. I could lose some things over this, but I will fight as long as I can against those who try to protect their fraudulent claims with threats, intimidation and harassment.

    Not to mention that Tierce now has to get over the disappointment of not talking directly to someone who really understands his need to live on generic cheddar.

    • Reisa Mary Stone

      Dear Julia MacTire:

      The “most important thing” is not that one event was cancelled. The most important thing is outlined in my response here and on my website.

      Re: your dog’s Facebook page being non profit. Please. You’ve used it for some time to garner income by social media promotion. You’re paid to do so by a business, and solicit more such business on your LinkedIn profile.

      I’ve never practiced threats, intimidation or harassment. You published
      defamatory statements and riled up your fringe group members to contact one of my sponsors in a negative and harassing manner. I responded. Many of the complainants on Bosley’s Wall and to their office are members of your fringe group, and/or nowhere near one of their stores. Most are not even pet owners.

      You expected to remain anonymous, hiding behind your dog; your anger is at being held accountable. It’s clear you expected the “nice but deluded” Animal Communicator to whimper and lie down like a good doggie.

      If you’d researched my credentials, you’d have seen that I’ve routinely rehabbed aggressive/troubled dogs and horses for over 35 years, and that I tirelessly rescue abused animals at my own expense. I’m now limited in hands on work only due to a spinal crush injury and attendant pain.

      You’ve not bothered to visit my LinkedIn resume. You and your network did, however, take an avid interest in the blog where I gathered evidence against a fraudulent, multi-million dollar rescue recently shut down by the Attorney General.

      I’m saddened to hear the only way you can communicate with your own dog is through a constant supply of exotic and unhealthy treats. It must be frustrating. I’d be able to assist you with that, without even using my intuitive skills. Genuine training is a matter of cooperation and trust, not bribery.

      If you’d approached me directly with an open and inquiring mind, I would have been glad to give you a complimentary session so that you could write about the experience. As genuine media does.


      Reisa Stone
      Expert Animal Communicator

      • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ Feminerd

        It sounds like you do good work with rescue animals. I don’t think anyone has a problem with that.

        Do you also claim to telepathically communicate with them, or just be able to read their body language? Do you claim to be able to psychically communicate with dead animals? Do you actually claim to get some sort of psychic impression from pictures of animals, and charge people for this impression? If you do any of the above, then expect skeptics to be, well, very skeptical.

        • Sunshine Moonangel Pepperpants

          Yep. She claims all of those things, and the pet store would have known it had they researched her ‘credentials’.

      • Bear Necessities

        “… since your employer wrote [an] article about Animal Communication, I’m sure she will be thrilled to read yours.”

        Sounds like a threat to me.

      • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com/ wmdkitty

        Fraud, followed by lies, followed by threats. Yeah, you’re a real class act, lady.

  • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com/ wmdkitty

    My baby girl, Gracie (calico longhair) is a talker. A very expressive talker. It’s kinda neat having a “conversation” with her, because she does respond to questions and comments, and even has a sarcastic meow.

    But there’s no woo involved — between her many and varied vocalisations and her body-language, it’s pretty easy to figure out what she wants/needs.

    Then there was the one time I sneezed and she looks at me, half-asleep, and meowed like, “bless you.”

  • GubbaBumpkin

    I imagine that all of the pets communicated with want to say, “I’m unhappy with my current brand of food, I want you to upgrade to Bosley’s.”
    This reminds me of a recent fortune I got in a fortune cookie in a Chinese restaurant: “A good way to keep healthy is to eat more Chinese food.”

  • Spuddie

    I really don’t want to know what my cat is thinking. He has seen me get dressed way too many times. Probably annoyed that he got neutered and I didn’t.

  • Melissa

    My other half and I were customers of theirs, until this. It would be on thing if they actually “got it” , yeah they canceled the event, complete with the implication we’re busy bodies (see the other response from them pasted in Julie’s blog post.). Not impressed, and I wasn’t “offended” until I read the “apology” by them here. I responded to it and shortly afterword the entire thread had been deleted by Bosley’s.

    ” Obviously you don’t quite understand the issue some of your
    customers like us take with this event. Unfortunately, even though we love your stores we will no longer be shopping in your establishment. While we commend Bosley’s head office for cancelling the event, the response to this thread and the reasoning behind the decision leaves much to be desired.

    We’re not a group of killjoys trying to spoil innocent fun for others. Your brand was hosting a guest who claims to be able to speak to dead pets for $150/hr, also offering “Hands on and distance healing sessions for pets and people” done via telephone for $60 /30mins. While the wording on your advertising posters was more careful then that, the issue in our eyes is that these events hosted by your company would have given Riesa Stone, (someone we feel is taking advantage of grieving and pet owners desperate for a miracle) a platform to expand her client base. Psychic abilities such as these have never been proven in anyone, anywhere by science.

    We found your decision of guest to be deplorable and something we simply would not support as consumers. Your company wouldn’t host a puppy mill rep simply because some of your customers are happy with their puppy mill pet purchases, we feel this is hardly any different.”

    • Bear Necessities

      Very well said.

  • Reisa Mary Stone


    This has been a very interesting ride.

    The original blog post occurred immediately after several members of a fringe group visited an anonymous evidence blog I’d created to bring down a multi-million fraudulent “rescue” called People Helping Horses.

    I’d remained anonymous to protect myself while the WA Attorney-General ultimately shut them down. The Director was using donor funds for her dog and horse breeding operation. The fraud was connected with animal abuse by a fringe group up here in BC, which was how I collected evidence. As I do a great deal of quiet evidence gathering against animal abusers, I log IP and cross reference addresses as a matter of course.

    It’s troubling that some are still persecuting others’ spirituality; I’m carrying on the Ukrainian tribal tradition of Animal Communication and spiritual healing.

    However, it’s to be expected. This type of oppression has existed since the Catholic Inquisition, when millions of healers/Communicators were burned at the stake, along with our pets. The slaughter of millions of cats as “devils’ familiars” resulted in the Black Plague. Healers were branded witches. The defamatory stereotype is now the image of the ugly Halloween witch with her black cat.

    Which is what the negative posters have done with me. I proudly accept the label. You may more commonly hear of us these days as Wiccans or Pagans. These labels too, attract their fair share of persecution from fundamentalists.

    If you can hear animals, you can’t justify experimental labs, factory farms, mills, etc. What defamatory statements from “atheists” have ironically perpetuated on this blog and on Julie Mactire’s, is the viewpoint and tactics of the Church, which in the Dark Ages controlled the State.

    Not to mention the Soviets who banned natural medicine and tortured my grandma to death. After surviving the purges, then escaping from a Nazi camp, my father found himself sufficiently terrorized to tragically limit his astounding gifts with animals. I’m proud to carry on our traditions on my peoples’ and family’s behalf.

    Aboriginal people have been slaughtered wholesale and herded onto reservations; Animal Communication is part of any Native spiritual practice I’ve had the privilege to explore. The wanton slaughter of wildlife, e.g. bison and wolves, is part and parcel of the negation of Aboriginal beliefs that animals are sacred and have important messages for humanity.

    Most world cultures have a rich spiritual life that includes spirit world contact and reincarnation. In my several years study of Talmud, I learned that one of the bases of 6000 year old kosher law is that souls can return as human or animal; the lamb you’re about to eat could be your grandfather. If you wish to debate that, please contact a rabbi.

    For those who have an issue with those gifted being compensated: we’ve always been paid for our work. Traditionally, healers have been supported by their community. In mainstream society, spiritual workers are given salaries and homes by their house of worship.

    I’ve chosen self employment, with its attendant heavy costs and risks. Though I’m physically disabled and my income is insecure due to this, I routinely support animal rescue. Just the evidence gathering I mentioned re: PHH took me three months, at my own expense. While others picked up their regular pay cheques, I put most paid work aside. I fed/watered the starving animals and paid significant physiotherapy fees to ease my chronic pain.

    The viewpoints both on Ms. MacTire’s blog and on this one, are those of the Catholic and fundamentalist churches, along with those who have perpetuated genocide through the ages. This is how the Descartian ideology of animals as mechanical objects, to be used for human gain, began. These viewpoints have been the cause of as much human and animal suffering as any through history.

    On a more personal level, it all started with last week’s discovery that I was the anonymous whistle blower on a multi-million dollar fraudulent horse rescue. Some of it may be blowback from the successful campaign I headed to take abused carriage horses off Vancouver’s downtown streets and the national record I set for ink-on-paper petitions to end the butchering alive of 100,000 horses annually in Canada. I spent over 600 voluntary hours and $1000 of my own just on that one, working anonymously through a chain of eight pet nutrition stores. My MP read my petition in the House.

    Although my work on the latter usually attracts death threats from horse breeders who profit from slaughtering their culls, not in a defamatory campaign from a Shiba Inu :-D

    Nor is it a surprise the defamation originated from a woman who spends a great deal of her time immersed in a fantasy of living in the Dark Ages. Ms. MacTire tirelessly works on behalf of a medieval re-enactment group who address each other in their idea of medieval Olde Englishe. Ironically, if their group was historically accuracate, “witches” would be intrinsic to their gatherings. They do use tarot cards and cauldrons as props.

    Why not re-enact the Inquisition? I suppose in the world of medieval Fantasy Gamers, this is the ultimate score.

    By tracing IP addresses and Facebook links, it turns out the posters on Bosley’s Wall are part of Ms. MacTires fringe group. Many of them don’t even own pets.

    Well, I’ve now been outed as the person who infiltrates fringe groups, smiles beautifully and takes friendly pictures. What these defamatory statements have done, is taken away some of my ability to do that.

    Fortunately, it hasn’t taken away my ability to continue helping people solve their pets’ behavioral challenges and cope with grief. As I initially posted on Julia MacTire’s blog, support has been overwhelming. She and the present blogger have attempted to twist my honest response as passive aggressive.

    Not unlike superstitious Inquisitioners throwing a “devil possessed witch” in the river. They declared her guilty if she floated, innocent if she drowned.

    Reference: Malleus Maleficarum, medieval witch hunters guide. I can’t see why Ms. MacTire’s group wouldn’t own copies; it’s a standard reference for both hobbyists and college history departments.

    My Inbox is full, and my phone ringing with open minded and appreciative support. I was a horse and dog trainer until a spinal crush injury took that ability away. Many people are disgusted with the attempts to also shut down my ability to support myself as a consultant, and to finance animal rescue.

    Bosley’s, at least, has been kind enough to provide me with disability supports while I did $25 mini-sessions for those who can’t afford professional fees. The positive feedback to them was overwhelming. They canceled my July 20th event only as a matter of public perception.

    It’s extremely amusing that the majority of huffily irate “I’ll never shop in your store again!” complainants live in the US, far from any Bosley’s store. This blog originates in Illinois. And as I said, most of Ms. MacTire’s network are not pet owners.

    I deleted the Facebook posts I made drawing attention to Ms. MacTire’s defamation, due to threats posted by one of her friends. The authorities will be dealing with him. It’s quite typical of one who persecutes others’ spiritual beliefs to paint themselves as a tragic Victim. The Church Inquisitioners often began their seizures of healer/Animal Communicators’ property, person and animals with the allegations that the “witch” had seduced them. They did plenty of self aggrandizing weeping while sentencing village healers and their pets, to torture and death.

    If you’d like to know more, please visit my website. http://www.reisastone.com

    My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalCommunicatorReisa

    Yours truly,
    Reisa Stone
    Expert Animal Communicator and Energy Healer

    • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com/ wmdkitty

      BWAHAHAHAHAHA… bollocks.

    • Bear Necessities

      “Nor is it a surprise the defamation originated from a woman who spends a
      great deal of her time immersed in a fantasy of living in the Dark

      It isn’t fantasy, and we aren’t gamers. You might want to actually look into it.

      If all that you wrote is true, then you would be pretty remarkable. But blowing your own horn, and using sympathy as well, to try to justify taking people in like that just doesn’t warm my heart. And being as horridly inaccurate (not to mention your unjustified disdain for Julie for being part of a Society you obviously know nothing about) as you are about our medieval educational group, makes me wonder how accurate you are about the rest of what you wrote.

      Sincerely, Morel Zupanic, Pagan

    • Tina Lommen

      This has nothing to do with boycotting a store for me I have never heard of Bosleys but as a Abuse Fuzz Butt rescue and re-habber for over 30 years. ( mine are vet recommended, the abuse usually so bad by the time vets call me the animal would have been put down if not placed with me). I find the above statement of your to be close to rants and raves.. No one needs to pay someone 150.00 friggin dollars to find out what their fuzzy companions are thinking, just spend more then five minutes a day with them and they make their wants and needs more then known to you.. And to take money from a grieving pet owners under the guise that you can speak to them from beyond the grave, stands right by snake oil salesmen. If you are going to charge that much money at least show them how you read body language, both the Fuzz Butts and the owner..Teach them how to have a better relationship with Fuzz Butts.. Now if you would care to call the authorities on me for having a straight forward opinion about your so-called abilities please do so.. I would love to have you prove me wrong.. Because I feel you are a predator stalking your prey.. grieving people.. Oh My name is Tina Lommen I own Greyhold studios my phone number is 602-790-8762 I am not only a Fuzz Butt rescuer but a wildlife re-habber . I am not hiding behind any claims other then a keen eye, good listening skills, a soft touch and a whole lotta love.. That is the true communication with our Fuzz Butts.. Good God woman you threw in the dark ages???

    • Antifraud

      More blah blah, blah blah. I scrolled quickly down as soon as the tiny violins started sounding at those words.

      What a crock of steaming poo.

  • Dogowner

    Dear Ms. Stone.

    I don’t know who this Julie person is nor do I know her dog. I am NOT religious in any shape or form so there knocks out you lumping me in one of these “fringe” groups” or religious zealot categories.

    I am merely a person with a dog that stumbled to all this.

    Hate to tell you, but you are full it aren’t you? How do you know all about this Julie person and HER friends? Are you stalking her since she made her original comment? I doubt you knew who she was until she posted her blog, now you know more about her than her own mother. Do you know what religion she is? For a fact? If not, you did your own defamation of her simply with the “viewpoint and tactics of the Church” schtick. Does this have religious undertones to it? How about racial? From my humble POV, no it has neither, but more, a person calling a BS line for an “occupation” that can not be proven to be the truth. I wouldn’t pay $150/hr to have a session with the Long Island Medium for crying out loud. NOBODY CARES!!! Those that do need to get a life and move on.

    Sure, I shall be sad when my dog leaves this mortal coil, but he’s a dog!!!! I love him beyond belief but he’s a DOG!!!! You think a Scot can do what you do, or is this just a Ukrainian thing? What about a certain oh so popular Mexican that claims he can “Whisper” to dogs, and helps people with their pooches. I don’t think there is any “extra” ability here, but more, the ability to read what a dog is TRYING to say via his/her body language and social behaviour. Anybody that knows how to read can buy a book and figure this out. Most books cost anywhere between 10-40 bucks and one can keep it!!! Sounds like a better deal than your rate of ambiguity.

    Sure, religion fanatics like to step on the unexplained. This is not what this is about. You are merely twisting the context of her blog to victimize yourself. Simply from reading all this, it defiantly seems that something is untruthful about you and what you are representing. Nobody needs to dig as much as you have to find out about Julie’s life and her friends if there is nothing to hide. Why were you looking for hard? What are you looking for? A troll? Seems your vendetta far outreaches anything Julie has claimed and done on her blog. So who’s the aggressor here? Might want to take a boo into a mirror to find the answer.

  • Starlight Moonangel

    Awesome! That shameless loon spams Linkedin with her gag-worthy dribble and seems to do nothing but try to big herself up. With completely unsupported claims naturally.

    She simply places her own opinions onto the animal. ” Dogs told me they don’t like pink and sparkles” nah…You Don’t like it. Dogs cannot even see pink!

    A rookie mistake all frauds make is making insane claims like that.

  • Sunshine Moonangel Pepperpants

    Ha, so glad to see this post! Ms Stone spams Linkedin seemingly daily with her non-stop, self-promoting and loooooooooong winded garbage. Luckily, if her own blog followers are any indication, she’s not duping many people out of their money.
    I think my favorite line from one of her hilarious blogs (we see it as comedy here) was when she claimed “Many dogs have told me they don’t like pink and sparkles.”
    in a topic about dressing pets in clothes.
    Clearly just asinine projection since dogs cannot even see pink.
    Her profile on linkedin is insanely long, and just stuffed with unverified claims, and wild statements. That’s good though. Thinking people will see it for what it is.
    I saw her posts in response to Julie, and they were so long, self-righteous and just barf-worthy that I visualized someone slapping her with a flounder. If my chakras were in alignment and the universe was listening, then I guess it happened, right? Right.
    Oh, and..did you guys know she hawks a cookbook? Well, in it, there are recipes that call for..wait for it…slaughtered animals!
    I’m sure the chickens told her they enjoy being killed for food, and gave her their full blessing as she wrote that one.
    Now hurry up and contribute to her pledge fund! She’s so wildly successful that she needs your money to print her tripe.