Sarah Palin Wants to Save Christmas from ‘Angry Atheists… Armed with an Attorney’

Sarah Palin is coming out with a book this winter about the “War on Christmas” and she talked about it with Faith and Freedom Coalition head Ralph Reed:

… It’s going to be a great Christmas book. Lots of nice, festive, joyful things within the book, like recipes and traditions of our family that are probably pretty unique because we are from Alaska and live near the North Pole, so we have access to Santa Claus and all the good things that come with Christmas.

But the heart of the book is the Truth about Christmas. It’s keeping Christ in Christmas and not allowing the politically correct people and the angry atheists, especially those who are armed with an attorney, tell us that Christ will not be a part of Christmas anymore, whether that has to do with the language that we use when we say “Merry Christmas” publicly and we have our nativity scenes out on our public property, or private property, for those who want to take that away from Americans who understand that the Truth behind the most wonderful holiday, Christmas, well, we tell then in this book how they can fight back and be empowered, again, to keep Christ in Christmas.

As with just about everything Sarah Palin says, there’s so much wrong in her statement, the least of which is that Wasilla, Alaska isn’t actually “close” to the North Pole.

It’s also surprising to hear her bring up Santa Claus, since he’s not what many Christians want as the primary association with Christmas.

But let’s get to the main issue: Palin seems to think atheists hate Christmas so much, they don’t want anyone else to celebrate it. Anyone who’s done even minimal research on the matter knows that’s not true… which is why Palin accepts it wholeheartedly. (Prediction: You won’t find a single footnote or citation in this book.)

The only thing “atheists with lawyers” have a problem with is government promotion of one religion over all other religions, or belief over non-belief. The government must stay neutral on those matters. Christians don’t own December any more than Muslims own July. The only time “angry atheists” sue is when politicians overstep their bounds and grant special privilege to Christians that they aren’t also extending to other people.

If Christians want to put up a Nativity Scene on their front lawns? Fine! No atheist group has ever sued about Christian displays on private property, so Palin’s little comment about that is completely ignorant.

If a government or public school puts up a Nativity Scene and allows displays from Jewish groups, atheist groups, and groups representing all other belief systems, also fine!

As Brian Tashman at Right Wing Watch says so succinctly, the War on Christmas “doesn’t actually exist but is an easy way for conservative activists to stoke fears and make money.”

That’s all this is: A way for Palin to take money from her base without doing any of the things she finds so cumbersome, like work or research or telling the truth.

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Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • Tainda

    Oh for Pete’s Sake! Santa lives in FINLAND!

    • Malcolm McLean

      Actually he was Greek, and lived in an area that is now modern Turkey. The Coca Cola slur on Santa (that he got his colour scheme after a Coke ad) is not true. The red trimmed with white represents his bishop’s robes.

      • Mario Strada

        Well, I bet Sarah can see Turkey from her backyard too! In fact, even inside her house she can see a lot of turkeys.

      • C.L. Honeycutt

        Actually he was All-Father of the Gods, and lived in Scandinavian territory. The Christian slur on Santa (that he was not originally Odin later co-opted by missionaries) is not true. :P

        • unclemike

          Actually, I’m Santa, and y’all are getting nothing this year.

          • Tainda


          • C.L. Honeycutt

            Fuck my nuts, when did you get wireless up there?

          • Feminerd

            Hah! I grew up Jewish- you never gave me anything anyways. So there! *Nyaaah!*

    • karenann

      Indeed! I was going to post that myself!

  • Roy Gamsgrø

    *lives further north than Wasilla, AK; not seen Santa Claus*

  • Art_Vandelay

    As with just about everything Sarah Palin says, there’s so much wrong in
    her statement, the least of which is that Wasilla, Alaska isn’t
    actually “close” to the North Pole.

    The greatest part is not that she thinks Wasilla is close to the North Pole but that she thinks living closer to the North Pole Actually gives you greater access to Santa Claus. I’m sorry…I just can not get enough of this woman. I’ve missed her so.

    • Houndentenor

      I just don’t have the heart to tell her there’s no sanity clause.

  • CBrachyrhynchos

    It’s the War on Christmas in July Sale!

    • A3Kr0n

      We have to stay vigilant even in July! The Salvation Army here has resorted to “Christmas in July” bell ringers!

    • JET

      I think this year I’ll get some of those little green army men, spray paint them gold, and hang them on a “War on Christmas” tree.

      • C.L. Honeycutt

        My god but this gives me so many ideas for decorating I think my head will asplode.

  • talkingsnake

    I don’t know that I think Sarah Palin really believes that there is a war on xmas any more than any other politician (except for maybe someone like Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert or that other northern harpy Michelle Bachmann). She has proven herself to be an (adept) opportunistic media whore. She smells a little blood in the water on this one and her handlers are telling her she gets a two-fer: aw-shucks recipes from the wholesome hockey mom AND a few appearances on Fox News to hawk her low brow book. Us ‘mericans will absolutely lap it up too.

  • A Reader

    Also…I always thought Christians were so into this “war on Christmas” because of things like commercialization. Santa Claus definitely figures more prominently in ads than in the Bible. So is she writing a Jesus book or a gift guide?

    • Houndentenor

      No, the fundamentalists have no problem with the commercialization and secularization of Christmas. They just get angry if everyone they meet isn’t kissing their ass all the time. The GOP did it for so long that they all feel entitled to being catered to 24/7. If you dare acknowledge that not everyone is Christian or that taxpayer money ought not be used to promote any particular religion, they get all butthurt and think they are being persecuted.

  • TnkAgn

    I lived in Wasilla for 21 years, and I can tell you that it ain’t even that close to reasonable, rational or moderate politics, much less the geographic North Pole, the magnetic North Pole, or North Pole, AK, near Fairbanks. And even there in Wasilla, they are fed up with “Half-term $arah.”

  • Devi Taylor

    What I don’t understand is, with all of the money she has and is raking in why she didn’t invest in some public speaking lessons. She still doesn’t seem to know how to string two thoughts together correctly.

    • GubbaBumpkin

      She needs thinking lessons, not speaking lessons.

    • Houndentenor

      Did you watch Game Change? (I also had read the book. She comes off much better in the film than in the book.) She rebuffed any attempts to coach her or teach her anything. She’s typical of the Teavangelicals. She resents anyone who knows anything or speaks well. Educated people are to be mocked. Palin is everything wrong in America in a single person.

      • NG

        She probably comes across better in the film because she was played by Julianne Moore, an intelligent, talented woman. Plus, when they shrink books down for movies, it ends up more like a Reader’s Digest abridged version so some parts will be lost.

        • Houndentenor

          I think there was a conscious decision on the parts of the screenwriters and Ms Moore to play her as inexperienced and in way over her head. They certainly could have played her as an egotistical monster but that would have been a lot less interesting dramatically (both to play as an actor and as an element of the film overall). It was a smart choice for those reasons. I’m not sure it’s “the” truth as much as it is “a” truth (at least in dramatic terms). I felt the film portrayed her far more sympathetically than she deserved which made it all the more bizarre that so many right-wingers were up in arms over how she was portrayed when everything they showed could be confirmed by multiple sources. But then it’s like the Katie Couric interview. After the criticism CBS put up the unedited interview on their website and the parts that were cut were even more embarrassing. They were mostly unairable bits of Palin fumbling and umming and ommming through responses for which she obviously wasn’t prepared to answer. CBS and Couric could also have made her look even worse. What they ran was the best bits they could cobble together and even then they were accused of bias.

  • Holytape

    I attacked christmas once armed with an attorney. Never again. I was going the whole hipster, irony route and brought a black-powder attorney. It took forever to load, and its aim was shit. Took me, five shots before I was able to pug a restraining order between the eyes of baby Jesus. And it kept scream every time I rammed the wad down its throat.

  • David Mock

    Why do Christians do this? Why do they act like the can’t celebrate Christmas?

    • koseighty

      It feeds their persecution complex.

      • Tainda

        Yep, LOVE being victims

        • Matthew Baker

          I am fairly sure it could be argued that the bible domains it 2 Timothy 3:12, 1 Peter 3:14, 1 John 3:13, Luke 6:22. are just some of the passages that feed into the victim-hood/ persecution complex.

    • Art_Vandelay

      Why do they lie? This is actually more the politician than the Christian. They do it because they know their voting base is as about as likely to research it as they are to read a bible and since it feeds their persecution complex so adequately, they have no reason to. As with mostly everything in politics…it’s about power and money.

      • GubbaBumpkin

        Why do they lie?

        It’s what they do.

      • Matt Eggler

        It is so easy to manipulate the ignorant and intellectually lazy. Just tell them a convincing lie and they will never bother to find out if it is true.

        The key factor is intellectual laziness; we are all ignorant of a great many things, but some of us will bother to find out.

        • The Truth

          A “convincing lie” you say? Like the LIE Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & HALIBURTON told that we were going to INVADE Iraq because they had Weapons of Mass Destruction? Those kind of LIES?

      • Blacksheep

        I don’t think they are lying, I think they actually want Christmas to be a religious Christian holiday in both public and private settings – and they’re pretty vocal about it.

        • Art_Vandelay

          Oh, so Palin was telling the truth when she said people want to take away nativity scenes on private property in the above clip?

        • Houndentenor

          But when I get dragged to the craptacular Christmas program at their church, there’s hardly any religious content at all. (There’s always a relative performing. *sigh*) It’s the liberal churches that do the traditional religious Christmas programs (Lessons and Carols, or Handel’s Messiah).

        • Hat Stealer

          You’re right, insofar as there’s a difference between lying with intent and just being plain ignorant. She probably believes the bullshit she’s spewing- but that doesn’t make it any less of an untrue statement.

    • WingedBeast

      The same reason they told stories about being thrown to the lions. Oppression and martyrdom give them legitimacy. It’s the act of strength to stand up to the powerful.
      While that’s all well and good, they don’t have an official statement on how to act when they *are* the powerful, which is why they can simultaneously talk about how they live in a Christian Nation where they rule and about how they’re an oppressed minority.

      • TW

        Shhhh. We shouldn’t let them know how powerful they really are.

  • Gus Snarp

    This might be a better reference for the North Pole:

  • MargueriteF

    I can’t help but laugh at the “War on Christmas.” It’s so amusing to see conservatives get all worked up about the subject, as if there were no longer nativity scenes to be seen anywhere in the United States. The way people like Palin talk, you’d think Christianity was some sort of secretive underground religion that was being driven further underground all the time by “angry atheists,” forcing parents to teach their children about Christmas in furtive whispers and with a few books that must be hidden instantly the moment someone knocks on the door.

  • Croquet_Player

    Hemant, I think you have to correct your quote. I believe she said “not allowing politically correct…”. (You left out the “not”.)

    Aside from that, apparently Sarah Palin is still a dimwitted nutbag.

    • GubbaBumpkin

      He’s got more important things to take care of, like nuking that @%#^@^ auto-play video on his home page. Which he should take care of soon.

      • Mario Strada

        Funny, the video doesn’t play for me. It never autoplays. I am using Chrome in Windows 7. As far as I know, I haven’t installed any ad blockers (I am a web developer, so I need to see what people actually see). What browsers are you guys using that autoplays the video ad?

        Incidentally, there is also a website that was linked from FA where they play a video ad and that one starts all the time for me. In fact, if I stop it, it will start again after a few minutes on its own. Now, that is annoying. It’s the website where the guy thought that the magician levitating next to the bus did it for real. Moron.

      • Houndentenor

        It’s the clip from the Colbert show. It auto-plays when I log on too.

    • Hemant Mehta

      Thanks — fixed!

  • Matthew Baker

    I see she has confused concerned citizens demanding that our government maintain its constitutionality mandated secular stance with people who want spoil her Xmas cheer.

  • GubbaBumpkin

    Keep the ram in Ramadan!

    • Tainda

      Who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong.

      Wow, not enough sleep last night!

  • Rain

    Tina Fey and Mister Rogers? Hard to tell the difference…

  • TW

    Atheists can’t take Christ out of Christmas. The Christians already took Christ out of Christmas long time ago…

    • Taz

      “It’s run by some big Eastern syndicate.”

      - A Charlie Brown Christmas, 1965

    • ShoeUnited

      Here to help! :D

      According to historian Ronald Hutton, the current state of observance of Christmas is largely the result of a mid-Victorian revival of the holiday spearheaded by A Christmas Carol.
      Hutton argues that Dickens sought to construct Christmas as a
      self-centred festival of generosity, in contrast to the community-based
      and church-centred observations, the observance of which had dwindled
      during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.[62]
      In superimposing his secular vision of the holiday, Dickens influenced
      many aspects of Christmas that are celebrated today in Western culture,
      such as family gatherings, seasonal food and drink, dancing, games, and a
      festive generosity of spirit.[63]

  • Angalee

    ♪ ♫ Boom Boom ain’t it great to be crayzeeee ♪ ♫ Boom Boom ain’t it great to be crayzeeee ♪ ♫

    • more compost

      Silly and foolish, all day long.

  • Malcolm McLean

    It’s the Wicca argument. The Wiccans celebrate some festival or other at the spring equinox, so government must treat that exactly equally to Christmas. But there aren’t that many Wiccans, and the spring equinox festival doesn’t have a long history (claims that its a revived Celtic festival aren’t true, whist the ancient Celts might have celebrated something at spring equinox, we don’t have enough information to reconstruct that festival in a way that they would recognise).

    • onamission5

      Actually, there are no fewer than a dozen and a half religious holidays celebrated during the month of December, and even more than that over what we know as the holiday season. These religious holidays are Jewish, Baha’i, Islamic, Pagan, NA, Christian, and some I am sure I am neglecting to mention, as well as a number of secular observances.

      • Tainda

        Don’t forget Festivus!

        • onamission5

          For the rest of us!

    • Glasofruix

      You again?

    • Baby_Raptor

      The spring equinox has been around longer than Christianity. It’s what they made into Easter.

      And the number of people who practice a right has no weight on whether the right should be allowed. If it’s a right, it’s a right, no matter how many people take advantage of it.

      • Malcolm McLean

        It’s not an issue of allowing some anti-Christian Africans to set up a rival festival, it’s whether they have something which must be treated as equal to Christmas in all respects.
        If virtually everyone except a few sour faced Scrooge-like atheists (not all atheists), said Africans, and Jews celebrates Christmas, then Christmas deserves some sort of public recognition. There won’t be enough people coming in to work to justify keeping government offices open, for example.

        • Baby_Raptor

          …Anti-Christian Africans? Where did you even get that?

          Also, again, the celebration of the spring equinox existed *before* Easter. The Christians turned it into Easter to make it easier for the people they wanted to convert. The same with Yule and Christmas. Christ, if he ever existed, was born sometime in March. Not December. So Christianity is the one “setting up the rival festival” here.

          Nice demonizing of people who don’t celebrate the same things you do. I don’t celebrate Christmas. That’s not because I’m “Scrooge-like,” it’s because the holiday is extremely triggering for me. It invokes a lot of bad crap I’d rather just totally avoid. So I’m that person that volunteers to work on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

          Christmas does not “deserve” any sort of recognition for any reason. It currently *has* recognition as a federal holiday, but the fact that a bunch of people (though less than you’re claiming in your post) celebrate it does not automatically mean that it should be recognized. Quite a few people celebrate 4/20; are you going to start advocating for federal recognition of that?

          Not getting a day you really wanted off is part of being an adult. It’s not a right, nor is it something someone can honestly claim they deserve. (Religious exemptions aside.) The world would keep turning if people had to work on Christmas, even if they really didn’t want to.

          America is pretty hardcore soaked in Christianity, so all religions getting equal treatment is still a pipe dream. But all religions *deserve* equal treatment under the law, whether they get it or not, no matter how many people actually practice it. The better option would be for the government to not recognize religious holidays at all.

        • eric

          I have no problem with public schools and offices taking the pragmatic step of making a major religious holiday an official day off work-school. So long as:

          (1) As religious demographics change, government changes their official holidays. Live by a majoritarian argument, die by a majoritarian argument. And secondly,

          (2) Government does not endorse religion, a religion, or non-religion over the others by speech and display. I’m not afraid of a little nuance around endorsement, either. I’m perfectly capable of seeing how a December 25th holiday can pass the Lemon test, even while it may have a secondary effect of supporting Christianity. The goal and primary effect of such holidays are human-relations-related.

          • eric


  • Lee Miller

    My head is going to explode. I mean, seriously. This time it’s really going to explode.

  • Jeannieinpa

    Can someone please diagram this sentence?

    “It’s keeping Christ inChristmas and allowing the politically correct people and the angry atheists, especially those who are armed with an attorney, tell us that Christ will not be a part of Christmas anymore, whether that has to do with the language that we use when we say “Merry Christmas” publicly and we have our nativity scenes out on our public property, or private property, for those who want to take that away from Americans who understand that the Truth behind the most wonderful holiday, Christmas, well, we tell then in this book how they can fight back and be empowered, again, to keep Christ in Christmas.”

    • busterggi

      Not without a four dimesional sheet of paper.

    • Houndentenor

      No one wants to prevent nativity scenes on private property. She’s a liar and she knows she’s a liar. I will never forgive John McCain for foisting her on the American public.

      • allein

        the language that we use when we say “Merry Christmas”

        This one made me facepalm. Um…it’s right there. Christmas.

        I know she’s talking about those heathens who have the audacity to say “happy holidays” but…if I’m saying “happy holidays” I’m not saying “merry Christmas”…I’m specifically referring to more than one holiday that all fall around the same time. I honestly never really ran into this stupidity when I worked in retail (thank dog) but usually around the holidays I didn’t even bother with “holiday” greetings at all, unless the customer said it first, or it was actually the day of/before the holiday. (Aside from that, 8 hours a day of saying the same thing over and over gets really tiresome. You have to change up your greetings. If you happen to be the one to not get a greeting specific to your holiday, well, too bad.)

        • Houndentenor

          Among other things, it’s absurd for someone to wish me Merry Christmas on Nov. 30. Now on Dec. 23rd I think that’s appropriate. But we have a holiday season in the US with Thanksgiving, Advent, Hanukah, Christmas and New year’s all within about six weeks. In recent years I’ve taken up the practice of returning a Merry Christmas greeting that’s nowhere near Christmas (which is from Dec 25 to Jan 6, btw) with a Happy Hanukah or other response. I don’t get bent out of shape so long as the Merry or Happy part of the greeting seems sincere. Maybe this year I’ll respond with “A Festivus for the Rest of Us!”

  • rustygh

    especially those who are armed with an attorney
    So she admitted that its law and an attorney would just ruin the whole idea of pushing christ on everyone else.

  • busterggi

    “That’s all this is: A way for Palin to take money from her base without doing any of the things she finds so cumbersome, like work or research or telling the truth.”
    And most likely without having actually writing the book with her name on it, or even reading it.

  • brianz72

    Here in Atlanta, I am starting to find retail store clerks wishing “Merry Christmas” to almost be a statement of Christian defiance. These are the same people who say “have a blessed day” the rest of the year. From now on, when I get “Merry Christmased” or “blessed”, I think I’ll start challenging them. I might respond with an intense glare and “I beseech Satan to enter your life.” Or maybe a simple “Fuck you and your blessings too.”

    • The Captain

      I actually find just saying “happy holidays” back infuriates them the most. Bonus if they say something to you about it since you get to reply with “I guess I’m just not arrogant enough to assume other peoples religion”.

      • Taz

        If you really want to mess them up try saying “Happy Christmas” or “Merry Holidays”. It really throws them off.

        • Nate Frein

          When I learned in grade school that “Happy Christmas” was what the British said, I decided to be different (I was a weird kid) and forced myself to adopt it.

        • eric

          “Happy Christmas” is what Santa says in ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Evidently, ‘Merry’ is the new version and ‘Happy’ is more original.

  • Beutelratti

    …the Truth about Christmas

    And what truth would that be? That a child was born 9 months after a supposedly benevolent deity impregnated a girl without her explicit consent? That truth?

    • DillPickleDip

      Funny… rape and sexual harassment is a much more common subject with atheists. Also, pretty sure Mary was foretold via Gabriel and then she consented and accepted it

      • Beutelratti

        Oh is it now? How so? Because we’re calling it out and you don’t?

        Did Mary have any choice? Pretty sure the angel just popped up and said: “And behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS.” There was no way she could’ve said no. She had to accept. So please, don’t tell me that this was consensual. You believe in a story that condones and endorses the enslavement of women.

  • Scout

    You know, I really do hate it when people criticize the way women look…having said that…I bet you could bounce rocks off that helmet hair. Just sayin’

  • Matthew Whittington

    I was unaware that anyone took Sarah Palin seriously anymore…or ever. Who is Palin’s “base” that you speak of.

  • Nick Wride

    $arah “PayDay” Palin is just out hustling for money for her POS book because that’s what money whores do, they hustle. And the ignorant sheep who follow this bimbo floozie are willingly getting sheared.


    In a country that enjoys as much religious freedom as can be found anywhere on earth, people like Ralph Reed never stop trying to sell the idea that Christians are the leading victims of persecution in this country. Why? Because there’s money in it for him. I would hate to live in an America where the religious right got to make all the decisions.

  • newavocation

    Wow lean times for Sarah? Besides money I wonder what else she will be asking Santa for.

    • Croquet_Player

      I bet she wants a do-over on that Katie Couric question about the newspapers.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    I just love adults writing about and talking about Santa as if he was real. Let’s just call it the winter solstice and be done with it because no matter what they state that is what we are celebrating.

  • Wrose

    “Palin’s little comment about that is completely ignorant.” Really, that says it all.

  • Brandt Hardin

    Tease away Sarah… what a political peep show! Since she quit her post in Alaska, Palin hasn’t run for public office but still plays the part of politician who calls her constituents “fans.” What exactly does she do other than essentially proposition her self and image to the highest bidder? Sounds like Sarah is America’s highest paid escort! See how down and dirty she’ll get for the money at

    • Frank Tricker

      Your side is just as bad…the dems. They are letting their high profile guy off criminal charges
      While California is known for having some of the toughest DUI laws in the nation, it seems Bobby Brown has been let off easy. He was released Wednesday after serving nine hours of his 55-day jail sentence for driving under the influence.

      L.A. County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore told the media that Brown was released early due to jail overcrowding and good behavior

      • allein


        • Frank Tricker


  • randomfactor

    If we can just get Sarah, Plain & Dumb to swear an affadavit that Christmas is all about Santa and Rudolph I think our work’s half-done.

  • Rain

    I think I actually saw the hamsters spinning around. Just kidding it was all canned sound bites. She must not have much respect for her fans with that kind of sound bites, lol. Yeah keep sending money to Hamster-PAC or whatever they call it these days.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Sarah Palin wants a paycheck. That’s all she wants.

    If there were rubes to be fleeced in eating mouse shit, she’d do it.

    Also, she’s pretty flat-chested in this one. I guess the Belmont Girls weren’t appropriate for a big Christer convention?

  • Paxalot

    Jeremiah 10 NIV:

    3 For the customs of the peoples are worthless;
    they cut a tree out of the forest,
    and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel.
    4 They adorn it with silver and gold;
    they fasten it with hammer and nails
    so it will not totter.

    Sorry Sarah, the Bible forbids Christmas because it’s a pagan tradition.

  • Theodore (Tugs) Njáll McCowan

    Just think. There are millions of Americans who look up to her as intelligent.

  • Richard Wade

    Good idea! Keep Christ in Christmas!

    and out of City Hall.
    and out of the state legislatures.
    and out of Congress.
    and out of the courts.
    and out of public school boards.
    and out of public school science classes.
    and out of research labs.
    and out of doctors’ offices.
    and out of non-Christians’ bedrooms.

    Yes! Keep Christ in Christmas!

    • allein

      My mom has a “Keep Christ in Christmas” magnet on her car. I’m tempted to get one made up with this list and append it. See how long it takes her to notice.

      (To be fair, she has never mentioned the issue that I know of; she just has the magnet, which she probably got from her church or somewhere.)

  • Houndentenor


    I’ll tell this story again. Stop me if you’ve heard it before. I was in the car with a relative a couple of years ago. It was around Christians they were complaining about how “they” are banning nativity scenes. Of course we had driven past several nativity scenes so that was obviously not true. What they meant was that in some cities people had complained about city funds being used to put up religious decorations. Well I’m against that too. Even before I was an atheist I was against that. Churches and private individuals and groups should put up whatever religious displays they like, but no government entity should promote religion. Then, we drove in front of my relative’s church (Baptist) and they had NOTHING up for Christmas. Obviously they wanted the city to put up a nativity scene but couldn’t be bothered to put one up in front of their church WHERE IT BELONGS. I would have facepalmed but I was driving.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Presumably Sarah will now make sure to keep the “Mass” in Christmas, because she wouldn’t want to come across as a hypocritical dimwit who doesn’t even understand what she says, let alone what anyone else is saying.

  • LonesomeDove

    She DOES realize Christmas was adapted from another ‘Pagan’ holiday – right? Or is she one of those people who actually believe Jesus was ‘born’ on Dec. 25th?

    • Simon

      What’s wrong with adapting one festive into another? You see it all the time in different cultures, either way, it was “stolen” hundreds of years ago and has become something entirely different since then. If you want to add something of value to the argument, stop rehashing the ol’ “CHRISTIANS STOLE A PAGAN FESTIVAL!!!” argument

      • Observer

        Then why can’t non-Christians steal it back or adapt it for their own purposes?

      • allein

        The point is that it’s not some super-sacred-unique-to-them-religious-holiday that no one else has a right to celebrate (or not) unless it’s on their terms, as they would like us to believe.

      • Matt D

        “What’s wrong with adapting one festive into another? You see it all the time in different cultures, either way, it was “stolen” hundreds of years ago and has become something entirely different since then.”
        It’s wrong because it’s fraud. Their audience isn’t baking cookies or trying to win the gold at a blueberry pie contest, people kill and die for this religion. If you want to dismiss something so many take seriously yet know nothing about it, than feel free, but do not ask me to follow your poor example.

  • Brian

    Yeah…but there are recipes too. Cant wait to try her “Right Wing Rotisserie Chicken” or her “Maverick Maple Syrup and Pancakes”

  • allein

    At first glance at the video still I thought she was wearing a prison jumpsuit…

  • Richard Wade

    Funny how you never see Joe Klein armed with an angry Santa lawyer helping to protect dis-empowered Christians’ rights to say “Merry Christmas” in public and keep a nativity scene on private property near the North Pole.

    • Simon

      Why do you keep bringing up Joe Klein? You’ve mentioned him three times in the comments on this one post now… let it go, Dick

      • allein

        It’s a running joke stemming from a recent post about Joe Klein (that is more or less funny depending on my mood). Funny how Joe Klein hasn’t complained it. ;-)

      • Richard Wade

        After you become informed about an issue, if you still think it necessary to try to insult someone, at least try to be original about it.

        • Simon

          I’m well aware of the meme, Dick. It’s the fact you seem to have a boner for the Joe Klein meme so much that you have to mention it in many of your comments. I understand that older citizens such as yourself have a habit of repeating the same jokes over and over and over (even though everyone is tired of hearing it) until they are no longer funny.

          • Richard Wade

            “Everyone”? Six up votes for the meme here, and six down votes for your complaint, yet somehow you think your opinion represents everyone. I’m sure that you have “everyone’s” permission to just skip past anyone’s comment beginning with “Funny how…” rather than needlessly expressing your inexplicable hostility.

            • Dave

              Funny how you never see Joe Klein complaining about the Joe Klein meme in these comments.

      • Matt D

        Simon says Memes are naughty!

  • Richard Wade

    …or an angry Joe Klein armed with a nativity scene helping to protect dis-empowered Santas rights to keep private Christians at the North Pole near lawyers’ property.

  • Carpinions

    And so SP continues to show the rest of humanity just how much of a waste of space one person can be by glomming onto a culture war non-issue that the right’s own PC police have turned into a 24/7/365 cause celeb. 6 months before the holiday in question even happens. Someone in the media needs to start shoving the conservatives’ PC sandwich back down their own throat because I’m beginning to think nobody benefits more than they do from PC culture. They have a coronary any time someone doesn’t give Christianity a pass.

    I must ask: is there an analogous liberal person who is so good at wasting their own (and humanity’s) time? I feel the need to ask this question, because on the right I see nothing but a recent spate of busy bodies who make a name for themselves simply by being insipidly, stupidly, unilaterally, unflinchingly, shamelessly, pathetically, hypocritically moronic, pro-gun, anti-tax, and anti-government. And BTW these are the same well-paid dunces-for-hire that tell the unemployed to get a job. I cannot think of a more efficient vehicle for the promotion of failure as the right’s media machine.

  • Kenneth Polit

    I can’t believe that this babbling idiot is still even relevant

  • ShoeUnited

    You know. If they want a war on Xmas I’m gonna give them one. I’m tired of catching hell for not doing anything negative.

    Starting this year, every time someone says any holiday greeting I’m going to respond with a kind and jovial “Hail Satan!”*

    *I apologize to any satanists that might find my lack of faith offensive, but you should at least appreciate the satire and deconstruction/anarchy.

  • LonesomeDove

    I’m not “rehashing” anything, – I’m saying it gets tired for people to claim Christmas is EXCLUSIVELY for the celebration of the birth of Jesus, and to claim so is just another ‘boo-hoo’ we’re being attacked story…if you want to say Merry christmas”, fine, but don’t get teed off at “Happy Holidays” – it reflects the same spirit of joy and goodwill for the season – nobody is “being attacked” it is a time for sharing.

  • Kimberly Winston

    What’s that growth on the back of Sarah’s head????

  • Ryan Hite

    I think Christmas was destroyed by consumerism a long time ago….. And Christians embraced it!

  • Mikko

    She’s wrong Santa lives in Finland!

  • Brenda

    Where did this “war on Christmas” come from? I don’t know of any group/store owner/politician/whoever wanting people to stop saying “merry Christmas.”

  • Gerry

    A couple of years ago I became curious about the use of X in Xmas. for years I reflexively thought it was a generic, non-christian version of Christmas, but then in a blast of insight, I realized that atheists have NEVER had the kind of influence to promote something like that.

    So with a little research I discovered (as you all here may already know) that Xmas was a christian (or Xtian) expression from centuries past.

    Now, every Christmas season, I point this out to as many christians as I can.

    Just to watch their heads explode.

  • Katherine Hompes

    Speaking of avoiding “cumbersome” activities, she probably didn’t have to do much in the way of writing either…

  • M E

    I’d like to save Pailn’s brain for medical research. Now we just have to find her brain.

  • M E

    The half-term former Governor is a shining example for illiterates everywhere that you can write a book without ever having read one.