Foundation Beyond Belief Members Raised $100,125 for Charity Over the Past Three Months

Foundation Beyond Belief just released the results from the Second Quarter of 2013. Check out the donations — $100,125 in total given by atheists — to the following organizations:

This marks the first time we’ve ever given more than $10,000 to any one charity (and we did it twice!) and the first time we’ve given away more than $100,000 in a quarter. Part of that also included $45,320 raised in our largest crisis response drive ever — to local relief organizations in Moore, Oklahoma.

It’s absolutely incredible how much good this organization is doing.

If you’d like to see these numbers go up even higher, please join us! You can see a list of our current charities here and a video explaining them in more depth is below:

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  • WoodyTanaka

    $7,000 to a rabbinical organization?? If I wanted my money to go to further a religious group, I wouldn’t give it to a supposedly atheist charity. So much for any more donations to FBB from me.

  • Steven Bloomfield

    You choose what % you want to go to each category. Put 0% in the “Challenge the gap” category so nothing goes to them.

  • WoodyTanaka

    Okay, let me try it this way: no supposedly “atheist” charity has any buisness giving money to religious groups like this one. No more money of mine will go to support such nonsense and I regret not realizing that they were going to spend money to support such religious efforts sooner.

  • Hemant Mehta

    The purpose of the ‘Challenge the Gap’ category is to acknowledge that religious groups can do good work without the need to proselytize. Every group we choose for that category focuses on helping other people, not furthering their faith. When you donate to FBB, you choose where your donations go. Personally, I give my donations to the other categories, not Challenge the Gap. But I appreciate having that option around. In other words, your money doesn’t have to “support that nonsense.”

  • WoodyTanaka

    I understand the stated purpose, I simply do not believe that a purported atheist charity has any business being in league with religious ones. Whether my money particularly goes there or not is irrelevant to that objection.

    That this group doesn’t proselytize is great. But looking at their website, it seems pretty clear that they’re doing what they’re doing in order to advance their faith or because they believe their faith demands it. Which is fine (and nothing against this group in particular; they seem to be taking the right position on a host of issues), but I see no reason why a purportedly atheist charity is aiding them in that (to them religious) effort. There are plenty of secular organizations that could use that money

  • Hemant Mehta

    For what it’s worth, this is the same other other atheist groups did not want to partner up with us when we began the group.

    I’m glad we decided to keep this as an option, even if it meant forging ahead on our own.