This Is What You Have to Yell to Make Jesus Come to Life

Howard Storm was one of those “educated college professors” who didn’t believe in God… until he had a really weird out-of-body experience and visited Hell. Now he’s here to say that you, too, can stop being educated like him, if you only give yourself up to Jesus!

Highlight comes at the 9:48 mark, where he tells us what you have to yell if you want Jesus to come alive. (I guess standing in a dark bathroom and saying “Jesus” fives times in front of a mirror doesn’t do the trick.)

Tried it. Didn’t work. My neighbors are staring at me awkwardly, though…

I love how even the host and his wife think this guy is delusional… it’s totally just my interpretation, but if you view it through that lens, it makes the whole segment that much more entertaining.

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