A Video Takedown of Josh McDowell’s The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict

If anyone has ever read (or had to read) Christian apologist Josh McDowell‘s The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict, Steve Shives is doing a chapter-by-chapter rebuttal of the book on YouTube. Chapters 1 and 2 are now available:

You can see Steve’s notes (also a partial transcript of the video) on his website.

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Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • https://www.facebook.com/GentleGiantDK GentleGiant

    Steve Shives has done a couple of these read-throughs. All worth checking out!

  • Michael W Busch

    Just to check: Is there anything in the “The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict” that wasn’t in the original “Evidence That Demands A Verdict” ?

    The original has already been thoroughly debunked – as Shives demonstrates nicely here, and as is also documented in the older jury reports: http://www.infidels.org/library/modern/jeff_lowder/jury/ . So unless McDowell actually has something new (which I assign quite low probability to), he should not have written the new edition.

    • UWIR

      ” and as is also documented in the older jury reports:http://www.infidels.org/librar…”

      Are the frames on that webpage left over from the 90s? Yikes.

  • UWIR

    I think it would be funny to have a debate between McDowell and an atheist presided over by a judge, run like an actual bench trial (I don’t think a jury trial would work, since McDowell would probably throw a hissy fit once a jury full of atheists is impaneled, every Christian being dismissed for cause).

    • http://fractalheretic.blogspot.com/ Fractal Heretic

      What are you saying, that a Christian jury would be unable to objectively reach a verdict? Just because they believe they’ll go to hell if they don’t rule in God’s favor?

  • SeekerLancer


    “Sure I’ve seen the light, I’ll follow Jesus. Now you’re buying the books right? Will that be cash or check?”

  • Mario Strada

    Steve has done a great job of the previous books he critiqued. Very interesting and v ery well done. He does a lot of work for these videos and I thank him for it.

  • Joeten5

    Psa. 14-1 there’s still hope for you. The cross above your left shoulder is beckoning.

  • Not a billion $ but Jesus

    Steve Shive’s eyes looks so vacant of light and life actually, really all those who have pics on here, so sad, you can fathom so much of science, math etc, but cannot fathom or comprehend a simple sentence such as “Only a fool says in his heart, that there is no God”, seriously it takes very very very intelligent people to understand these things, people like 2 year old babies.
    See because you do not wish to take our mind to the extreme, so you give and say there is no God, so you a fool, clever people who like to question look hard for a answer.
    Why did this Guy Hemant use a device of God to sell his book, no God, no soul ,right ? But he uses soul in his title. If there is not God then he has no soul
    Guess you need baby minds to figure the great things, us that have faith get better answers and better use of our minds.
    Check out this brain teaser for small minds “If you say God does not exist, then you do not exist”
    Anyways leave you sad people with one last thing we of faith know for sure
    God does not exist in the mind but in the heart, your mind cannot comprehend hm, but your heart(soul) can. hope this not too confusing also

    • http://www.miketheinfidel.com/ MikeTheInfidel

      This is an incredibly stupid comment and you should feel bad for thinking it was smart.

      You begin with the presumption that anyone should give a damn what the Bible says. Maybe you should actually watch Steve’s videos? He does a good job of torpedoing the trustworthiness of the book.

      It’s always funny to watch someone insult everyone else’s intelligence while making absolutely no sense at all and speaking in gibberish.

      • Ted Walker

        Interesting… You call the Christian stupid, everyone should feel bad for him and then the anger comes in “anyone should give a damn what the Bible says” then you continue the relentless attack on the Christian by stating he is speaking in gibberish. All men have this in common. We die. Where are we from? Why are we here? and Where are we going? Now let’s be honest here. Christians believe in Heaven and Hell and the Bible brings salvation for the Soul of Man. What do you believe?