American Atheists Bench in Florida Gets Vandalized… and We Know Who Did It

***Update***: The student in question has apologized.

We all knew the American Atheists bench outside the Bradford County Courthouse in Florida was a prime target for vandals… but I wasn’t expecting this.

AA President Dave Silverman sits on the bench (via @AmericanAtheist)

Someone named “Zach Hillbillyboy Osborne” spit tobacco juice on the bench — a stain I’m not sure will come out — and then had the audacity to (A) take a picture of it and (B) send that picture to American Atheists:

He made a completely intelligible comment while he was at it, and AA responded:

AA is filing a police report. They also made this suggestion to other potential vandals:

Hint to future vandals: If you’re going to deface a monument, you might consider not taking a picture of your handiwork, then posting this picture and bragging about it directly to the Facebook page wall of the group responsible for the monument, using your real name, with Facebook profile photo included. Just a thought.

It’s good advice, but I’m glad Hillbillyboy ignored it. It makes this process so much easier…

In case you’re curious about Osborne’s religious views, his Facebook profile says “Hooker,” so you know we’re talking about a real winner here…

(For what it’s worth, it looks like his entire Facebook page is full of misinformation, including his age and graduation date, so I wouldn’t take any of it very seriously. His Facebook friends and pictures make it seem like he’s about to start his junior year of high school.)

Though I should say this Facebook post makes it sound like he is, indeed, a Christian:

So for those of you in a betting pool, the answer was 21 days. That’s how long it took for the bench to get vandalized.

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  • midnight rambler

    To be honest, it seems like the standards for Christian vandalism are slipping.

  • Pepe

    It took much 20 days more than what I thought it would.

  • Sideshow Billybob

    Bloody troll account methinks. Odds are nothing will come of it unless the NSA gets involved. Yes, I’m feeling rather pessimistic tonight.

  • Richard Wade

    Zach Hillbillyboy. Chews tobacco. Spits in public. Says “Y’all.” How many Backwoods Bumpkin Bubba clichés can he live up to? I suppose he thinks that deliberately calling himself “Hillbillyboy” somehow takes the curse of actually being a hillbilly boy away.

    No, it doesn’t.

    Take your saliva-and-chaw hatred and lay it at the feet of Jesus, Zach, and explain yourself to him.

  • Ogre Magi

    What else can you expect from christians

  • Jeff See

    I’m a hillbilly that would probably spit chew at anyone thinking they’re my god, Richard, but I don’t consider the ‘hillbilly’ part to be a curse. I realize the stereotypical member, of the particular demographic I belong to, makes for easy pickings, especially in social media. But the flippancy, does, at times, lend itself to a hardening against our ability to laugh at ourselves, (which is a major ingredient of our resiliency), and our ability to laugh along with others.

    His Jesus, is no doubt white, and probably will give him high fives next time he talks to him. You think your Jesus would disapprove? Or are you just making a judgement call there?

  • C.L. Honeycutt
  • Greg Scott

    Ironically, in the future it will be an Atheist Doctor who treats his lip/ gum cancer…

  • Brian Westley

    His religion is making rugs?

  • ted

    Come on, he spit on a piece of granite that happens to be outside, I’m not sure how this qualifies as vandalism… Or even worthy of comment…

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    The standards for privilege and capacity to defend their positions, though? About the same.

  • Rich Wilson

    As I tire of pointing out, we can and do expect a lot better from a lot of Christians. Those kinds of sweeping statements aren’t honest, or helpful.

    (although I have admit I could expect this from a couple of my Christian family members)

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Imagine that all he did was key your car in the courthouse parking lot because of the Darwin fish and brag about it publicly.

  • ted

    That’s a false equivalency, the spit will wash off (hell give it a day and it’ll dry and turn to dust), keying a car requires a paint job costing $$$.
    A better equivalency would be he spit on my windshield… I’d be irritated but a little water, and windshield wipers, and it’s fixed.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Spit washes out. Tobacco juice in granite does not. Both cost money to repair.

    You know, when I was in school, people used to come at me all the time in little ways because I was withdrawn and had (have) considerable social anxiety. Then they encouraged one another to do it after the first ones were successful. Then all of a sudden three of them were following me home holding me down, giving me a concussion, and holding a knife on me because one threw a piece of paper at me and I had the temerity to throw it back. We’re still at the start of the first stage.

  • rtanen

    Funny how you don’t see Joe Klein reminding you that you forgot to mention him in this post.

  • midnight rambler

    Possibly not his real name, but not a troll account. It’s been up for a while with plenty of ordinary personal stuff. Also with a “Straight Pride” pic.

  • Feminerd

    Longer than expected, honestly. Why, it’s been three whole weeks!

  • mcrotk

    Funny how you don’t see Joe Klein using his real name on his bigotry… oh wait, you do.

  • Thundal Archsys

    Three weeks on the nose… my friends just dumped 50USD in my paypal, it’s a good day.

  • GentleGiant

    Richard’s Jesus?

  • David

    His religion is Hookers and he is interested in men and women. English is a second language obviously.
    He should have run for president with Sarah Palin.
    They would have been unstoppable.

  • Didgya

    It’s like our southern religious inbred Strawman really exist!

  • Dani

    When my car was egged I still reported the vandalism. It doesn’t matter if it wipes off.

  • Hugh Kramer

    I’m very disappointed over this incident, but not because the pettiness and venality of the act was a surprise. No, I was disappointed because I put my money on 3 days in the vandalism betting pool instead of 21.

  • Brian

    I don’t know whats more depressing: that a Christian would vandalize a secular monument for no reason other than the fact he disagrees with it, or that this was completely predictable and expected.

  • Alex

    Irony abounds. How can you be a “hillbilly” in Florida? There are no hills. You can be ignorant, hateful, and destructive. A waste of human DNA (and he fulfilled his place with aplomb). But no hills, no hillbillies.

  • Bdole

    “hillbilly” boy

    TOLD YA!

  • Bruce

    Look at it this way: Now it’s not just a monument to positive atheism, but now also a monument to christian intolerance.

  • Feminerd

    A better analogy would be if he threw paint on your car. Yeah, it’s fixable, but it costs a lot to do so. That’s definitely vandalism. Tobacco juice is disgusting and stains everything.

  • Richard Wade

    Hi Jeff,
    I think what Zach means by “hillbilly” is very different from what you might mean when you call yourself one. He seems to want to put on the mantle of the worst of the stereotype, to flaunt it, and to celebrate it. He doesn’t care what collateral damage he does to people like you who aren’t like that and don’t want to be seen that way. I think the best way to discourage that is to fully agree with him that he’s doing a good job of living up to the unflattering cartoon caricature. Maybe it will finally dawn on him that deliberately looking like an ass does not make being an ass funny or okay.

    As for Jesus, I’m referring to the one who spoke about the importance of love and good will to all people, who said “As you have treated the least of these, my brothers, so you have treated me.” The one who sadly too many Christians utterly fail to even try to emulate. I think a good test of how well Christians have internalized the best teachings of their purported savior, with whom so many claim to have a “personal relationship” is in how they treat atheists. Too many of those I have met have earned an “F” on that one. They repeat the words of love even as they do hateful things and then boast publicly about it. They should be called on their hypocrisy every single time.

  • Keyra

    Not even 3 hours into another day, and New Atheists have something else to bitch & moan about. I don’t condone vandalism but saying that only atheists wants disease, poverty, & war gone is self credited and self-righteous. There’s assholes on both sides as well as sincerely moral people (the Christians who are moral & actually living for Jesus actually get to call themselves Christians, the misrepresentatives on the other hand, are not living Jesus’ example and are sad excuses for Christians. Just like the self-righteous & overconfident types of atheists are sad excuses for rational people. Any sane person wants all this bad shit gone, this shouldn’t even be on an atheist monument; atheism after all, is just a viewpoint (excluding God for all intents & purposes), an opinion, no more, no less.

  • ExpectsNoTrueScotsmanFallacy

    This vandal is no true Christian and no true Scotsman!

  • JA

    Christians would scream bloody murder had someone spit a wad of tobacco juice on the Ten Commandments monument.

  • aidanjt

    Yeah, back in the good old days they would have pounded it to rubble and burnt its patrons alive over its remains.

  • wmdkitty

    That, alone, tells me all I need to know about this shining example of humanity. “Straight Pride”.

  • Jeff See

    Thanks for your stance on hypocrisy. I agree, that too many times it goes unopposed.

    Also, in regards to the ass part, I’m willing to bet, being intimate with the subject matter at large, that he willingly owns up to any image of the stereotype, as long as you take his claim seriously. Youth is wasted on the young, one part of that is vigor, and willingness. I can’t say I wouldn’t have done something similar, at that same age. A lot has changed for me, in that time.

    I would also consider an elite level troll possibility here, seeing as the nick used is simply too good to be true. I have to admit, no one is confusing who would be chewing tobacco, of any stereotyped group possibility. But it would be a great way to gain your 15 minutes. I guess we’ll find out if the ‘just kidding’ defense is going to be as golden as you could hope for, in that case.

  • wmdkitty

    Eh, hillbilly, redneck, same shit, different regions.

  • Mike W.

    His sister/wife loves him just the same.

  • wmdkitty

    If your family tree does not fork…

  • Mitch

    I think it’s fishing…

  • Pseudonym

    Now look at it this way: In the last week, around the world, thousands of bored kids vandalised thousands of public monuments, public installations, public infrastructure or public-facing edifices. It also happened thousands of times in the week prior, and will happen thousands of times next week.

    In a few months’ time, this is the only one you will remember. Your brain will conclude that this is the one that meant anything. It is now also a monument to Internet confirmation bias.

  • Mitch

    His family tree probably looks like a wreath

  • Mike Hitchcock

    And where exactly does it say that ONLY atheists “wants (sic) disease, poverty, & war gone” ? Why does the aims of one group exclude others from holding the same aims?

  • Peter

    That’s not true. If it is not permanent it is not vandalism. chew spit, chalk and eggs while annoying are not criminal. There are other crimes involved like disorderly conduct or malicious mischief, and maybe harassment if it is personal but not vandalism. If someone sprayed Silly String on your car would you think it was vandalism? It is certainly not vandalism to spit on a bench available to the public.

  • Feminerd

    How many of those vandalized monuments are Christian ones sitting on government property, in front of a courthouse? And then the person is proud of it and tells all hir friends?

    I’m gonna go with not-many.

  • Jason Hudson

    Just because someone says “yall” doesn’t make them a bumpkin. I’m a southerner and I think it’s funny when I hear northerners say “you guys” or “yuns” :)

  • therealdrag0

    Percentage of religious doctors is actually not that low (though lower than average population). It’s something like 55%.

  • wmdkitty

    Ah, but has he mowed the lawn and found four cars?

  • midnight rambler

    Under his personal info (also public), he lists himself as “Interested in: Men and Women”. Which suggests he’s too dumb to know what that section means.

  • Rich Wilson

    this shouldn’t even be on an atheist monument

    And there wouldn’t be an atheist monument if there wasn’t a chunk of granite on OUR property saying

    You shall have no other Gods before me

    So go read a little of Mathew 7 before telling us what we should or should not have on our own piece of granite.

  • GentleGiant

    Hillbilly, not redneck. ;-)
    I know, potato/potato

  • Feminerd

    Eh, the wording implies that. MM O’Hair did not pull her punches, and she was irritated at the death-cult aspect of Christianity that put the focus on getting souls to Heaven instead of helping people on Earth.

  • Roger Peritone

    Phph. Only if he can afford it though, given what the american health care system is like…and from what I’ve seen of him so far, I don’t think he’ll be able to get a job that has good health insurance.

  • lawyerslc

    The monument doesn’t say that. It does counter anyone who might think whatever other group (s)he belongs to is the one true source and advocate of these lofty goals.

  • Artor

    Until she quit halfway through of course…

  • Sarah-Sophia

    The sign on the bench reminds me of humanism, not necessarily atheism. The two are not always synonymous.

  • Artor

    Never had to clean tobacco off polished stone before, have you? They’ll have to grind off a layer of stone to get that shit out.

  • Artor

    Sorry, no. Tp’ing or egging a house is vandalism. The protein in eggs hardens to cement quickly in the sun, and it will take the paint off with it. Silly string can leave permanent stripes on a paint job.

  • lawyerslc

    this stuff can cause permanent damage. Eggs ruin car paint if not quickly discovered and washed off. I had tenant’s kids draw on interior walls with some kind of greasy chalk that did not wash off. It took Kilz and paint to deal with it. I am willing to believe tobacco chaw stains the bench.

  • Artor

    Oh, wingnuts are happy to use public services when they need them. It’s just when other people need them that they throw a tizzy fit. See: Ayn Rand, Medicare & Social Security.

  • Artor

    We can hope for better, but we can expect them to act as they have always acted.

  • Red-Winged Blackbird

    “21 days. That’s how long it took for the bench to get vandalized.” I’m surprised it wasn’t vandalized sooner.

  • Artor

    Let us not forget that the original Vandal horde was Xian. They really set the standard for millenia.

  • SamuraiGuy

    How is it vandalized if it was spit on? The bench is outside and the saliva can be whipped or washed away.

  • Feminerd

    Tobacco juice is not spit. It’ll stain the stone permanently. The granite has to have a layer polished off to get rid of it. That’s pretty serious vandalism.

  • Feminerd

    I don’t expect this of all Christians, of course, but I expect it of a high enough percentage that this outcome was inevitable.

    That doesn’t say good things about the group known as “Christian” as a whole, either. They won’t condemn it. Granted, most Christian people won’t hear about it, but the ‘Christian group’ is looking pretty bad.

  • TBJ

    Don’t feed the troll!

  • LesterBallard

    What bothers me is that it’s a bench, for sitting. I would be upset if I sat in someone’s saliva.

  • midnight rambler

    To be fair though, they didn’t become Christians until they stopped, well, vandalizing and settled down. They had a pretty good run first though.

  • Pseudonym

    If you’re asking how many of those vandalism events were exactly like this one, the exact answer is one.

    If you’re asking how many of those vandalism events had a political or other message behind them, and the perpetrator brags about it to their peer group, the answer is “lots”.

    If you’re asking whether or not those “Ten Commandments” monuments on public land routinely get vandalised, the answer is “yes” according to Google.

  • Pseudonym

    …and when they did become Christians, they adopted a heretical variant. So, yeah.

  • Rowdy

    I spit on symbols every day. Can’t hold me down whoever you are.

  • Tom

    Uh, in your last post you said it was bored kids. Now you’re saying there are political messages behind it all. Are bored kids generally politically active where you are?

  • Rowdy

    atheist or christian… I’m going to spit on it because I can and I will. And because I have to spit, I have bad allergies. Damn.

  • Rowdy

    Really? Have you never spat on the cross or stuck it up your butthole?? Because I know I have. The whole reason that I’m an atheist is because I dislike uppity people #UppityAtheists #Auppitytheist

  • Rowdy

    I vandalized those constantly throughout my childhood. The christian ones, not the secular ones.I did it right in front of my friends and they thought it was cool. And they were right, it was cool. Because religion is lame. And I proudly defaced it.

  • DougI

    What do you expect from a person that belongs to such an immoral, violent religion?

  • Michael

    Zach Hillbillyboy Osborne
    July 7 near Hampton, FL via mobile
    Who wants too go fishin or swimmin at the lake hmu lemme know 352 478 9990

  • Michael Phoenix

    This is very interesting to me. Somehow I knew it was going to be something of the effect. And although I’m a spiritual person, and believe in a prime cause of our existence…. ah well, forget it… this is just funny all the way around…. good post… lmao… “Thats my chew spit on yalls shit…” … that’s classic!

  • Noisy

    Having no critical thinking skills comes as part of the package of those with a religious persuasion.

  • SeekerLancer

    Go ahead keep making it uglier. It’s your town that has to put up with the eyesore. Or you can just remove both monuments like we wanted in the first place.

  • SeekerLancer

    I say let it become more and more of an eyesore until they take both monuments down.

    They have to live with the monument being there after all.

  • SeekerLancer

    I think we’re doing less bitching and more laughing at how stupid the vandal was.

  • Damon Icke

    I predict the hillbilly will experience no consequence or punishment for this.

  • Wynnfidel

    Born in 1991. Class of 2017. Winning!

  • ChristSandwich

    Its very interesting how pronouncing unbelief angers those who believe. Why cant we speak about how we don’t believe? They speak all day about how they DO believe.

  • GW

    Shouldn’t you have waited until someone actually vandalized it? C’mon tobacco spit vs marble? You don’t know if the stains will come out? This just makes us look like whiny little wimps. Wait until someone really does some damage, then we can turn it into a teaching point. This is like getting mad at a bird for pooping on a statue.

  • Thomas

    Just to be fair, it happens on both sides.

  • Gadfly156

    The real tragedy is that people who fill out their FB profiles in similar fashion to this waste of DNA and protoplasm actually think they are being “funny” or “cool”. Anyone who says their political view in the current world we have is “don’t give a crap” doesn’t deserve the time it takes to wipe them from the bottom of one’s shoe.

  • Gadfly156

    There is no other side. There is reality and there is the terminally deluded. I don’t consider the latter to even constitute an option let alone a valid “side” on anything.

    Not to mention there’s a vast difference between performance art as a form of activism concerning a serious matter versus some stupid guffawing complete waste of space desperately seeking attention to fill that gaping, sucking hole inside himself where healthy people store their self-esteem. What part of — “By this act, Femen is calling on all the healthy forces of our society to mercilessly cut out of our brains the rotten religious prejudices
    which dictatorships rely upon and which prevent the development of
    democracy and women’s freedom” — did you fail to comprehend???

  • Gadfly156

    Tobacco stains require expensive and invasive measures to remove (grinding a layer of stone off the top); they do not simply wash clean like ordinary spit (or bird poo). As a deliberate act this was indeed vandalism. Also, to all the douchenozzles posting here, naming something accurately does not constitute being “whiny” about it. I see no “whiny” tone anywhere in this entire article. Stop projecting.

  • Thomas

    Dude, it’s fucking vandalism of someone else’s property. You can’t bitch and moan about one and praise the other, you hypocrite. You have your side, they have theirs. I for one applaud the guy for having the balls to show AA his name and face, otherwise you’d be calling him a coward. At least he stood by what he did and will have to face the consequences.

    Again, stop being such a hypocrite and a bigot if you want to be taken seriously.

  • Paul Hitchford

    I’m 65… I have an irritable bladder problem AND I get the shakes from time to time, comes with getting old. I also enjoy a good chew myself… so if I sit on it and I pee a little because of my condition or I shake and some chew falls on the bench does that count as vandalism?

  • Cyrus Palmer

    Fuck this asshole.

  • Steve

    Of course he shouldn’t, it’s fucking spit on an ugly concrete bench made by some self-righteous douche-bags who represent a minority group of crybabies who sue everyone. Honestly, AA is like that one annoying kid in school who tattled on the other kids. Suing over stupid shit is the adult way of tattling.

  • Rick Grimes

    How can you be so sure it will be an atheist? Most likely, it will be a Hindu, a Buddhist or a Muslim, considering the majority of good doctors are those ones. Stop generalizing like a douche and stop trying to bridge atheism to all things science.

  • AJ

    Well, yeah, the Christian monument actually stands for something positive unlike the ugly bigot bench

  • Hank Fox

    I’ve been thinking for years that EVERY atheist billboard and landmark should be surrounded, quietly, by cameras. The planning for a billboard should include the funding for at least two weeks of electronic observation.

    Since we know they’re going to get vandalized, why not make an effort to catch the bastards who do it, and prosecute them, with huge amounts of publicity?

  • 3lemenope

    Bored kids can indeed be political. I would in fact suggest one of the only times in which you will find a political kid is when that kid is bored.

  • 3lemenope

    Statistically speaking, I think it is very unlikely, at least in the US, that any group but Christians would realistically be able to claim that they include “the majority of good doctors” because they undoubtedly comprise the majority of doctors, period, and because there is nothing inherent to Christianity that isn’t also a factor in other belief structures that would necessarily degrade the quality of a Christian’s medical practice.

  • 3lemenope

    He keeps it in his pocket.

  • 3lemenope

    Because it suggests that there are viable options, which is fatal to pretty much any ideology that requires significant exclusive commitment. Given that, I’d say that the intemperate reactions to expressions of unbelief are perfectly logical, if extremely unpleasant. I’d be somewhat worried if they didn’t react that way.

  • 3lemenope

    So, clearly it’s A-OK to beat on the annoying kid. Right?

  • ABTechie

    21 days? I had my money on 1.

  • Artor

    Nope, they were Arian Xians for a few generations before they went on the rampage, and they didn’t care much for other Xians. Because they weren’t “True Xians,™” you know.

  • Artor

    If you take a picture and brag about it on the internet, then probably yes.

  • 7Footpiper

    No one has to spit. It’s a filthy habit that serves to spread germs and disease and if living with your bad allergies hasn’t given you reason to think of a better way of discarding excess phlegm then there should be a permanent place for people like you to indulge in spitting and any other behaviour contrary to public decency. I suggest we call it Darwin.

  • ViciousTwist

    You stick crosses up your butthole? You’re a different kind of atheist than I am…

  • Wildweed

    I weep for the future of of our people after reading many of these comments,

  • MD

    Nah, the kid probably opened the facebook account when he was 11 or so and just put a fake year of birth to get around fb’s tight security.

  • 3lemenope

    Hey, Genghis Khan’s mom was a Nestorian.

  • RickRayFSM

    With 40,000 denominations of christianity I don’t think even the xians know what a xian is.

  • Zultra

    It isn’t the Christians to worry about, it’s the Muslims and Talmudic Jews.

  • Rob

    They may not be as violent as they once were, but they are still dumbing down our country. Which can be just as harmful.

  • Zultra

    Degenerate Liberals and Zionists are more of a threat to society then religious people.

  • Kit Love

    I’d say people who can’t put their big boy pants on and treat EVERYONE with respect and harshly generalizing entire groups or people are much more a threat to society since that kind of ignorance is what causes most of our issues.

  • newavocation

    Ya, but he’s not a ‘true’ Christian they will inevitably say.

  • Pseudonym

    My generation supposedly invented slacktivism. Admittedly, I’ve never seen chewing tobacco used as a medium before.

  • tiredoftea

    “Unintelligible” comment is what you meant to say in the link to his unintelligible comment!

  • John Hunter

    or stoned it.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    In most first-world countries, that is or should be unacceptable behavior. Russia is so corrupted now by its oligarchy/theocracy tag-team that I don’t even know where to begin on forming an opinion of ethical resistance behavior there. I think it is definitely a stupid action, since it gives the corrupt authoritarians there ammunition without generating equivalent energy against them, and because that’s Ukraine, not Russia. Isn’t Pussy Riot being held in Russia? Ukraine may be the safest, closest place to demonstrate, but being there actually lets Russian authorities ignore it or else mock Ukraine’s “weaker” laws.

    Just to be fair, it happens on both sides.

    False equivalency there. The majority does such things at least an order of magnitude more often, and does so from a position of privilege. And that is Russia and the Ukraine. That’s a totally different situation from the United States, or even from the Americas.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Poor, poor, angry paranoiac.

    Funny, I’ve only received death threats from conservative Christians. The Muslims and Jews I’ve talked to have almost always been quite friendly, even the ones who had also received death threats, which always turned out to be from – Surprise! – conservative Christians.

    I’ve even talked to liberal Christians and ex-Christians who had received threats or else feared reprisals if they “outed” themselves, even from their own churches. Wanna guess what type of people they had cause to fear? It rhymes with “bunservative bistian.”

  • allein

    What the hell is “self credited” supposed to mean?

  • Zultra

    Go-to Syria and tell me those Jihadi’s fighting Secular Assad won’t behead you?

    The worst the Christians in America will do is a say a few words, Why is it that most Atheists are Degenerate Liberals?

  • jimmyt
  • allein

    Yes, there are worse things going on in the world so we shouldn’t bother worrying about the things going on closer to home.

    #4 is good to remember:

  • Richard Tingley

    “So for those of you in a betting pool, the answer was 21 days. That’s how long it took for the bench to get vandalized”

    Crap. The over under was set at 14 days and I took the under. :(

  • GloomCookie613

    Might want to make sure your eyes aren’t going too. Seems you can’t tell apples from oranges.

  • JA

    Pray (lol) tell what is bigoted about the bench?

  • Feminerd

    Don’t post the guy’s personal info (phone number, in this case). The name is enough.

  • Noelle

    gonna have to revise the 6 types list

  • Noelle

    You’ll need to find another “ist”. I’m afraid many (most?) atheists may fit your definition of uppity. Though I would need more information, that word not being in my common usage vocabulary and all.

  • DavidMHart

    “Suing over stupid shit is the adult way of tattling.”

    Actually, it’s the adult way of getting people to stop doing stupid shit (when reasoned dialogue has failed). And I’m pretty sure the childish way would be worse.

  • DavidMHart

    Just because there are some violent jihadis carrying out atrocities in the cause of Islam, doesn’t mean that Christians doing obnoxious things that fall short of violence get off the hook. And the Religious Right agenda goes way beyond mere words. The constant efforts to restrict women’s reproductive rights, to impede the teaching of science, to reduce sexual minorities to second-class citizen status, to pick just some of the more obvious examples, are legislative efforts that really harm real people.

    And what is a ‘Degenerate Liberal’ anyway, as opposed to a regular old non-degenerate liberal?

  • Rich Wilson

    Calling a whistle-blower a ‘tattler’ is a child’s way of making sure that things that should not happen continue to happen.

  • wmdkitty

    Or, if you must spit, aim for a tree, some bushes, a trash can…

  • Jovani Torrentez

    I will put money on it… its some troll that is a poe.

  • Gadfly156

    Wow, you’re hostile as well as pig-ignorant, and quick to rush to judgment on people you don’t even know. Guess that shows what your opinion is worth: absolutely nothing.

    It is not hypocritical to make a distinction between performance-art activism and some bubba being a douchebag just because he feels like it. But it’s ignorant to make no distinction whatsoever and expect to pass that off as some twisted version of parity. Besides, I never stated that I approved or condoned vandalism by any name — I simply drew a distinction between the two examples you raised. You’re the one who eagerly rushed off the cliff jumping to bogus conclusions.

    I am taken seriously by people capable of serious thought who examine all aspects of a situation or comparison rather than hide their lack of analytical skills under epithets and vitriol. The self-centric, ego-protective, ill-formed “opinions” of those incapable of that bare minimum mean nothing to me.

    Now seriously, “dude” — chill out.

  • Thomas

    So,in your opinion, I can spray paint my anarchist symbols on the atheist monument and call it “performance art activism”? Fair enough, maybe I will do

  • Mario Strada

    Mostly because we took a good look at your kind of degenerate and we found it wanting.

    What’s your profile photo about? Is it from the days you were working as a doorman?

  • markotics

    I wouldn’t push charges. show em we can turn the other cheek better then they can lol. a little bleach should take that right out

  • Charles M Taylor

    The kid has since apologized for his behavior and recognized the scope of what he’d done. However, it seems some folks carried things to far and were calling his family.

  • Gadfly156

    Right, of course, that’s exactly what I meant — obviously you are far more well informed about the contents of my mind and the meaning of my words than I am — or at least you seem to have so convinced yourself. Perhaps you’d like to eat for me, breathe for me, and wipe my ass for me as well. Clearly I don’t actually exist as an independent person with my own opinions, words and meanings — it’s all about you and what you choose to invent, infer, imagine, and troll about. Riiiiiight.


    Try reading what’s actually written for a change. What part of “I never stated that I approved or condoned vandalism by any name” was unclear to you?

  • Rev-Edwin W North

    god really needs to upgrade his followers. he has some real shit kickers

  • Thomas

    You can exist as an independent person, but your opinions are better left out of the public forum.

    Also, I think the AA monument is going to be vandalized again very soon… only they won’t get a photo and a name to reference this time

  • Hans Gustav Solberg

    According to his Facebook account, he is single. Surprised anyone?

  • Gadfly156

    Get a life. I don’t take orders from garbage. The only “opinions” best left out of this forum are yours. I’m sorry you weren’t adequately endowed between the legs and have nothing between the ears but vacuous posturing to attempt to make up for it, but that’s your problem, not mine. Find another hobby or at least impose your delusions on someone who cares. As for the monument, don’t worry, I’m sure your IP is traceable.

  • c3ff

    Hasidic Jews Modus Vivendi is to sit around all day thinking about biblical minutiae and want to be exempt from serving in the military; Muslims (or at least a great many of them) like to sit around all day fantasizing about Jihad. Not comparable, Zultra–unless you want to cloak anti-semitism as atheism. (and, BTW, I don’t much care for the ultra-orthodox or evangelicals).

  • c3ff

    …don’t think there really is something called hillbilly-ism or even redneck-ism that can be pointed to as intolerant by definition rather than intolerant statistically.

  • GentleGiant

    My comment was to wmdkitty who paraphrased Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck” – whereas the perpetrator called himself a hillbilly. ;-)

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    What happens in Syria is irrelevant to how people treat one another in the U.S.
    You just argued that you don’t care if someone gets assaulted near your home because far away, people are getting killed. Your philosophy is corrupt and vile. I think you know this, and are trying to bolster yourself by going on the attack.

    Almost all terrorist activity in the U.S. comes from American Christians. Bet you weren’t aware of that.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Is it up to 40,000 already? I thought it was still only about 30k. I must have slept in too much this weekend. :P

  • Greisha

    Scars even this kind are signs of honor.

  • Celestial Sojourner

    Buddhists follow a philosophy which does not include a deity. They are sort of like master atheists!

  • Celestial Sojourner

    I’m from New England and I have never heard anyone say, “yuns”.

  • Celestial Sojourner

    Unfortunately, the police are unlikely to care. Since they get a kickback from the Federal government for busting pot smokers, AND they get to kick down doors in the process, that’s all they are interested in doing. They will entirely ignore grand larceny, so I imagine they will ignore vandalism too.

  • Celestial Sojourner

    BTW, it’s a very beautiful bench, let’s just sand it down and lacquer it

  • The Whole Story

    Seems fitting. We’re pretty sure the stain of intolerant, proselytizing atheism won’t come out of the fabric of our country either.

  • The Whole Story


  • Chris

    Why are you guys assuming he is Christian just because he goes to church? Anybody can walk into a church on a weekly basis. I know lots of people who they call “Sunday Christian” because they go to a building called “church”. Going to a church building doesn’t make me a Christian anymore than you eating hay makes you a cow.