Next Week in Queens, New York: A Rally for Atheists of Color

***Update***: I screwed up the timing of this post. The event is *next* weekend. My apologies.

Next weekend, in Queens, New York, there’s a huge outdoor rally to celebrate “secularists of color.” It’s called Blackout:

Sponsored by Black Nonbelievers and Black Atheists of America, Blackout was inspired by last year’s Reason Rally:

“We thought it would be a great idea to have a similar event,” [Black Nonbelievers President Mandisa] Thomas told [David Niose] in a recent interview, adding that the Blackout will be a chance to showcase both the growing numbers of secular minorities as well as pro-secular speakers and performers who may not be well known outside the African-American community.

The Blackout is also an opportunity for seculars of color to network and find support, she said, which is especially important for minorities who are faced with heavily religious communities. The idea, she explained, is to “help people understand there is nothing wrong with questioning religion, being open about atheism.”

The event is entirely free (though you’re welcome to donate to their efforts) and begins at noon in Flushing Meadows Park.

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